Integrating Corporate Systems at MMU


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These slides support a workshop at the 2010 JISC-CETIS conference on integrating and subverting corporate systems for educational purposes. They focus in particular on lessons drawn from a major curriculum transformation project at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK.

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Integrating Corporate Systems at MMU

  1. 1. Thursday, January 29, 2015 1 Integrating Corporate Systems for Educational Purposes: lessons from MMU Professor Mark Stubbs Head of Learning & Research Technologies | #jiscdvle #jisccdd
  2. 2. What we are learning from JISC CDD ‘Many problems with the management of course-related information can be put down to the fact that this is still a document-based rather than a data-based system (and paper- based at most institutions). This gives rise to duplication of effort and of information, lack of version control, poor re-use of relevant information for different purposes, and a tendency for information to be designed for approval rather than any other purpose.’ • BCU is concerned with capturing the ‘lived experience’ of curriculum design • Strathclyde and the Open University are exploring how to represent the curriculum in a way that can be reused to meet the needs of various stakeholders • MMU identified representations of curricula as a barrier to responsive provision Adapted from Sarah Knight’s 2010 JISC Curriculum Design & Delivery Reflections
  3. 3. Barriers | Dependencies Event Name and Venue 3 QAA commend our robust processes We keep it vague to avoid tortuous QA Practice is too varied to systematise We struggle to interpret vague QA docs We can’t get concrete details on courses for website, so maintain our own Student Records QA Marketing Course Teams Central systems don’t support local variety so we build our own Why do marketing never have up-to- date info about our courses
  4. 4. Solution | Change Everything! Scope of MMU Change Programme... • Curriculum Framework • Admin Systems + Business Processes • Seamless Student Access • Quality Processes Implications... • New rules for Curriculum (30 Credit, max 5 LOs...) • Every UG course & module will be re-written – Entirely new first year goes live September 2011 !
  5. 5. Barrier | Joined-up Imagination • Co-designing an alternative to the status quo • Blending specialist expertise without blinkers! Student Records + Enrolment + Transcript (HEAR) QA / QE + Definitive documents + Annual monitoring Marketing + Prospectus + UCAS Curriculum Innovation + Learning Outcome mapping + Competence development Curriculum Database
  6. 6. Solution | Creative Dialogue • Scenarios • Rapid Prototyping • Multi-stakeholder walk-through workshops • Enterprise Architect know-how – Understand how islands of info can be joined – Ensure identifiers are in place for integration – Remember: new interfaces might enable new practice – Build buy-in by demonstrating that the integrated approach works! Thursday, January 29, 2015
  7. 7. VLE enrolments Submissions enrolments + hand-ins Student Records Timetable enrolments + tut groups specs + linkages Course Records enrolments skill mappings Portfolio active units Library Understand how islands can be joined
  8. 8. Unit Spec Unit Instance Assessment Element Spec Assessment Element Instance Assessment Element Hand-in + Marks Unit Enrolments Course Spec CourseYear Instance Course Enrolments Course Structure Assessment Structure Student Details Student RecordCourse Record Ensure identifiers in place for integration
  9. 9. New interface, new practice? 9
  10. 10. apis.mmu Course Records Business Intelligence Data Feeds Student Records Financials Timetable Library Catalogue Old VLE Mobile Apps New VLE Email + Calendar Digital CollectionsReading Lists Demonstrate the approach works
  11. 11. Thursday, January 29, 2015 11 Integrating Corporate Systems for Educational Purposes: lessons from MMU Professor Mark Stubbs Head of Learning & Research Technologies | #jiscdvle #jisccdd