Realtime Transit (and more) on Google Glass by Mark Silverberg


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Presentation on Google Glassware for the DC Transportation Techies "Transportation + Health" meetup (

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Realtime Transit (and more) on Google Glass by Mark Silverberg

  1. 1. Realtime Transit on Google Glass Mark Silverberg / @Skram
  2. 2. About Me & Social Health Insights Me! Healthcare hacker + biz student! Previously: Dual analytics/ engineering team member at a consumer health website! ! Social Health Insights! Yes, we really found each other via Twitter (nurse + developer)! We won a HHS challenge and formed company to pursue our passions: health + IT innovation! Clients from federal/state gov’t to WHO, Intermountain, & startups! Custom development & consulting
  3. 3. Started with a personal need I received Glass.. but it wasn’t clear when the built-in directions app is using real time versus schedule data! I wanted to see all my options in one list sorted by time! I also want to reach my physical activity goals which means more walking depending on the time trade-off
  4. 4. So… I built it Testing ‘Ask DC Metro’ at NoVA Open Data Day
  5. 5. Flow 1. Install from! 2. Activate from Glass! OK, Glass! Take a note! Ask DC Metro! What are my transportation options from Union Station?
 3. Use from Glass! Scroll through results! Can be read aloud! Pin to favorites for easy access and updating at will
  6. 6. How? Ruby + Sinatra - ! Bootstrap web foundation! PostgreSQL for data store - for storing ! Many APIs - there is no one free API
 for area transit data (yet?). I query
 WMATA, NextBus, OneBusAway
 (thanks MobilityLab!),
 Capital Bikeshare, and more. ! Tropo for SMS - It’s important to me
 that this information is available for
 people without Google Glass
  7. 7. More than just Metro (demo video: ! HHS/NIH/NLM Pillbox! What is this purple capsule that’s about 12 mm?! CivOmega (a Sunlight Foundation funded project)! What bills are about medicare reform?! When has Beyonce visited the white house?! Wolfram Alpha! Includes census data, ICD codes, drug interactions, more! ! - Google Analytics reports sent to your Glass
  8. 8. Thank You! Presentation and links: Mark Silverberg / @skram
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