The marksman december 2011


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The marksman december 2011

  2. 2. EDITOR’S DESKDear Readers,As we bid adieu to 2011 and welcome 2012, raise a toast to the spirit of humanitywhich has triumphed over all greed and individual desires across continents! 2011has been a year of adversities, natural calamities and financial uncertainty but it hasalso been the year of the Arab Spring, death of Osama bin Laden and the Lokpalmovement. We witnessed this year how the common man‟s voice has become aforce to reckon with.Today each of the 800million users of Facebook has an opinion or update whichthey share with friends and acquaintances and influence them and their choices.Marketing efforts in 2012 should recognize and acknowledge the recentdevelopments and the role of social media in determining the success or failure ofa product or campaign. So this month, at MARKSMAN, we decode the maniacalpopularity of Kolaveri Di as our Special Story.Oo la la la le o! Rings a bell? Kingfisher has used this tune to build its image ofbeing the king of good times. Our Cover Story on Sonic Branding reveals howbrands for years have been using sounds to reinforce brand identity. Other mustreads in this edition are articles on Regional Brands that Survived and Made It Big ,United Colors of Benetton Peace Ad Campaign: Effective OR Disrespectful andSurrogate Marketing. Also do not miss your monthly dose of Its all about Ad-itude,Tweets, Buzz, Bookworm and SquAreheaD.We at Interface bid farewell to 2011 in style by organizing its first ever marketingfest Navikran- at SIMSR. It was a daylong event incorporating marketing events,workshop on social media, quiz and much more. To know more read the Rewindsegment!We congratulate Mr. Arun Leo, XIME Bengaluru, for being adjudged the bestfeatured article of December! Team Interface wishes all our readers a MerryX‟mas and a prosperous year ahead! Usher in 2012 with Oprah Winfrey‟s quote-“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” Cheers !! Team – Marksman The Interface – The Marketing Club of SIMSRDECEMBER 2011 02
  3. 3. CONTENTS COVER STORY SONIC BRANDING 04 SPECIAL STORY 08 WHY THIS KOLAVERI DI? FEATURED ARTICLES 11 Regional Brands that Survived and Made It Big United Colors of Benetton Peace Ad Campaign: Effective OR Disrespectful? 13 16 Surrogate Marketing THE REGULARS SquAreheaD ǀ 919 20 ǀ Rewind Its all about Ad-itude ! ǀ 23 23 24 ǀ Bookworm 24 Tweets ǀ 25 26 ǀ 26 BuzzDECEMBER 2011 03
  4. 4. COVER STORYSonic BrandingFrom non-lyrical sound bites to ways in which music is used incatchy snippets of tunes, these advertising today.sonic brands take advantage of one Brand signature tunes: Some areof the brain‟s most powerful very short, usually not more than fivememory senses – SOUND. to six notes like the Intel tune. Some are longer 15-30 second signatureSonic branding or Acoustic Branding tunes which create greater stickinessis the use of Sound to reinforce brand like the Airtel.identity. Sonic branding is becoming Jingles/Songs: These are whatincreasingly popular these days consumer brands have used for mostamong marketers. From non-lyrical part of last century and many ofsound bites to catchy snippets of them still echo in our, these sonic brands take Background track: Its role is to simplyadvantage of one of the brain’s most accentuate the messaging and nopowerful memory senses – SOUND. oneA Sound Logo is a short distinctive is supposed to remember the track.melody or a sequence of sound, Sign-off track: The play is on themostly positioned at the beginning or brand name and sometimes theending of a commercial. It can be tagline. It is usually used at the endseen as the acoustic equivalent of a of the ad. Examples are Gillette andvisual logo. A combination of both Nescafe.types of logo is used to enforce therecognition of a brand. There are fourDECEMBER 2011 04
  5. 5. COVER STORYMEMORABILITY FLEXIBILITYA sonic brand captures a mind share Sound transcends barriers ofthat visual branding alone cannot language and culture, allowing easierachieve. It is for this reason that reception and delivery of thealthough you may not be able to message. This is complemented bydraw the Intel logo or might not even the fact that the modern IT world isknow what a Pentium chip is, you will becoming increasingly borderbe able to sing the sound bite or agnostic. So, whether you are anrecognize the sound as that Indian, German or American, if youbelonging to Intel. have access to modern communications you are certain toUNIQUENESS share commonly recognizable sonicSome brands capitalize in their brands with international peers.uniqueness. A classic example of thisis Harley Davidson, which in 1994, ENGAGING THE CUSTOMERfiled a sound trademark application Batelco, a telecom brand in Bahrain,for its distinctive V-twin engine adopted an innovative strategy tosound. In this way, it distinguished its create its impression using Sonicbrand identity from the clutter at Branding recently. An audio signatureevery point of customer interaction. was created and its five different versions were created andPORTABILITY distributed. The five versions- House,Development of technology and Hip hop, Lounge, Rock and Sonicpopularity of the internet and created waves with the audience andwireless communication allow within a month it was playing in nightcompanies to induce increased brand clubs, car speakers, cell phones,recognition across a variety of laptops, ipods, etc.platforms- from the shop floor, to cellphones, to television sets, theconsumer is within earshot of abrand.DECEMBER 2011 05
  6. 6. COVER STORYFIND YOUR SOUND Frooti,Kingfishers’ oo la la la leyoIt is very important for a brand to and Nirma washing powder, to nameselect a sound which is in tune with a few, have helped create strongits brand identity. Various parameters brand identities and are stillsuch as pitch, tempo, rhythm, pace, remembered today.genre of music, etc come into In a more contemporary lightconsideration when choosing a tune. however, Sonic Branding includesA brand that uses jazz as a spending money on retail sounds,background score gives a very caller back tunes and signaturedifferent image compared to a brand tunes. These are used extensively onwhich uses blues. It is important that audio and video commercials acrossa company finds a tune which various platforms. No Indian brandembodies the essence of the brand has as yet gone to such great extentand becomes to invest in such amounts over Sonic branding.synonymous with it. Infact, the yearly expenditure onStarbucks uses compilations of Sonic Branding in India is less thansoothing jazz tunes to engage the Rs. 30 Crores.customer not only to stay for a cup ofcoffee, but also to associate a level of Titan watches used the 25thsophistication with the company symphony of Mozart as the signaturename. tune during its launch in 1986 and it is now an integral part of the brandSonic branding in India identity. Over the years, this tune hasIndia as a nation is very influenced by been modified to make it moresounds, rhythms and melodies. contemporary. A similar example ofSound Branding has been a part of the same is the signature tune ofour Marketing strategies for ages in Washing powder Nirma which hasthe form of ad jingles. Age old jingles recently been pepped up to suitof brands like Vicco Tumeric cream, contemporary tastes.DECEMBER 2011 06
  7. 7. COVER STORYAirtel has been one such Indian brandwhich has had a consistent audiobranding strategy through the years.The popular Airtel tune composed byA.R. Rahman has been successfullyintegrated into ringtones, callertunes, customer care service tunesand of course in their ads.Vodafone, on the other hand, has hadan inconsistent sound logo but haspicked music which has made aconnect with the audiences over theyears, which is why it commands suchhigh brand recall even after a namechange. The Concept of SonicBranding is not new but over theyears the understanding of how u canmake music work for your brand hasgrown immensely. Extensive researchhas been done in measuringbrainwaves to see how consumersare responding to different kinds ofmusic and how they can attract theseconsumers towards their brands bystriking the right chord.DECEMBER 2011 07
  8. 8. SPECIAL STORYChhina Surprise!The “Kolaveri Di” has an astounding26,019,407 views on you tube andcounting! A record of sorts! So whatis it about this song that’s made it thewinner of the YouTube Gold award,which is presented to viral videosfrom across the world? Is it thesimple no fuss “Tanglish” lyrics, thefun and casual element that runsthrough the song or is it that theworld is full of SOUP-BOYS? Nostraight answers to this one! excites! Kolaveri has brought to lightThe song has entire India humming to a new, game changing trend that shallits tune. It has become the unofficial be a dominant force in deciding theanthem of the youth. The epidemic success or failure of projects inhas spread to all corners of the from the IIMs to the IITs, Thanks to the advent of thecrossing the north –south divide and burgeoning dominant race ofenchanting people overseas too. netizens, now the Internet, as aThere are ample versions and medium, shall play a crucial role likeremixes, one for each mood and never before! Kolaveri was written inevent, be it the Sharad Pawar slap- flat 6 minutes for an up-comingsong, exam song, the female version, movie called ‘3’ which has 3 reverentGujarati version or the milk-song Tamil acting dynasties featuring in it!(sung by Sonu Nigam’s toddler).The And there are rumours of Rajnikantcreators of the song (read starring in the official Kolaveri videophenomenon) probably didn’t in the movie! So it’s only going to getimagine their brain child would bigger and better from here!become such a rage! With noglamour quotient, no exotic Even though the ingredients or thelocations, a queer and funky blend of recipe to an effective viral campaigntwo languages, who would have? But aka “Kolaveri” may not be know butstereotypes are boring anyway; it’s we sure can take some cues:the unusual thatDECEMBER 2011 08
  9. 9. SPECIAL STORYSocial Media- In Kolaveri’s case most traffic was Originality-driven by Facebook, which “One theme [of viral marketing] willaccounted for nearly 80% of social likely recur: originality. Originalitymedia mentions of the song, that draws on popular culture or is sofollowed by Twitter and YouTube. brilliant that it becomes popularThe fact is that the likes and dislikes culture.”of the youth cannot be ignored. The common fibre of all successfulEvery kid below the age of 20 has an viral marketing campaigns has beenopinion about Koleveri di, every its originality. Don’t try tominute there is an opinion being manufacture coolness or try to begenerated about this song and hip; consumers can see through that.circulated on the Facebook status Just be true to who you are,bar. understand your DNA and make it relevant to people today. Kolaveri kept it simple with a no-frills video and repetitive, easy to sing along lyrics. There isn’t any pretence and the song touches on a subject closely identified with by today’s youth. Also the novelty of the word “kolaveri” created a buzz. Twelve percent of all conversations on Kolaveri were about the meaning of the word, generally translated as “murderousIt is fairly impossible to hope to rage”.market virally without using socialmedia. That very fact has also madeviral marketing far easier than it wasbefore. Ensure you build a strongsocial network, and then pass yourmessage on to the social spherethrough your connection. You canalso use it as an avenue to enhanceyour other efforts too, share yourYouTube video on Facebook orretweet a link on Twitter.DECEMBER 2011 09
  10. 10. SPECIAL STORYHumor-The lyrics written by Dhanush aresimple, clean and funny and the music iscatchy and addictive. They connect withthe youth instantly.If you look at the highest-rated videoson YouTube, they‟re not sad dramas,they‟re men getting hit with inflatableballs or animals falling off things. Youngergenerations love humour, which is whyadvertising is using increasing quantitiesof it to sell things. People like it. It worksImitative-As can be seen with Kolaveri, a rage In conclusion, unless you‟re Paris Hilton,spreads like fire through imitations and no video is guaranteed to go viral. Aremixes. It is fashionable to share, like, guide for creating a successful viralcomment and re-jig a hit! Social voting campaign is as effective as a tutorial onsites are the media that has best evolved how to win the lottery. OK, you‟ll learnto leverage the imitative nature of social the basics like „you don‟t win if you don‟tinteraction. So to become viral you have play,‟ but that‟s about it. Viral work is, forgot to create memes that can be the most part, unpredictable.imitated and copied in real time.DECEMBER 2011 10
  11. 11. FEATURED ARTICLE - Arun Leo , XIME BengaluruBrands originating from India, often Jyothy Laboratories (Kerala), TVS (Tamilcalled „desi brands‟, have their task cut Nadu), MTR Foods (Karnataka), V-Guardout to establish themselves outside the (Kerala), CavinKare (Tamil Nadu) arecountry. But in a country with a some of the brands from the Southmultitude of cultures, even regional which made it big in the North. Somebrands ostensibly face the same brands from the North like Haldiram‟schallenges. While many have failed, some (Rajasthan), Ghadi detergent (Uttarhave successfully transcended the Pradesh), Wagh Bakri tea (Gujarat),seamless borders and the rest evolved Paras Pharmaceuticals (Gujarat), Bectorinto pan-India brands shedding their Foods (Punjab), Fena detergent (Delhi)regional identities. Pan-India brands like have been successful down south.Titan, Britannia, Infosys, Wipro, HDFCbank, etc are not known for their places The desire to grow from the regionalof origin, but for the attributes they clout was so big for companies likereek of. CavinKare and Jyothy Laboratories that in order to obtain a national footprint, they were headquartered in Mumbai. This strategy seems to have worked since CavinKare‟s Chik shampoo and Jyothy Laboratories‟ Ujala have done reasonably well in the national market. These companies initially targeted migrant workers from their home regions, who were aware of the products, so as to leverage on their familiarity to create a brand name in the market.The long drawn debate of North versusSouth India stems from the hugedifferences in the culture of the tworegions. These differences also posed achallenge to brands from the North orSouth to cross the Vindhyas andestablish a foothold in the other region.DECEMBER 2011 11
  12. 12. FEATURED ARTICLEAll these companies, apart from having girlfriend, sings in a drunken stupor,got their promotion strategy right, asking why she hurt him. The words,also made sure to hire local agents which consist of street humor, areand distributors to sell their products, simple and this helped it relate to aso that they can better interface with national audience. The song was neverthe new markets. meant to be a brand in the first place,Though these brands might have done but soon transformed from a regionalwell nationally, still a major chunk of brand into a national one as it soontheir sales is derived from their rose to become „the national youthregional bastions. This is seen in the anthem‟. The song became the mostcase of CavinKare‟s Meera hair wash searched Youtube video in India withpowder which sells mainly in Tamil over 23 million hits. Thus even in theNadu and Karnataka, while there are midst of so much diversity, there are aliterally no takers for the same lot of common nodes between theproduct in other states. Jyothy regions and their cultures, and it‟slaboratories still makes it a point to these opportunities that regionallaunch all their products first in their brands must exploit to make it bighome bastion of Kerala. nationally.Perhaps the biggest example of aregional brand making it big nationallyhas been „Why this Kolaveri di‟. Thesong, a mixture of Tamil and English, isfrom the soundtrack of a Tamil film.The basic theme revolves around anIndian boy, who shunned by hisDECEMBER 2011 12
  13. 13. FEATURED ARTICLE - Ela Koshal, Welingkar MumbaiUCB has followed Luciano Benetton‟s philosophy -“Communication should not be commissioned from outside thecompany, but conceived from within its heart”.Since its inception, it has addressedmany social issues through its adcampaigns which elicit mixed response. .But that is how Benetton kept itself outfrom the league and positioned itself.Let me throw light on some of the mostprominent ones.1) The initial advertising campaignsportrayed the youth of both differentgender and races to promote the 3) In 1992, the ad campaigns were somessage of “racial integration”. designed to address the social evil of AIDS and promote awareness amongst the masses.2) During the 1991 Gulf War, UCBcame up with the print ads to 4) In 1994, its campaign against racialemphasize on the mass destruction of discrimination conveyed that everylife and property. It was intended to individual is created similar and hencepromote the message of peace and cannot be treated as unequal by others.harmony in the world.DECEMBER 2011 13
  14. 14. FEATURED ARTICLE5) In 1996, it worked in collaboration brand as it was primarily focused on thewith FAO to campaign against the issues message getting the attention ratherof “poverty and hunger” and spread than there being arguments on a brandawareness for the “World food summit” resorting to such advertising campaigns.held at Rome. Recently it launched “Unhate” thatThroughout its journey, it has marketed portrayed eminent personalities kissing.itself by conveying deep social messages It was focused on promoting tolerance,to the masses, some of them being peace & harmony. The kiss was used as aapplauded, while others met symbol of love and care.controversies. But, it never deterred theDECEMBER 2011 14
  15. 15. FEATURED ARTICLEThe pictures targeted religious caricatures of the leaders were usedleaders like the Pope Benedict XVIkissing Ahmed Mohamed el-Tayeb, the 4) The marketing campaign gives animam of al-Azhar Mosque, or political audacious invitation to its targetleaders like Barack Obama kissing customers: the ball is now in your court,Chinese PM Hu Jintao or German if you align with the message ofchancellor Angela Merkel kissing the Benetton, come and be a part of ourFrench president Nicolas Sarkozy. While proud family but if you don‟t, the choicethe campaign addressed a very sensitive is all yours.issue in an outrageous manner, it metwith controversies particularly from the So I would conclude by saying thatCatholics and the ad portraying Pope Benetton has positioned itself not justhad to be pulled off. as a brand, but as a disseminator of the sensitive world issues. “Unhate” has aBut was the campaign justified? It would deep message to convey and it shouldbe difficult to talk in terms of black and be left to the customers to decidewhite but a grey analysis can be done whether they would like to associatethrough the following arguments: themselves with it or not.1) It is necessary to understand itsunderlying message.“Love and hate are not far away fromeach other, but they are the twoopposing emotions that are in delicatebalance with each other. Thus, don‟thate, Unhate”.( The morphing of the pictures of theleaders had been done without anyintimation to them. This was unjustifiedas any individual would find thisderogatory and would not approve ofthis.3) It is undoubtedly true that thecampaign faced repercussionsthroughout the world.. Well the answeris clearly NO!! Would the impact be thesame if, instead of real pictures,DECEMBER 2011 15
  16. 16. FEATURED ARTICLE - Prateek Malpani, MICA AhmedabadIntroduction Intention of SurrogateHave you ever bought a Kingfisher soda Marketingor Smirnoff cassettes and cds? No, Intention behind such advertisement isright? But it is almost sure that either to popularize certain banned foryou or people around you have bought advertisement products such as liquora kingfisher beer or Smirnoff vodka. and cigarettes. Surrogate marketingWell, this is what surrogate advertising refers to intentionally utilizing aor surrogate marketing does. company, person or object to help convey the message of another party. History of Surrogacy inIn simple words, surrogate marketing Advertisingmeans advertising or promoting a Surrogate advertisements took offparticular banned or illegal product or not long ago in the UK, whereservice of a company by using certain British housewives protestedacceptable brand extensions of the strongly against liquorsame company with the same logo andbrand name. advertisements "luring" away their husbands.DECEMBER 2011 16
  17. 17. FEATURED ARTICLE WHAT THEY WHAT THEY ACTUALLYBRAND PROMOTE WANT TO SELLSeagrams Compact discs. Alcoholic Beverages Water and Soda, Cassettes WhiskyBagpiper and Compact discs.Mc Dowells Water and Soda WhiskyRed and White Bravery Awards Cigarettes Cassettes and Compact RumBacardi discs Mineral Water and BeerKingfisher CalendarsFour Square White Water Rafting and Gliding CigarettesWills lifestyle Apparels, Accessories CigarettesPan Parag Pan Masala GutkhaJohnny Walker Soda Scotch Whisky502 Pataka 502 Pataka chai BidiSmirnoff, Aristocrat Apple Juices Vodka The liquor industry found a way well. The health ministry is putting a around the ban: Surrogate ban on surrogate advertisements under advertisements for cocktail mixers, the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco fruit juices and soda water using the products (Prohibition of advertisement brand names of the popular liquors. and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Government Dilemma Distribution) Act. The government is usually caught up in between revenue and responsibility and the only leeway that they can give the companies is surrogacy to glorify their products. The Government has already imposed a ban on cigarettes and the Union and Health Ministry has decided to impose a ban on surrogate advertisements of Tobacco Industry asDECEMBER 2011 17
  18. 18. FEATURED ARTICLEASCI (Advertising Standard prohibited or restricted products.Council of India) Code (c) The advertisement must not create any nuances or phrases promotingSection 6 of the said code states: prohibited products.„Advertisements for products whoseadvertising is prohibited or restricted by Future of Surrogate Advertising -law or by this code must not A balance between positives andcircumvent such restrictions by negativespurporting to be advertisements for As avenues to advertise and new mediaother products the advertising of which are on an increase and there is littleis not prohibited or restricted by law or reliance on traditional media theby this code. In judging whether or not methods of surrogate marketing is goingany particular advertisement is an to don a new look. With more andindirect advertisement for product more brands coming on the internetwhose and theadvertising is restricted or prohibited, exposure to online video advertisingdue attention shall be paid to the increasing the, surrogate marketingfollowing: departments of all such companies have(a) Visual content of the advertisement a new light of the day to see. It is still tomust depict only the product being be seen how these companies keep inadvertised and not the prohibited or mind their responsibility as well as therestricted product in any form or uncontrolled and viral nature of themanner. internet.(b) The advertisement must not makeany direct or indirect reference to theDECEMBER 2011 18
  19. 19. SqUaReHeAd !Smartness holds different meaning for different people. But for us,smartness is defined as the ability to leverage one‟s thoughts toachieve one‟s desires. In this issue , Squarehead is dedicated tosmartness. Enjoy !DECEMBER 2011 19
  20. 20. REWINDDRAFT FCB Ulka presents COMSTRAT:10th Dec 2011COMSTRAT is a Case study Competition of SIMSR organized by Interface –the Marketing Club of SIMSR in association with DRAFT FCB Ulka fordesigning Innovative and Effective Communication Strategies. COMSTRAT,now in its 16th year, presented a case study on Bru Café. Over 100 teams fromacross the country sent in their entries for the preliminary rounds and 6teams battled it out in the final round held in SIMSR on 10th Dec 2011.The team from Welingkar Mumbai (Raashi Mehra, Karan Bavishi, AdityaNagavekar) was the second runner up, followed by the team from SIMSR(Shreya Bhattacharji, Aditya Nair, Atul Mirje), which was the runner up. Theteam from NMIMS, Mumbai (Dinesh Yegireddi, Sapna Kalmadi, Mohita Jajodia)stood first.DECEMBER 2011 20
  21. 21. REWINDNaviKaran 2011: 23rd Dec 2011NaviKaran‟11- Renovate through Ideas is the first Marketing Fest of SIMSRorganized by Interface, the Marketing Club of SIMSR held on 23rd December2011. The official sponsors for the event were Godrej Interio, MTS, Uni-Spa,, GyanCentral etc.The event kick started with a Q&A session on New and Emerging Ideas in thefield of Marketing and communications with Mr. Aditya Bhat from Business ofIdeas. This young but dynamic company has been the brains behind popularshows like "Rakhi ka Swayamwar" and has done promotions for movies likeBand Baja Baraat and Aarakshan.This event had a basket of exciting contests under its umbrella:Ranniti 2011 ,the flagship event of Navikaran 2011, sponsored by GodrejInterio was a Case Study Competition to test strategic thinking & brandingcapabilities in devising a viral marketing strategy for Godrej Interio using socialmedia. It was a three stage event launched on 14th December 2011 and hadmore than 150 teams registering for the preliminary rounds. Six teams madethe cut to the final round which was held in SIMSR on 23rd Dec and wasjudged by Mr. Bedraj Tripathy, Senior General Manager, Advertising andCommunications, Godrej Interio.The winning team was from IIM Lucknow, followed by the team from FMSwhich came second.DECEMBER 2011 21
  22. 22. REWINDSrijan 2011 was the Graffiti Designing Competition in association with Uni-Spa. The winning team was Pradumna Swain, Abhishek Das from SIMSR.ChitraRekha 2011 was the Online Photography competition in association The theme of the contest is "Happiness in the Simple things ofLife".First Prize: Bharat Baswani, EMRC Indore.Second Prize: Gaurav Arora, FORE School of Management.Best Photo and Tagline: by Indrajit Chavan, SCMHRD.Maximum Facebook “likes”: Charanjot Kaur, Government College of Art.Chandigarh.Jigyasa 2011Online Business Quiz on Brands to be held at 10:30 pm on 21stDecember 2011 .First prize: Suket Gupta - SIMSRSecond prize: Sameer Agarwal – IIM Ranchi.The event was concluded with a Workshop on Social Media by Mr. GregoryFernandes, Sr. Executive, Training at Social Wavelengh. The workshop gaveinsights on how to leverage Social Media and the power that surmounts it.DECEMBER 2011 22
  23. 23. Its all about Ad-itude !Lay‟s Potato Chip Vending feeling that it is a packet of freshlyMachine- „100% Natural Potato cooked potato chips.Chips‟ Mumbai Mirror- „I am Mumbai‟ Advertiser: Lay‟s uglyBaseline: 100% Natural Potato Advertiser: Bennett Coleman &Chips‟ Co. LtdAgency: +Castro Baseline: I am MumbaiMedia/ Origin: OOH media Agency: Taproot, India(Ambient Advertisement) Media/Origin: TVCCastro, an agency out of Argentina, The TVC portrays how the citydeveloped a special vending machine newspaper has become the voice of thethat turns raw potatoes into bags of average Mumbai citizen (Mumbaikar). Itpotato chips right before one‟s eyes. is based on four real stories broken byThe consumer are handed potato as the newspaper in the recent past - thethey enter the store and are directed to destruction of an authors works, thethe vending machine. Once dropped adulteration of milk, the dreadfulinto the machine (which only accepts conditions of an orphanage, and thepotatoes; no coins allowed) a video unattractiveness of the city created byappears that brings consumers across banners - these depictions show thethe six-step process of creating a potato affected citizens taking to a loudspeakerchip and at the end customer gets the (that represents Mumbai Mirror) tochip packet. make their grievances heard.A very innovative advertisement and The Ad questions, „Mumbai Speaks Everystands out from the clutter. It sends the Morning. Are you listening?‟ The papermessage right across. Surely it creates empowers the reader and gives him ahold over two elements of AIDA- voice. With the creativity, brand recall,Attention and Interests, Also it did not concept and the execution the TVCmiss out at minute details like the takes the accolade.heater that warms each bag to give theDECEMBER 2011 23
  24. 24. BOOKWORM Positioning : The battle for your mind By : Al Ries and Jack TroutThe book was written in 1980‟s and is one of thefirst books to talk about positioning as a marketingtool. It tells us how an advertising budget can all goto waste if it is not positioned properly and howpositioning is more about the mind of theconsumer rather than the product itself. It talksabout terms which we freely use today like firstmover advantage and sticking to corecompetencies and multi product strategies. In away the book introduced us to these terms. It alsotalks about different kinds of traps that people getinto while trying to position there product like lineextensions and giving away freebies.What will make you buy?Even though it was written long back, it‟s still veryrelevant to the current world and all the conceptsit talks about are still very much applied and in use. Rating (courtesyIt can be called a modern classic of marketing. Also approach followed is very lucid and it explainswith a lot of real life examples which gives us abetter understanding of the concept and helps usrelate better to what the authors are saying.Why you may not buy?It focuses more on big businesses and even theexamples and cases taken are such and a buddingentrepreneur might get inspiration from it butnothing more than that which he can actually apply.Also, internet marketing which is a big thingnowadays is not talked about at all because it waswritten in pre- internet times.DECEMBER 2011 24
  25. 25. TWEETSSamsung Galaxy Nexus popularity levels rising aboveApples iPhone Samsungs recent advertising campaign for the latest Galaxy Nexus is making the product more popular than Apples iPhone. The adverts poke fun at Apple fans who camp outside stores for the latest iPhone release, as well as taking a swing at the devices poor battery life and lack of 4G connectivity. Gillette banking on soldiers as mascots for shaving. Clean-shaven and distinguished looking, soldiers with steely resolve and fastidious manners are perfect pin- up boys for Gillette. The message is bang on. The campaign rides on familiarity, aspiration, respect and sympathy for soldiers in a world which is into a fad of keeping stubbles. Facebook shifts to new headquarters in California Facebook has announced that its final wave of employees have moved into its new headquarters in the one million-square foot Menlo Park city of California.The worlds largest social network is now officially headquartered at 1601 Willow Road in Menlo Park. Coke secret formula gets 1st new home since 1925 The Coca-Cola Co. has made its secret formula the centrepiece of a new exhibit at its corporate museum, ditching the confines of the bank vault where the list of ingredients had been stored since 1925. The worlds largest beverage maker said today a new vault containing the formula will be on display for visitors to its World of Coca-Cola museum in downtown Atlanta. However, the formula itself, which dates back to 1886, will remain hidden from view.DECEMBER 2011 25
  26. 26. BUZZ ACROSS 1) The picture is the first design made by designer Art Paul for the logo of which company?"Top Hat", "Gentleman", "Sir", "Satyr", "Pan" and "Bachelor“ were the names suggested for naming the company but were rejected. 2) Identify the company whose logo is shown, which owns brands like "Nature Fresh", "Gemini" and "Sweekar". 8) Chesebrough Manufacturing Company was the company that first sold this product. The name of the product was derived from the German words meaning "Water" and "Oil". 9) “Top Boy” is the mascot of which company? DOWN 3. This is the logo of which web service? 4. DAT Motorcar Co. was the earlier name of which car company? The logo might look familiar. 5. "K cups" are single coffee brewing cups that works on a special filtering mechanism. These are patented by which company. 6. The name of this company is the name of the product itself. 7. Name the new channel whose logo is 9.TopRamen 8.Vaseline 7.LifeOk shown and that replaced Star One. 6.Ajinomoto 5.Keurig 4.Nissan 3.Icloud 2.Cargill 1..Playboy AnswersDECEMBER 2011 26
  27. 27. Marketing Unbound “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”. Albert Einstein.More than ever before, the statement on-one customized marketing is allof Albert Einstein is extremely relevant around us. Need fragmentation,in today‟s business environment, where customer individuality and self-conceptboundaries of all business functions and have been driving companies to microconsumers are being demolished. segment markets for better brand pull-Marketing, which is the closest function through and value migration. How hasto customers, is the most impacted customer engagement and experientialarea. Technology and changing marketing been spiked using marketingconsumer profile and behavior have and communication strategies involvingprovided opportunities for path the heart, the mind, and the senses ofbreaking innovations and hitherto the customers to deliver a compellingunthought-of possibilities for identifying brand experience? All elements ofand serving new & old consumer needs, marketing are undergoing a paradigmand developing strategies to strive and shift, some major changes are:thrive in the market place. Product:Classic, pristine marketing is movingfrom the traditional to the hithertounchartered areas of the digitalizedworld. Newer competitors are creepingsilently into every area of marketingand taking away the high ground frombrands that have held their spacebefore. How will the traditionalmarketer compete with such NewInvaders? What do we understand ofstrategies that have worked or notworked under these conditions? One-
  28. 28. Technology has made it possible for with borderless economies, how doesthe companies to launch greater a global brand build relevance to thevariety in products and services at local customers and still maintain itsvery fast speed. They are not only national / global Identity. E.g.: for globalmaking the product lifecycle very banks and companies like HSBC,short, almost to a dot, but also the McDonald‟s and Kentucky Friedclassic pattern of product lifecycle is Chicken (KFC), how should theyno longer applicable in most create new products, product deliverycategories. and communication, within theThis is especially visible in categories backdrop of customer needs, culture,like mobile phones and movies where and marketing infrastructure andthe lifecycle of the mobile or movie government regulations.could last between few weekends to afew months. The trend of hybrid Retail:products/services is the order of theday. Combination foods like “ChineseBhel, Chinese Samosa, Paneer TikkaPizza, Idli Manchurian“are the newitems on the menu card of restaurants.Product convergence due totechnological advances has becomeanother major challenge for companiesin defining their competitors.Brand: Global retail chains are seeing opportunity in emerging markets like India, China, Brazil and others. Are the original country strategies relevant and conducive to success in such markets? What are our key learning‟s and findings? How has international biggies tackled the problems of culture, buying parities, quality of product and services, service delivery, people and their management, nuances of productBrands are an important asset and a development and acceptance, privatemajor source of revenue for label branding and management, valuecompanies. They are becoming more delivery and retail store brandubiquitous - nationally and positioning?internationally. With an unfetteredcustomer environment and markets
  29. 29. Distribution value creating opportunities are emerging for the new wave marketers. But how should the traditional marketing organizations contend with such changes? What is our understanding of the new wave and the not-so-new wave marketing organizations and their parameters of success in the shifting marketplace? Understanding the implications of the Long Tail has benefitted the new wave marketers through the customers, theirFrom a single channel to mandatory specific and diverse needs, effect onpresence across different distribution retailers, marketers‟ thinking andchannels including online presence, the strategies, the marketing researchers, thefunction of distribution presents digitalized communication media world,tremendous challenges and opportunities newer and more cost effectivefor the companies. With convenience and distribution channels, etc. What is ourease of purchase becoming the biggest understanding of these new frontiersrequirement for a consumer, what that is going to unfold in the next fewstrategies do companies follow to tackle years?these issues? Is de-intermediation thenew mantra? Pricing:The Digitalized Customer Value delivery has always been the capstone of great marketing success. How can the price-value equation be altered, changed, and amended into a strategic thrust by transposing theWith technology becoming a big enabler, traditional value chain onto thenot only for communication but forconsumer connect, newer and more virtual value chain?
  30. 30. Does such a hybrid value creating greater marketing productivity andsystem compellingly drive value measurement systems, enabling thecreation for the customer, the company marketers to better understandand the shareholders by value marketing ROI?delivering through effective pricing and C) How versatile is the new digital /efficient distribution or both? social media and its effect in brand building /creating long termIntegrated Communication customer value?Management:The digitalized world has had themaximum impact on MarketingCommunication and Promotion.Emerging markets such as India areseeing a tremendous surge in theadoption and use of digitalizedmedia.A) How does the digitalized mediumhelp in enhancing the delivery of aholistic communication experienceto the customer in emergingmarkets?B) What are the new strategies andmetrics that are evolving to ensure
  31. 31. 7th SIMSR Asia Marketing ConferenceThe 7th SIMSR Asia Marketing Conference, with its theme for this year – “MarketingUnbound”, looks to elaborate on these aspects and more. It is a conference whichgives the best marketing minds to share their work with the world. Participants fromUS, UK and APAC region convene to deliver their marketing work which changes themarketing landscape.Conference Objectives Areas CoveredTo offer a platform for marketing practitioners,  Brand / Product Managementacademicians and researchers to:  Consumer Behavior / Services 1. Analyze and share their knowledge and  Integrated Marketing Communication experience of cutting edge innovations  Brand & Product Management in marketing.  Consumer Behavior & Services 2. Discuss possible strategies and strategic  Rural & Social Marketing options to overcome the challenges of  E – Marketing technology, competition, and changing  Strategic Marketing And Strategic consumer profile/behavior. Management 3. Analyze, understand and develop  Retail Management strategies to cope with the ever changing marketing landscape.For Whom Guest Speakers 1. Marketing Academicians Mr Nitin Paranjpe 2. Marketing Practitioners CEO & MD, Hindustan Unilever Ltd 3. Doctoral Students Dr. Bhaskar Das 4. Marketing Researchers President, The Times Of India Group, Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. (BCCL) Mr Vidyut Arte Managing Director, Kraft Foods, Thailand Mr Sanjiv Sarin Regional President, Tata Beverages, South Asian Region Mr Kinjal Medh COO at Cogito Consulting Venue K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, Vidyavihar (East), Mumbai – 400 077, India Website: Email: / Phone: +91 22 6728 3000 / 3050 (Board) Fax: +91 22 2102 7219 For more details
  32. 32. CALL FOR ARTICLESJANUARY ISSUEArticles can be sent on any one of the followingtopics*:1) Employer Branding versus Celebrity endorsements2) Sensory Branding - creating retail experience3) 4Ps of Samsung smartphones. What made itpossible for Samsung to beat Apple in smartphonesales ?*Please ensure that there is no plagiarism and allreferences are clearly mentioned1. One article can have only one author.2. Your article should be from 500-600 words and MUST be replete with relevant pictures that can be used to enhance your article.3. Send in your articles in .doc/.docx format with font size 11 (Arial) to: interface.newsletter@gmail.com4. Subject Line:Your Name_Institute Name_Course Year.5. Kindly name your file as:Your Name_TopicThe best adjudged article will be given a winnerscertificate.Deadline for submission of the articles: 11:59 PM ,15 January 2012.
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