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Transparency Data Tropo Application Slides
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Transparency Data Tropo Application Slides


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Blog post at …

Blog post at

Please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, suggestions, or requests:

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Transparency Data Text App Mark Silverberg (@Skram,
    • 2. Data Sunlight Foundation runs TransparencyData which compiles data from two extensive sources
    • 3. Communication Options N/A; voice transcription doesn’t work well with VOICE TEXT Transparency Data App With this platform, there are so many ways to get and share the data you need
    • 4. Communication Options Method Access +1 (240) 242-7944 transparencydata transparencydata @tropotdata possible with Tropo!
    • 5. How To Search First, how to get help: Send → help narrow • URL to blog post about applications • Additional • Information about author (optional)search criteria and data sources to narrow down results Information Provided (results are only printed • Minimal query parameters to the screen if there are less than 9) • How to get more help (narrow)
    • 6. How To Search Minimal (required) query: [2 letter state code] [contributor name] Examples: tx john smith dc microsoft
    • 7. How To Search • Problem: Searching merely by state and name can result in a lot of matches • Solution: Additional Search Criteria • The application anticipates the use and delimiters of these, so order does not matter • However, the 2 letter state code must always
    • 8. Additional Search Criteria Criteria Value Syntax Examples Minimum Integer >500 >[amount] Amount (≥) amount >1000 Contributor’s One-word /dell /[name] Employer name /princeton Recipient’s 2-letter state +tx +[state] State code +ca Political 4-digit year [year] 2006 Cycle | means “or” [yr]|yr]|[yr] 2006|2008|2009
    • 9. Another Search Criteria Search by political seat. • Federal seats: president senate house • State seats: governor lower upper • Combinations: federal state
    • 10. Example Queries tx smith +tx >400 dc microsoft state 2007|2008 tx dell /dell state 2008 #99 Too many matches (i.e. 99) still? Include #99 to get all those matches. Not
    • 11. ca steve jobs
    • 12. Ideas? Requests? Questions? @Skram SkramX on Freenode IRC