MappyHealth - Monitoring disease trends, 140 characters at a time -#NowTrending2012 Challenge


Published on was developed in response to the NowTrending2012 application challenge. The team came together with a common mission to build an application that would positively impact public health surveillance. The MappyHealth team shares a common goal of furthering innovation and research that will enhance population health awareness of disease and illness trends. was born from social collaboration when co-founders Mark Silverberg and Brian Norris connected over a single tweet. The team grew by one when co-founder Charles Boicey joined brining a diverse background in research, informatics and product development. Our team brings a wealth of experience, within many of healthcare’s diverse and challenging environments. Development of began in April 2012. To learn more about our team we encourage you to explore our bios and connect with us using the links below.

=== THE TEAM ===
Brian Norris, RN-BC, BGS, MBA - Brian has a diverse informatics background having worked in roles for healthcare providers and consulting. Brian currently serves on the Indiana HIMSS board of directors and is a past board member of the American Nursing Informatics Association. Brian is certified in nursing informatics and holds an Associate in Science and Nursing from Purdue University (IPFW), Bachelor in General Studies from Indiana University (IPFW) and a Masters in Business Administration with Healthcare Specialization from Indiana Wesleyan University. Brian resides in Indiana

Charles Boicey, RN-BC, BS, MS - Charles has a deep informatics and research background having worked for hospital providers and academic medical centers. Charles currently serves on the American Nursing Informatics Association board of directors. Charles is certified in nursing informatics and holds an diploma in nursing from LAC+USC, BS in Business Administration from University of Phoenix and a Master’s of Science in Technology and Project Management from the Stevens Institute of Technology. Charles resides in California.

Mark Silverberg - Mark lives in Washington DC and is the main technical drive behind MappyHealth with expertise of Ruby, MongoDB, Amazon's cloud services, and the Twitter API. Mark is currently attending The George Washington University School of Business where he is in a five-year program to obtain his BBA and Masters of Science in Management Information Systems in 2014.

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MappyHealth - Monitoring disease trends, 140 characters at a time -#NowTrending2012 Challenge

  1. 1.“Following disease trends, 140 characters at a time”#NowTrending2012 Contest SubmissionDeveloped By: Brian Norris, Charles Boicey, Mark SilverbergAccess the application at
  2. 2. Our Story• was born from social collaboration when co-founders Mark Silverberg and Brian Norris connected over a single tweet• Our team is diverse with informatics, development, and research experience• We began our work in response to the need for population health awareness• Developed under a common goal of furthering innovation, research and population health awareness of disease and illness trends• We began development April 2012 and have not stopped!• For more about our team and our story check out our about us page in the MappyHealth app ©
  3. 3. How our App Works Mappy Term Match Tech. Filtration Stack ©
  4. 4. Technical Stuff Provides real time stream of tweets associated with ourTwitter Streaming API conditions and terms Amazon EC2 Instantly Scalable to Demand Cloud High Reliability Built on an open source MappyHealth platform utilizing MongoDB, Map Reduce, JSON and other Ecosystem technologies ©
  5. 5. Key Features• MappyHealth ecosystem built entirely on an open source platform running on the Amazon EC2 Cloud• Tracks 25 Conditions made up of 223 associated health terms (many of these are diseases)• Various trend views via graphical interfaces• Ability to drill down to data graphically on the hour• Trend matching of conditions and terms with qualifiers for deeper level analysis• Geo-location and profile location map view• Ability to print, export, or copy datasets (using save as like functionality) associated with trends for deeper analysis form the user interface• Works on any platform natively including mobile devices ©
  6. 6. How We Meet The NowTrending2012Contest RequirementsAnd Much More .. ©
  7. 7. What we have found so far• Each condition and term has a pattern of regular activity we call the “social noise”• Spikes (or higher volume) outside of this band can be attributed to events• Since April 30th we have several examples of events and spikes (shown in the following slides)• Tracked abnormal events (spikes) both positive and negative• We have the ability to capture data beyond 0.00001 % of total twitter daily volumes (assumes 250 Millions tweets per day)• We have seen events (spikes) in the United States, Europe, South America and Malaysia ©
  8. 8. Example: Pertussis and Whooping Cough • Spike in Whooping Cough Tweets associated with Pertussis • Spike due to Idaho Infant that died of Whooping Cough • 71% of tweets over the two hour spike associated with this event (202/284)Social Noise Zone • Represents a 116% spike over the last two hours • Social noise zone 0 – 25 tweets per hour. Represents a 468% increase over the high-end of this zone Check out our FAQ page for more examples! ©
  9. 9. NowTrending – Trends Dashboard &Main Page ©
  10. 10. NowTrending - Condition views ©