LRT Talks Southampton TEL 20110210
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LRT Talks Southampton TEL 20110210

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An overview of learning technology developments at Manchester Metropolitan University to support a curriculum transformation change programme to Enhance the Quality of Assessment for Learning

An overview of learning technology developments at Manchester Metropolitan University to support a curriculum transformation change programme to Enhance the Quality of Assessment for Learning

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  • 1. Thursday, February 10, 2011
    Curriculum Transformation & New Technologies at MMUSouthamptonFebruary 2011
    Professor Mark Stubbs
    Head of Learning & Research Technologies
    (we coordinate and partner on innovations with service providers) | | Moodle: policies; areas | Portal: integration; timeframe
    EQAL Strand 3 Briefing2010-07-23
  • 2. MMU
    Comprehensive “EQAL” change programme
    New Curriculum Framework (new standard Credit size)
    New Admin Systems + Business Processes
    Seamless Access (new VLE + enhanced Portal)
    Streamlined Quality Processes
    Every UG course & module being re-written
    Entirely new first year goes live September 2011
    Data-based, not document-based
  • 3. EQAL Strand 3
    Aims to:
    raise student satisfaction, engagement and success by providing a more seamless and personalised online experience of university activity
    delivering a new, integrated VLE & supporting tools
    Moodle, Aspire, Equella
    enhancing the student portal
    SharePoint and CampusM
    ensuring staff can take full advantage of these tools
    7 E-Learning Support Officers (2yr contract, 1 per Faculty)
  • 4. Moodle | Policies
    Approved summer 2010 following consultation
    automatic creation of areas for
    every Unit Instance
    every Programme Instance
    every Faculty
    Student Support
    standard toolset
    threshold standards for Unit and Programme areas
    Consistency, please...
  • 5. Moodle | Unit Area policy
    Every Moodle Unit Instance Area (UIA) will normally
    display the Unit Title, Code, Level, Credits and Department
    display the Unit Teaching Team email contact details
    display the Unit Reading List, which will distinguish clearly between items recommended for student purchase, essential items that students can expect to access from MMU library and further reading; (ideally) all links to e-resources will be single-sign-on
    display the Unit Assessment Regime, Submission and Work Return Deadlines (and any provisional marks)
    display the Unit Timetable for the enrolled student for the next month
    display a link to the Unit Specification and Unit Handbook
    display a link to the general Student Support Area (study skills, info skills...)
    be organised as a week-by-week teaching schedule
  • 6. Moodle | Unit Instance Area
    Module hubs
  • 7. Moodle | Unit Instance Area
    Unit Code
    MMU ID
    Unit Instance Area
    Unit Code
    MMU ID
    Hand-ins & marks
    Unit Code
    Unit Code
    Reading Lists
    Separate web-services + widgets
    Unit Code
    Past Papers
    Scanned articles
    On/off-campus media
    Unit Code
    MMU ID
  • 8. Moodle | Portal integration
    List of areas & aggregated news for each user
    Unit Instance Areas
    Programme Instance Area
  • 9. Enhanced Portal | Timeframe
    myMMU launched Sept 2009, has 30,000+ users
    Initially VLE areas+news, Library, Records check
    Make-over Sept 2010 + new features for EQAL
    PC Availability [10/11]
    Fee status (traffic lights with follow-up) [10/11]
    Bi-annual online Unit-level satisfaction surveys [10/11]
    Assignment hand-in schedule [10/11]
    Update contact details (mobile, address, ..) [10/11]
    Transcript of Achievement [11/12]
    Personal Timetable [11/12]
    myMMU-mobile (CampusM) launched 30/09/2010
  • 10. Follow up
    Learning Tech Review (why we chose Moodle)
    EQAL (updates from the 4 strands)
    Widgets, Web- & Cloud- services (JISC W2C)
    Thursday, February 10, 2011
    MLE Workshop, Aytoun Library Seminar Room 2009-05-13 14:00