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Flurry Presents Apps by the Numbers
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Flurry Presents Apps by the Numbers


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On Wednesday, May 8, 2011 Peter Farago, Vice President of Marketing for Flurry, took Anthem & Schawk through their unique view of the Apps Ecosystem by the numbers. Flurry earns their perspective by …

On Wednesday, May 8, 2011 Peter Farago, Vice President of Marketing for Flurry, took Anthem & Schawk through their unique view of the Apps Ecosystem by the numbers. Flurry earns their perspective by powering the analytics aggregated on nearly 1/4 of the apps in AppsStore. Included are trending data on demographics, devices/platforms, types of apps and a look at key issues in going to market. It's early days in what's already shaping up to be a significant market that's threatening to disrupt every industry and medium.

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  • Hi Mark, Assuming you guys are using Flurry Analytics over at KITE, we'd love for you to check out our free app Flurrylitics ( It lets you access all of your analytics data along with great visualizations with charts and maps, trend lines and more, all from your iOS device. It would be great if you could send your feedback to
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  • - Make up of developers has completely changed in last 24 months- Only 5% of the early vanguard from mobile make-up today’s “developers”
  • Developers Want a business not an OSAndroid Devices Up, But Not Creating Business Opportunity for Developers (money, ecosystem not there)Apple offers developersmoney and ecosystemDevelopers Shape the Platform; Platforms Defined by the DeveloperThe Bar is Rising.All Other Platforms and Carriers Have Their Work Cut Out
  • Transcript

    • 1. It’s primetime for the instant everything generation, iGen
      The mass market is adopting iOS and Android
      Peter Farago
      Vice President Marketing
    • 2. Flurry Snapshot
      Selected Customers
      Flurry Analytics
      App Developers:
      Live Applications:
      Total Devices Covered:
      259 M
      Monthly Active Devices:
      155 M
      Daily Active Devices:
      52 M
      Monthly Sessions:
      12 B
      Flurry AppCircle
      App Developers:
      90 M
      Monthly User Reach:
    • 3. iPhone App Store Dwarfing iTunes Success
      “I’ve never seen anything like this in my career” – Steve Jobs
      App Store vs. iTunes Downloads
      • App Store 6.5B in just over 2 Yrs; Tunes 370M over same time
      26 months
      • App Store downloads 18X versus iTunes over same period of time
      23 months
      • iTunes reached 6B in ~ 6 years; App Store reached ~ 1/3 time
      18 months
      15 months
      10 months
      iTunes Downloads
      months since launch
      Source: Apple, Inc.
    • 4. iGenis the Instant Everything Generation
      Instant Entertainment
      Instant Feedback
      Instant Art
      Just Add Content
      Instant Crowds
      Instant Deals
      Instant News
    • 5. iGenis on the MoveSessions tracked by Flurry
      User Sessions by Month
      Source: Flurry Analytics
    • 6. The iGen Audience is Growing Dramatically
      Already Larger than Top Primetime TV Shows
      Top Daily App Usage
      27.2 mins
      Social Gaming
      Audience Network Size, Millions
      Sources: Nielsen TV Ratings 2009-10, Broadcast Primetime Shows Ranked By Live + Same Day Average Viewership; Flurry
    • 7. iGenis an extremely Valuable Audience
      Mobile Apps Attract Desirable, Target-rich Audience
      Younger & More Female
      More Affluent
      More Educated
      Audience Distribution by
      Household Income
      Audience Distribution by
      Highest Education Level Achieved
      Audience Distribution by
      Age Category & Sex
      Source: Flurry Analytics, Top iOS Apps
    • 8. iGenwill try a lot of content…
      % downloads per category
      Source: Flurry Analytics
    • 9. …but are loyal to a few key categories
      Total Sessions by Category, Percent
      Healthcare & Fitness
      Source: Flurry Analytics
    • 10. iGenhas an app discovery problemOverwhelmed with choice & unable to reduce “search costs”
      Source of downloads, %
      Source: Flurry, Dec 3rd to Dec 30th , 2010
      (Excludes carrier pre-installs)
    • 11. So what is in store for 2011… a non-scientific survey of our developers
      The content explosion, especially on Android
      Mobile OS and Apps invade televisions “sets”
      Recommendations become the new discovery
      Game Mechanics/In-app-purchases everywhere
      The emergence of Samdroid as the new duopoly that challenges Apple
      New and improved Ad Networks as Madison Avenue fights back
      Microsoft and/or Facebook will become a viable 3rd player
      Opportunities, opportunities and opportunities
    • 12. Who is Building for Mobile
    • 13. A Whole New World of “Developers”
      Home Platform for Developers with iPhone Apps
      Source: Flurry Analytics
    • 14. The Importance of Developers…
      I will emotionally immerse,
      empower, surprise, delight,
      entertain, save time for, make more productive, inform,
      educate, socially connect,
      romantically intrigue and make life better for your customers…
    • 15. … to Platform Providers
      …if I only have to build once, control my assets, get approved in 1 week, reach 100M+ devices, know consumers can and will buy, get consumers to notice and try my apps, keep most of the money, monitor my own business and can adjust on the fly.
      FOR CASH
    • 16. Developers Want a Business Not a Platform
      Great Device &
      Operating System
      Broadband Connectivity
      Large, Paying
      Customer Base
    • 17. Application Maker Choices
    • 18. Decisions, Decisions…
    • 19. Android Installed Base is Gaining on iOS, but…
      300,000 new
      devices per day
      350,000 new
      devices per day
      200M Installed Base
      100M Installed Base
    • 20. iPhone vs Android
      Average Session Length*
      *April 1 – April 15
    • 21. iPhone vs Android
      Sessions per User*
      *April 1 – April 15
    • 22. iPhone vs. Android
      % Retained
      *April 1 – April 15
    • 23. Where Are Thousands of Developers Placing Their Bets?
    • 24. Distribution of Apps Created
      Number of apps set up with Flurry Analytics, Feb – March, 2011, n = 8,372
    • 25. Growth Rate of Apps Being BuiltAndroid Rate Accelerating, but from a smaller base
      Number of apps set up with Flurry Analytics by Platform
    • 26. How are developers responding?More companies are going cross-platform
      Number of apps set up with Flurry Analytics by Platform
    • 27. Thank you