LRT Talks Southampton TEL 20110210


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An overview of learning technology developments at Manchester Metropolitan University to support a curriculum transformation change programme to Enhance the Quality of Assessment for Learning

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LRT Talks Southampton TEL 20110210

  1. 1. Thursday, February 10, 2011<br />1<br />Curriculum Transformation & New Technologies at MMUSouthamptonFebruary 2011<br />Professor Mark Stubbs<br />Head of Learning & Research Technologies<br />(we coordinate and partner on innovations with service providers)<br /> | | Moodle: policies; areas | Portal: integration; timeframe <br />EQAL Strand 3 Briefing2010-07-23<br />
  2. 2. MMU<br />Comprehensive “EQAL” change programme<br />New Curriculum Framework (new standard Credit size)<br />New Admin Systems + Business Processes<br />Seamless Access (new VLE + enhanced Portal)<br />Streamlined Quality Processes<br />Outcomes<br />Every UG course & module being re-written<br />Entirely new first year goes live September 2011<br />Data-based, not document-based<br />
  3. 3. EQAL Strand 3<br />Aims to: <br />raise student satisfaction, engagement and success by providing a more seamless and personalised online experience of university activity<br />by:<br />delivering a new, integrated VLE & supporting tools<br />Moodle, Aspire, Equella<br />enhancing the student portal<br />SharePoint and CampusM<br />ensuring staff can take full advantage of these tools<br />7 E-Learning Support Officers (2yr contract, 1 per Faculty)<br />
  4. 4. Moodle | Policies<br />Approved summer 2010 following consultation<br />automatic creation of areas for<br />every Unit Instance<br />every Programme Instance<br />every Faculty<br />Student Support<br />standard toolset<br />threshold standards for Unit and Programme areas<br />Consistency, please...<br />
  5. 5. Moodle | Unit Area policy<br />Every Moodle Unit Instance Area (UIA) will normally<br />display the Unit Title, Code, Level, Credits and Department <br />display the Unit Teaching Team email contact details<br />display the Unit Reading List, which will distinguish clearly between items recommended for student purchase, essential items that students can expect to access from MMU library and further reading; (ideally) all links to e-resources will be single-sign-on<br />display the Unit Assessment Regime, Submission and Work Return Deadlines (and any provisional marks)<br />display the Unit Timetable for the enrolled student for the next month<br />display a link to the Unit Specification and Unit Handbook<br />display a link to the general Student Support Area (study skills, info skills...)<br />be organised as a week-by-week teaching schedule<br />
  6. 6. Moodle | Unit Instance Area<br />Consistent<br />Module hubs<br />
  7. 7. Moodle | Unit Instance Area<br />Unit Code<br />MMU ID<br />Unit Instance Area<br />Timetable<br />Unit Code<br />MMU ID<br />Hand-ins & marks<br />Unit Code<br />Podcasts<br />Unit Code<br />Reading Lists<br />Separate web-services + widgets<br />Unit Code<br />Past Papers<br />Scanned articles<br />On/off-campus media<br />Unit Code<br />MMU ID<br />Enrolments<br />
  8. 8. Moodle | Portal integration<br />List of areas & aggregated news for each user<br />Unit Instance Areas<br />Programme Instance Area<br />
  9. 9. Enhanced Portal | Timeframe<br />myMMU launched Sept 2009, has 30,000+ users<br />Initially VLE areas+news, Library, Records check <br />Make-over Sept 2010 + new features for EQAL<br />PC Availability [10/11]<br />Fee status (traffic lights with follow-up) [10/11]<br />Bi-annual online Unit-level satisfaction surveys [10/11]<br />Assignment hand-in schedule [10/11]<br />Update contact details (mobile, address, ..) [10/11]<br />Transcript of Achievement [11/12]<br />Personal Timetable [11/12]<br />myMMU-mobile (CampusM) launched 30/09/2010<br />
  10. 10. Follow up<br />Blogs<br />Learning Tech Review (why we chose Moodle)<br /><br />EQAL (updates from the 4 strands)<br /><br />Widgets, Web- & Cloud- services (JISC W2C)<br /><br />Thursday, February 10, 2011<br />MLE Workshop, Aytoun Library Seminar Room 2009-05-13 14:00<br />10<br />