1st NoSQL Asia Event in Malaysia


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For more information, please visit - http://nosqlasia.org/blog/nosql-kl-01

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1st NoSQL Asia Event in Malaysia

  1. 1. Exploring The Technologies Behind Big Data WeekTwitter :: @nosqlasiaHash-Tags :: #bdw13 #nosqlklFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl
  2. 2. NoSQL Asia SponsorsTwitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlklhttp://nosqlasia.org/sponsors
  3. 3. What is NoSQL Asia …?Mission Statement:It is the mission of NoSQLasia.org to providefree access to NoSQL news, event placement,product announcements and servicepromotion for individuals, companies andorganizations throughout South East AsiaManifesto:http://nosqlasia.org/blog/nosql-asia-manifestoTwitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl
  4. 4. Why me …?• Been living in Asia for over 15 years• Early adopter / evangelist for MongoDB• Established network of industry contacts• Experience running meet-ups / events• Experience presenting on stage• Enjoy sharing knowledge with others• Fanatical about OpenSource standards• Truly believe life is sweet beyond SQL• Tirath convinced me to do it !!! Twitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl
  5. 5. Big Data Week :: Malaysian PartnersTwitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlklhttp://bigdataweek.com/kualalumpur
  6. 6. Big Data Week :: Final Event Tomorrow @ 2pmTwitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlklhttp://www.amiando.com/bdw_kl_dj.html
  7. 7. Big Data :: Takes More Than a WeekTwitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlklhttp://facebook.com/groups/bigdatamyCreated by:
  8. 8. How Big is Big …?-- According to IBM :: 90% of the World’s Data Created in The Last 2 Years --Twitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl
  9. 9. What is NoSQL …?
  10. 10. History LessonsTwitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlklA LONG TIME AGO (1974) IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY( the relational database was born )
  11. 11. Building Reports = GoodImpedance Mismatch = Bad• Before needing multiple servers, there wasthe relational database …• This model is still good for reports, thoughoften leads to impedance mismatch …Twitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl
  12. 12. Then Came Web AppsTwitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl
  13. 13. Research Papers & Hash-Tags• Google developed and discussed BigTable• Amazon developed and discussed DynamoDB• This inspired a new generation of solutions• Those developing these solution started ameet-up and needed a hash-tag• MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra all at thatsame meet-up and someone picked #nosqlTwitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl
  14. 14. Defining NoSQL with Characteristics• Non-Relational and OpenSource-- OR –• Cluster-Friendly and Schemaless-- AND –• 21st Century Hipster QualitiesTwitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl
  15. 15. Alternative Data Model Families• Key Value Stores (simplicity)Riak, Redis• Documents (rapid development)MongoDB, CouchDB, RavenDB------------------------------------------------------------------------• Column (inline indexing)Cassandra, HBase• Graphs (persistent relationships)Neo4j, TitanTwitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl
  16. 16. What about Aggregate Orientated models…?• Key Values act as Documents with Meta Data• Documents act as Key Values with IDs• Both of these (and columns) aggregate data• But what about relationships and natural joins?• New wave of module database (ArangoDB / OrientDB)• Time-series databases such as KairosDB• More importantly, where does HyperDex fit in?Twitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl
  17. 17. Then Came TrollsTwitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl
  18. 18. Definitely Maybe Acidic• Consistency comes in many forms (logic and replication)• RDBMS = ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolate, Durable)• NoSQL = BASE (Basically Available, Soft-State, Eventually Consistent)• Scaling ACID compliant systems often looses true acidity• Graph databases require and bolster acidity• Aggregate orientation is designed NOT to have acidity• Offline locks through version numbers to the rescue!• ACID within a single Aggregate• Consistency Vs Availability Vs Response TimeTwitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl
  19. 19. CAP THEOREM 101
  21. 21. Navigating Through HyperSpaceTwitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl
  22. 22. Search Index ShardingTwitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl
  23. 23. The Future of Data• Distributed Designs (Spanner, Bitcoin)• Polyglot Persistence and Event Sourcing …• Domain driven design must be at forefront …Twitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl
  24. 24. NoSQL Myths & Failures• Relational Databases are ACID Compliant• NoSQL Databases are NOT ACID Compliant• Aggregate Orientation is good until you want orneed to change the basis of aggregation• Most environments have implicit schemas• Decisions, decisions - time is moneyTwitter :: @nosqlasiaFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl
  25. 25. Exploring The Technologies Behind Big Data WeekTwitter :: @nosqlasiaHash-Tags :: #bdw13 #nosqlklFacebook :: http://facebook.com/groups/nosqlkl