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Enterprise Social 2.0 March 2011
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Enterprise Social 2.0 March 2011


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My presentation as Chairman of the Enterprise Social 2.0 conference in Brussels March 2011.

My presentation as Chairman of the Enterprise Social 2.0 conference in Brussels March 2011.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Harnessing the power of Social NetworksBridging the gap between Brands and ConsumersMark SimonManaging DirectorToluna
  • 2. Online Behaviour is Changing.... / 2Infographic from Flowtown – ‘My Mom is on Facebook?’
  • 3. What are people doing?Source: Previously: Marketing to the masses Purchased by the individual Now what? / 3
  • 4. Harnessing social sourcesThe good and the bad (no ugly, sorry)Doing it right‘Bring back Wispa’ Campaign“This was the first time that the powerof the Internet played such an intrinsicrole in the return of a Cadbury brand.”Cadbury SchweppesGetting it wrongGap Logo #Fail180degree flip Lessons to be learnt… 1. Brands already have a live research panel - it’s called Twitter and Facebook 2. Social Media is great help for some concept devt 3. Don’t source community reactions after the event 4. Evaluate community value early - then make research strategy decisions / 4 5. Social Media tools exist to establish what value a community adds
  • 5. How are brands reacting?More good news stories Old Spice* 3 days - 180 videos 40m views in 1 week 1.4bn campaign impressions Sales up 27% (107% in 1st mth) Dell IdeaStorm 12,000 Members 84,000 comments 900,000 votes *Source Wieden & Kennedy 1-5% of ideas usable / 5 X4 traffic in ‘10 vs ‘09 ( 2009)
  • 6. Case study 1: Royal Mail Opinion Forum Social media-driven insight in action Why? Feedback Engagement Relationship Connection to communityResults? Speed Value Grow research programme Encourage creativity Engaging staff and customers / 6 Industry recognition
  • 7. Harnessing Communities...Real-time Insight - 1m votes daily – 4m membersContext… Community loves to vote, share opinions and hasmassive scale Brands and agencies need faster, more agile marketresearch solutionsAims of the Toluna community… Challenge low industry response rates and panel recruitment challenges Increase engagement with members Low cost, fast, scalable, sharable solution for brands, Turn votes & opinions into a nimble, ‘pay per survey’ modelHarnessed community traffic Create your own survey of 1-15 questions Launch surveys live to 100-2,000 responses in hours See results live / 7 Share questions and results
  • 8. Case study 2: Sony MusicSocial media-driven traffic -> insight agilityPre-campaign - Elvis Duets (International) Targeting Song Selection Artist collaborations Strongest potential territoriesFilling the Gaps - Media Channels & Song Testing (Aus) Sony Music segments and Australian Newspapers Song testing Effective and simpleMarket Success - Lullaby Kids (UK) Consumer’s opinions Propensity to buy Segmented targeting £500 investment-> exposure on BBC, 5000% increase in sale / 8
  • 9. Onwards... Let’s be where our audience is! Technology is available! Opportunities - co-creation / NPD, brand advocacy, engagement, listening Threats – privacy, ‘me too’, innovation, data paralysisSo what do we need to do? It’s up to us to grasp this opportunity and to truly give our customers a seatat the table....Enjoy! / 9
  • 10. Summary Day 1 Marketing is more difficult than it’s ever been Monitoring / making sense of unstructured data is tough Social media means loss of brand ownership – can we cope? Technology available but figure out strategy then pick right tools Educate internally, encourage behavioural shifts before going external Story-telling and conversations are key – move beyond ‘product’ Threats can create opportunities and new ways of engaging with people Social media – more powerful than trad comms? for greater good to society Don’t forget to fill in your speaker evaluation forms Presentations will be available in next 2-3 days Drinks reception / 10 Thank you
  • 11. Thank @marklsimon