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2013 02-20 nycedc pilot presentation
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2013 02-20 nycedc pilot presentation


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Published in: Technology
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  • BMEProblem SolvingResearch to Develop Business, not Business doing R&D
  • Why are you the right team for this product?BME,ProblemSolvingResearch to Develop Business, not Business doing R&D
  • Helping Academic Investigators and Industry Scientists“Make their Clinical Trials Better”
  • Helping Academic Investigators and Industry Scientists“Make their Clinical Trials Better”
  • What challenge are you addressing for the customer?What value are you providing for the customer?STORY: Sections for Grant Apps, Yearly Progress ReportsEXAMPLE:NY>CA, 1 Year for Data, 3 Years for Results
  • Market with hefty expenditure on mistakes. Room for efficiency and improvement.Revenue per employee, showing the difference each can make.
  • Foundation of Learning, Training, Testing. Gathering Documentation. Ensure Compliance.CBIT to validate test scans. Future development on its own.
  • Market with hefty expenditure on mistakes. Room for efficiency and improvement.Revenue per employee, showing the difference each can make.
  • Large Public and Privately CapitalizedDo not engage individual Academic Investigators or prioritize small Biotech/Pharma
  • Leverage our network of Academic Collaborators and KOLs
  • Who is your target customer?Who pays for your product?Start by saving Academic Investigators and NIH moneyLead to initial traction, and scaling to industry
  • Transcript

    • 1. PILOT Health Tech NY 2013-02-20 Image Reading Center, Inc. Mark Punyanitya Rodney Agayan
    • 2. IMAGE READING CENTER, INC.WE ARE: An Imaging CROFOR: Academic Researchers and Pharmaceutical Scientists whoNEED: Advanced imaging biomarkers and technical project management.WE PROVIDE: Implementation, standardization, and validation for Research Studies and Clinical Trials.PILOT Health Tech NY, 2/20/13 2
    • 3. OUR TEAM• Mark Punyanitya, Founder & CEO – Columbia University Medical Center, Biomedical Engineer – Applied Physiology @ Columbia, Applied Clinical Trials @ NYU – From Idea to IPO: The Technology Venture Course @ NYAS• Rodney Agayan, PhD, CTO – Columbia University-BME Dept, Postdoctoral Research Scientist – Applied Physics & Electrical Engineering @ U Michigan• Ali Ardati, PhD, Scientific Director – Sanofi, Head-Quality of life-Pain and Urology, Therapeutic Scientific Unit-Aging – Molecular Biology @ Université de Montréal• Joyce Ehrlich, Business Development – Keap Street Advisors, LLC, Founder – Public Health Administration @ NYU, Epidemiology @ Columbia• Research Staff: – Administrative, Project Management, and ScientificPILOT Health Tech NY, 2/20/13 3
    • 4. OUR STORY• Over 15 years of Academic Research• Develop, Validate, and Implement• National & International Multi-Center Trials• Project Management and Problem SolvingPILOT Health Tech NY, 2/20/13 4
    • 5. PILOT PARTNER QUESTIONS• What are short & long term goals?• Why is a pilot project important?• What challenges are you trying to solve?• What are strengths and opportunities that can be leveraged?• What is the ideal criteria for a partner?• What does the pilot approval process look like?PILOT Health Tech NY, 2/20/13 5
    • 6. THE PROBLEM• Scientific Expertise is not Technical Expertise• Clinical Investigators, Research Nurses, & Study Coordinators• Very little QC or technical oversight• Conventional training: 10%-50% of imaging data may be rejectedPILOT Health Tech NY, 2/20/13 6
    • 7. THE MARKET Clinical Trial Image Medical Image Analysis Management (in Billions) (in Billions)2.5 2.4 2.5 2 2 1.71.5 1.5 1.3 1 1 0.60.5 0.5 0 0 2012 2017 2010 2016PILOT Health Tech NY, 2/20/13 7
    • 8. THE MARKET• $37 billion for clinical trials outsourcing• Unnecessary procedures and amendments cost over $5 billion per year• Revenue in the applied research services is at $267,000 per employee.PILOT Health Tech NY, 2/20/13 8
    • 9. OUR SOLUTION• Virtual Imaging Lab: Compliance Documentation Learning, Training, Testing• Cloud Based Image Transfer: Imaging •Acquisition Cloud •Protocol •Documents •Accessibility IRC Sponsor Facility •Upload Platform •Technical •Human QC •MetricsPILOT Health Tech NY, 2/20/13 9
    • 10. VIRTUAL IMAGING LAB FROM: Physical Files TO: Electronic Images FROM: Physical Disks TO: Electronic FoldersPILOT Health Tech NY, 2/20/13 10
    • 11. VIRTUAL IMAGING LAB FROM: Physical Console TO: Virtual ConsolePILOT Health Tech NY, 2/20/13 11
    • 12. PILOT PROJECT• What is the purpose of your pilot?• What are the data that you are trying to capture?• What primary endpoint are you trying to see/achieve with your pilot?• What kinds of resources will you need from the pilot partner?• What is the specific benefit to the pilot partner?PILOT Health Tech NY, 2/20/13 12
    • 13. THE COMPETITIONPILOT Health Tech NY, 2/20/13 13
    • 14. OUR CLIENTS & COLLABORATORSPILOT Health Tech NY, 2/20/13 14
    • 15. POTENTIAL REVENUE•• Academic Investigators: – Collaborator/Consultant for Proposals – Subcontractor/Vendor for Awards•• Industry Sponsors (Biotech/Device/Pharma): – Partnered R&D for New Methods – Vendor for New Technology ImplementationPILOT Health Tech NY, 2/20/13 15
    • 16. NEXT STEPS• What is the protocol for getting approval in the organization?• What kinds of resources can the pilot partner contribute?• Who are the decision-makers?• What are the proposed roles for you and your pilot partner?• What are the metrics for success?• What is the budget and timeline for going forward?PILOT Health Tech NY, 2/20/13 16
    • 17. Thank you!PILOT Health Tech NY, 2/20/13 17