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Marks Solutions is an ISO Quality Certified Company and is a leading Online Training Provider for the SAP FICO Online Training by Certified Consultants.

We have incredible track record of giving IT Training Solutions to 10000+ Participants & Working with 100 + SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) to provide Corporate Training & Remote Consulting on Supporting Tickets and happy to say that we have achieved these within last 6 year

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SAP FSCM Online Training | SAP FSCM Classes Online | SAP FSCM Courses Online

  1. 1. Learn from anywhere based on your convenience
  2. 2. What is SAP FSCM? SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FIN-FSCM) optimizes the financial and information flows within a company and between business partners. SAP Financial Supply Chain Management contains the following components: SAP FSCM provides the ability to have a better view of your corporate cash flow, manage disputes with your customers, and add efficiency to your billing processes. 1. SAP Treasury and Risk Management(FIN-FSCM-TRM) 2. SAP Biller Direct(FIN-FSCM-BD) 3. SAP Cash and Liquidity Management (FIN-FSCM-CLM) 4. SAP Collections Management (FIN-FSCM-COL) 5. SAP Credit Management(FIN-FSCM-CR) 6. SAP Dispute Management (FIN-FSCM-DM) 7. SAP In-House Cash(FIN-FSCM-IHC) Training Highlights: Our entire faculty comes with Solid Industry background and has years of experience in the corresponding area of expertise Rigorous training and interactive sessions with real time scenarios Customized Training Packages / Crash Courses if required. Just right class size for balance between community learning and individual attention from Instructor Instructors with extensive experience in teaching and IT industry as well. Material will be provided for training and interview preparation. Live project applications will be discussed in the training. Interview point exercises will be discussed. Assistance will be given for excellent Resume Preparation Convenient Weekend Classes available. Repeat courses at no additional charge. You can register for training classes in advance also. Areas of training and placement chosen based on the respective background of each individual Expert guidance and mentoring during & after training and also on job Professional environment driven by values and friendly relations We will assist you in Resume Preparation, Technical Assistance and Mock Interviews after finishing of the training
  3. 3. SAP FSCM Course Content: 1. Treasury & Risk Managment Duration : 1 TRM Overview 2 Masterdata (BP, ..) 3 Transaction Manager 4 Money Market Overview 5 Business Process 6 Types of Instrument 7 Customization of Money Market 8 Easy Access Vs. Business Process 9 Transactional posting by TBB1 etc. and reversals 10 Treasury Payments 11 Foreign Exchange Overview 12 Business Process 13 Types of Instrument 14 Customization of Forex 15 Easy Access Vs. Business Process 16 Internal Forex Deals 17 Hedge Mangement 18 Hedge Process 19 Hedge instrument Creation 20 Hedge Dedesignation 21 Securities Overview 22 Securities Master Data 23 Business Process 24 Types of Instrument 25 Customization of Securities 26 Easy Access Vs. Business Process 27 Market Risk Analyzer 28 Technical Theory 29 Types of Analysis 30 Easy Access Vs. Business Process 31 Credit Risk Analyzer (CRA) 32 Business Requirement 33 Limit Management 34 Customizaiton of CRA 2. In House Cash Duration : 1 IHC Overview 2 System overview, interfacing, flows messages. 3 Internal Payment Processes 4 Internal Payment Types 5 Manual Payments entry by sector (Internal) 6 External Payment Processes
  4. 4. 7 External Payment Types 8 Masterdata 9 External Bank Account Structuring 10 Routing of payments 11 Bankstatement processing (External, Internal) 12 Rejection Messages 13 Finstas (Structure, Examples..) 14 PEXR2002 (Structure, Examples..) 15 SYSTAT01 16 EOD and Month End Processing 3. Cash & Liquidity Management Duration : 1 Cash Management Overview 2 Business Process 3 Customization - Planning types, Planning Groups 4 Basic Settings 5 Structuring 6 Manual Memo Records 7 Cash Concentration 8 Liquidity Forecast Continued ….
  5. 5. Those who wish to register with the SAP FSCMOnline Training Please contact us using any of the following options. Phone: IND:(+91)- 998 676 3716 ( or ) USA: + 1-888-792-5474 Skype :markssolutions Email : or Url : For the complete information: Click here SAP FSCMOnline Training Follow us Social Networking for More Information: