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BRACE newsletter, Spring 2012

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Newsletter Spring2012 07 Lo Res

  1. 1. newsletter Spring 2012 Anniversary Where your Research News Events money goes and Views Why not come along and How the projects you Professor Seth Love answers celebrate - see page 13 fund are selected page 5 your questions on page 10 ThanksOur 25th anniversary yearhas made a great start andwe are making the whole of2012 a celebration. to you!From the first working day of January, we havebeen hearing of new supporters for our “SilverService” fundraising campaign, new eventsorganised by volunteers and new people torepresent us in sponsored activities.You can read about the Silver Service campaignon page 16 and find out about special fundraisingevents on page 13.What we most want to say to all our supportersover many years is… thank you! BRACE startedfrom very small beginnings in 1987 and has raisedmillions of pounds for research. This is becausethousands of people simply refused to be beatenby the horror of dementia.Because of their efforts, BRACE has been ableto pump desperately needed resources intoresearch. Scientists funded by this charity havecontributed to the astonishing progress madeby medical science and the growing hope is thatmore powerful treatments will be availablewithin a few years.Much more is needed, of course. For us, a SilverAnniversary is no more an end than a beginning.It is a time to reflect on how far we have comeand redouble our efforts for the next phase ofthe battle.Whether you have given money or time, orpersuaded others to join in, we are grateful forall that you have already done. This newsletterand our website will tell you the many ways inwhich you can help us even more.1 | BRACE
  2. 2. The fair is a regular feature of the BRACE calendar and is both an important fundraiser and an opportunity to make more people aware of our work. Last year it again took place at the Newman Hall in Westbury- on-Trym, Bristol. Our special guest was “BRACE is popular TV newsreader and radio presenter Ali a great Vowles from BBC Bristol. charity” Brian’s outstanding work Ali opened the fair and Ali Vowles stayed afterwards to meet people and look behind the scenes around the stalls. We are sorry to say goodbye to Professor Brian Pickering, who stepped down from the Board of Trustees at the end of 2011. Brian became a BRACE Trustee in 2004. He became Chairman of the charity’s own Scientific Advisory Committee, which assesses all research proposals and makes Brian Pickering had a distinguished career at the University of Bristol, where he worked from 1965 to 2001. He was variously Professor of Anatomy from 1978, Head of the Fantastic fair! In October, BRACE enjoyed its most successful Autumn Fair for several years. Ali said, “I was delighted watch people I care stall. We were delighted and delivered 2,000 flyers recommendations to the Trustees. Brian Department of Anatomy 1978-92, Dean of to be able to take part in about suffer from it. that a strong contingent advertising it. gave outstanding service to the charity and the Faculty of Medicine 1985-87 and Deputy the BRACE Autumn Fair. We should do all we can of pupils and teachers Vice-Chancellor 1992-2001. He has been BRACE is a great charity to defeat it.” was able to come to run When the proceeds its many supporters by ensuring that money Emeritus Professor since 2001. and it was lovely to see the stall. were counted, total was spent where it was most likely to be what a good turnout it got Another major income topped £2,000, effective in the fight against Alzheimer’s. BRACE is grateful to Brian for all that he has for its fair. Alzheimer’s is contribution came from We were again indebted roughly £500 more than He is succeeded in this role by Professor done to help in the fight against Alzheimer’s. a terrible illness and, like Red Maids’ Junior School, to C J Hole (Henleaze), the previous year, a Stephen Lisney. most people, I have had to who provided the cake who sponsored the fair great success. 500 Club APRIL JUNE AUGUST OCTOBER Sat 14 Downend Village Fête, Sat 2 Collection at Almondsbury Sat 4 Collection at Sainsbury’s Sat 6 A utumn Fair, Newman Competition winnersProgramme of Events 2012 Downend Cricket Club, Garden Centre, Over Lane, Bloomfield Road, Hall, Westbury-on-Trym, South Glos, 12pm – 4pm Sun 22 London Marathon Sat 2 Almondsbury Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Brislington Fri 17 and Sat 18 10am – 12.30pm Fri 19 and Sat 20 – our own lottery The Autumn Newsletter event, Page Park Staple Hill Collection at Morrison’s Collection Morrisons, winner of the First’s BRACE has its own licensed lottery, and to MAY 10am – 6pm Superstore, Fishponds Road Fishponds Competition was Mrs S C enter costs just £1 per week payable by Mon 14 RACE Annual General B Stone from Mangotsfield, standing order. The draw is made each week Meeting, The Grange Hotel Bristol who won a BRACE (Mercure Bristol North) 7pm JULY SEPTEMBER DECEMBER and the winner receives one quarter of the Christmas Goodie Bag. Fri 13 and Sat 14 Sun 23 A Night to Remember’ ‘ Sun 9 BRACE Carol Service, St proceeds. The other three quarters goes Sun 20 ailsea Charity Walk, Start N Collection at Sainsbury’s 25th Anniversary evening. Mary Redcliffe Church, 3pm into the fund for research. The winner of the Finish at Scotch Horn Centre. Organised by Nailsea Kingswood The Tobacco Factory Tue 11 ollection at Tesco, C Chemicals competition Sat 14 Frenchay Flower Show, Theatre, Bristol, 6.30pm We are about half way to the maximum in the January Update Backwell Rotary Club Kenn Road, Clevedon Frenchay Common 1 – 5pm Sun 30 Bristol Half Marathon 500 members, and when we get there, the was Mrs G Seagrave from Tue 22 RACE Golf Day, Henbury B Wed 12 and Thurs 13 prize will be £125 a week and £375 will go Downend, Bristol who Golf Club Sat 21 and Sun 22 Collection Tesco Golden Portishead Flower Show and to research. won a £20 gift voucher. Thu 24 RACE Anniversary Coffee B Hill, Horfield, Bristol Morning, St Monica’s, Cote Country Fair What a great way to increase BRACE’s Congratulations to all Lane, Westbury on Trym, regular income! Contact the BRACE Appeal our winners and good 10am to 12 noon Sun 27 BUPA London 10k Run For further information about any of these events please contact the BRACE Appeal Office Office for more information and luck with our latest an application form. competition.2 | BRACE call the BRACE appeal office on 0117 340 4831 Spring 2012 | 3
  3. 3. Ways to give Where your money goes BRACE is a “fundraising” How research grants Two projects in the latest charity but it is also, of are approved round of funding have Remember us in your will course, a “fund-spending” already been announced charity. While you have The ultimate beneficiaries of our in the press by the BRACE received over half a million work are people anywhere in the pounds last year in legacies. This been helping us build up world who might one day develop universities concerned: represents a large number of our funds, the charity’s dementia. To achieve this, we supporters who, having covered the Bath University needs of their families, left a gift to Trustees have been making support research in universities in the West Country and Cardiff. – Professor David Brown support dementia research. sure that they are spent Focussing on this region is a sensible where they are needed. strategy for a charity of our size, Led by Professor David Brown, the We can supply a short guide to scientists at the University of Bath and we have helped create a making or modifying your will. will study a protein called alpha- At their meetings in November formidable and growing network Please contact us if you would synuclein. This accumulates in the 2011 and January 2012, the of researchers. like a copy. brain of patients who have dementia Trustees approved grants of more than £630,000. This was spread BRACE has its own Scientific with Lewy bodies, as well as other A gift of your time across six research projects and Advisory Committee (SAC) under diseases such as Parkinson’s. This We are also deeply grateful to two grants for specific purchases the chairmanship of Professor project is jointly funded by BRACE people who give us their time and in three universities (Bristol, Bath Stephen Lisney, one of our Trustees. and Alzheimer’s Research UK, the their talents. Volunteers are the and Cardiff). When a researcher approaches first time the two charities have lifeblood of BRACE, whether they BRACE with a proposal, it is first collaborated in this way.There are many ways to give to BRACE, are helping run events, taking part Research projects generally last assessed by the SAC to make sure that it falls within our current Bristol Universityand here are just a few of them. in sponsored activities or putting this newsletter in an envelope to between two and three years. The latest round of grants means policy guidelines. If it is acceptable – Professor Seth Love, Dr that BRACE funded research in principle, the proposal is then Maeve Caldwell and others post to you. Currently we need people to collect money outside currently in progress or due to sent to three carefully selectedA simple donation Regular giving start this year has a total value of peer reviewers, all experts in the The research group have applied supermarkets and to help set up appropriate area of research. recent advances in stem cellWhether it is £1 or £100 or any A monthly donation, however small, sales or information tables at more than £1.5 million. Between technology to convert cells obtainedother amount, we are glad of helps BRACE plan on the basis of events. If you think you may be able them, the scientists working onyour help. Most supporters either regular income. Just ask us for a to help please contact us. these projects are helping to turn The SAC then considers the proposal from human adult skin biopsies and expert reviews in detail and into nerve cells of the type foundsend a cheque by post or donate standing order form. the tide against dementia. decides whether to recommend in a part of the brain known as thethrough our website, using their Shopping onlinedebit or credit card. If neither Gift Aid it! It’s a great achievement and one funding. The final decision is taken nucleus basalis (nb). These nerve An example of a “no cost way”, that belongs to volunteers, donors by the Trustees on the basis of the cells are a main source of themethod is easy for you, please If you pay income tax in the UK, for anyone who ever shops online, and BRACE supporters of every kind. SAC’s recommendation. acetylcholine, a signalling chemicalring us for advice. please add Gift Aid. This will is our account at in the brain, and degenerate at anIf you want to give £1, £2, £3, £4, increase the value of your gift by We publish reports on different This rigorous process is necessary early stage in Alzheimer’s disease.£5 or £10, you can now send it by 25% or more, but will not cost you If you follow this link you can shop research projects in our newsletter to ensure that the money you This will enable researchers to test atext from your phone. Messages are a penny extra. We can supply a Gift at any of 150 or so major retailers. and details of BRACE-funded raise is spent where it is mostly range of hypotheses concerning thefree on all networks. All you need Aid form, but you can also add Gift It will cost you no more than you research are updated from time to likely to be effective in the fight earliest abnormalities in Alzheimer’ is text “ALZH25”, followed by Aid to online donations and even would have paid anyway, and BRACE time on our website. against dementia.the amount, to 70070. text donations. will receive commission.4 | BRACE call the BRACE appeal office on 0117 340 4831 Spring 2012 | 5
  4. 4. News in brief... Braceland? Art for our sake Darin Melville works in a large suggested donation to BRACE. Many thanks to the Front Room gym in Portsmouth and was Over 30 people turned out and Art Trail in Totterdown for given an Elvis outfit as a gift! He Darin raised £65 and awareness supporting us through their annual decided to do an Elvis-themed of the cause. Many thanks to event last November. Aqua class for women with a Darin and apologies to the King! A friend in Jerusalem Photograph © Bristol Evening Post. Terry’s TV Triumph Giving us James I recently returned to His wife Nitza spoke no I was curious to hear that Terry Moore of Whitehall in a dressingMurray-White, Jerusalem to sell a flat where I had previously lived English, so we tended to speak at each other, until the doctors were using Rivastigmine patches with Bristol raised £1,105 by down! a filmmaker for 5 years. One of the our partners stepped in Nissim, and that they had appearing on many plus points of the flat to translate. been developed at Hadassah Staff at Simplyhealth and BRACE was the great neighbours, Hospital in Jerusalem, but Countdown, in Bristol raised an the popular TV volunteer, who adopted us and were Seeing them again was that after 4 months there programme. astonishing £2,700 a part of the recent trip through their monthly talks about always on hand to chew the was not much improvement. Terry, whose dress down day. daily cud of the Middle East we really looked forward his personal and offer any help. to. On their steps, Nitza For me, seeing Nissim mother had Thank you, everyone dementia, raisedexperiences of greeted us warmly, but reduced to a shadow of money through at Simplyhealth, for Nissim spoke 7 languages with the words “have you the man he was, was a choosing BRACE as your Alzheimer’s. and could fix anything, from heard about Nissim – he terrible blow. My mother sponsorship and top charity in January. donations. water pipes to solar panels. has Alzheimer’s”. The next also has Alzheimer’s: she He was a sprightly ‘go to hour passed in a blur as she was diagnosed in 2007, and guy’ in his late 70s and we explained the recent story its progression has been met most days. and my partner translated. much slower. I see her He was out at a day centre, regularly and monitor her He and I would dissect the allowing her some much- care with her GP and other political issues of the day; needed rest. The next day professionals. Through this he would give me a little we hesitantly returned. involvement, I’m studying back-story and I would Nissim was sat quietly in a the current science and understand more about the recliner. He smiled as we have recently made a short situation. In short, Nissim approached and held his film about my mum. I feel was a foreign journalist’s dream: a local with a keen hand, but we seemed to have slipped away into his that Alzheimer’s is one of the biggest challenges for Hitting the right note sense of social justice, a vast store of memories, us in the 21st Century, and Kick-starting this year’s fundraising Members of Bristol Male Voice Choir raised an man of deep convictions now inaccessible. I’m grateful that BRACE and and passion, and passable other organisations exist Thank you, Tom Lakos, for kick-starting our Silver estimated £600, including Gift Aid, simply by not enough English to convey to support and promote Service fundraising campaign. Tom, of ProTom sending Christmas cards. They gave the money some of that. this crucial research into Fitness in Clifton, held a kickboxing event as a to BRACE instead. Thank you! potential cures. fundraiser in February.6 | BRACE call the BRACE appeal office on 0117 340 4831 Spring 2012 | 7
  5. 5. SPONSORED EVENTS ROUND-UPZara’s abseil Tony Barker Bristol Half “No mean feat for Emma is trek star Liverpool MarathonZara’s Nan has suffered from Tony was originally planning to run Marathon a 7 year old” Oxford scientist Emma Thornton Andy Walker, from Crosby, raisedAlzheimer’s for the last 13 years. in the Stockholm Marathon but was raised £1,200 for BRACE by trekking more than £3,000 for BRACE afterZara says, “My Nan has fought this unable to take part due to a chest Thank you to all the 15 people Ruth Revell says, “My Nan (my 7 to the 4.5 km high lost Inca city his mother suffered a suddenillness bravely - she contracted it at infection. Having recovered, Tony who ran for us in the Bristol year old daughter Emma’s Great of Machu Picchu in Peru. Emma onset of a complex form ofa relatively young age but has taken ran in the New Forest Marathon Half Marathon. Nan), recently passed away. In more was motivated to undertake Alzheimer’s. Andy was inspiredlots of new trial medication in order completing the race in 3hrs and recent times Nan had suffered from the gruelling climb after her to run the Liverpool Marathonto help the research that goes on 57mins, beating his marathon One of them was Sophie Morgan, memory problems and dementia. grandmother was diagnosed with when his mother’s conditionat BRACE. She wouldnt still be here personal best by 40 minutes. Tony who said, “I really enjoyed the The chosen charity for Nan’s funeral dementia four years ago. deteriorated rapidly.without the kindness and support and his wife Rachel wanted to raise Bristol Half Marathon. It was a was BRACE who had provided Nanthat BRACE have given her and she some money as a thank you to great atmosphere and running for with support during her illness. Emma said the thought of her Andy said, “I know that it is toocannot praise them highly enough”. BRACE for funding her PhD and to charity made it even more special. Rather than simply donating some grandmother kept her going when late for my mum but there is still support our on-going work. Being a neuroscience student I fully money to the cause we thought it the trek got tough. She added, “The much that can be done for otherZara wanted to do something for understand the debilitating effects would be nice to do something to disease is so hard for the sufferer sufferers and their families. I choseher Nan and for BRACE and so took of Alzheimer’s disease. I chose remember Nan by. and their family and it would be to raise money for BRACE instead ofpart in a sponsored abseil 105 BRACE as it supports research.” great to one day have a cure or at one of the larger dementia charitiesfeet down the side of the building “Nan had a love of walking and the very least, some improvement because it specialises in fundingwhere she works. Zara admitted it was an active member of the in the medication. That’s why I scientific research.was scary, but her courage netted Ramblers so it would seem apt that wanted to raise money for BRACE,hundreds of pounds for BRACE. the challenge should be walking because they use the money to “There are many unanswered related. Having already climbed the fund research in to dementia. The questions with Alzheimer’s which, highest mountain in Wales Emma charity is also fairly local to where as I experienced, leave youRun to the Beat had decided she would also like to try climbing the highest mountain in I grew up in Somerton, Somerset feeling very confused wondering how something so devastating and it’s where my grandmother andDavid Jackson took part in “Run to England. At a height of 978 metres Mum still live today.” can happen so quickly. The morethe Beat”, a half marathon with live and a distance of 6 miles thats no time and expertise we dedicatemusic played around the course. mean feat for a 7 year old.” Emma was joined on the four day to Alzheimer’s research the moreThe course started and finished at trek by her university friend and likely we are to find a cure.”the O2 Arena. David says, “It was The challenge was completed in colleague David Crawford-Jones.really hard going, but the thought August and not only did Emma We are very grateful to Andy forof the money I was raising for complete Scafell Pike she also We would like to thank Emma for his monumental fundraising effort.BRACE helped me over the finish conquered Great End, Ill Crag and the huge effort she has made to People like Andy make scientificline, in a personal-best time!” Broad Crag on the same walk. raise funds for research, and for research possible through their sending us several great photos! amazing generosity and sheer determination.8 | BRACE call the BRACE appeal office on 0117 340 4831 Spring 2012 | 9
  6. 6. Q: Are treatments currently under investigation/trial only for Alzheimer’s disease, or Q: Some foods are thought to be beneficial for the brain. What is the latest advice? is there anything that might help A: Seth Love is Professor of with other forms of dementia? A balanced diet, avoiding excessive intake of unhealthy fats (e.g. A:Neuropathology associated with butter, palm oil, whole at Bristol Very little research is being milk, red meat) and including oily fish and undertaken into the prevention there is University of dementia in patients with Lewy body monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (e.g. in olive oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil) considerable and scientific disease but recent years have seen rapid is good not only for your heart and blood evidence adviser to progress in our understanding of some vessels but also your brain. that people of the molecular abnormalities that asBRACE. Here he who have responsible for this group of conditions and Although there is considerable evidence answers some the testing of experimental therapies in a so-called that people who have a so-calledof the questions models of this disease. It is likely that some Mediterranean diet are at reduced risk of Mediterranean you have been asking us. Research news and views of these will be translated into treatments that can be trialled in human patients but it will probably take several years to reach developing dementia, it remains unclear precisely what elements of the diet are critical in this respect, and whether other diet are at reduced risk of developing Q: that stage and it is too early to say whether aspects of lifestyle associated with this dementia Our research What are the most In the past, the use of enzymes to break they will be effective in preventing the diet may also play a part. There is some down amyloid β in Alzheimer’s disease development of dementia. In Bristol, a is directed encouraging areas of trial of GDNF infusion (by CED) for severe evidence from the US that a medical food has been prevented by the difficulty of called caprylidene may be of benefit at improving research at the moment? effectively and selectively delivering the Parkinsons disease will commence in the in Alzheimers disease but this needs to blood flow next few months. The trial will be led by Dr A: treatment into the brain. be confirmed. through Alan Whone and Professor Steve Gill. I have to confess bias in answering the brain in this question, reflecting the emphasis We have been working with Professor Steve We are also hoping soon to measure the Q: dementia… Gill, Head of the Functional Neurosurgery of our work in the Dementia Research We have Research Group in Bristol, to explore the extent of blood flow abnormalities in Group. Despite promising data from animal possibility of a novel technique called Parkinsons disease, their contribution to Is it true that, in later identified studies by other groups, clinical trials of life, learning a language convection-enhanced delivery (CED) to the development of dementia and the several, drugs that interfere with the production of already- amyloid β have so far been disappointing, deliver this treatment. CED relies on relies reasons why blood flow through parts of the or doing crosswords can the use of ultrafine infusion catheters to brain is reduced in many patients. licensed drugs as have attempts to remove amyloid β help protect the brain from deliver chemicals along a pressure gradient with the by immunisation. rather than a concentration gradient, and Treatment of vascular dementia is largely cognitive decline? potential to directed at dealing with the underlying A: Our research is directed at improving enables a high concentration of the infused reverse the chemical to be delivered uniformly through disease such as hypertension, elevated blood flow through the brain in dementia, There is good evidence that people abnormal a large volume of brain tissue. cholesterol and diabetes, and in preventing and in using enzymes to break down the who have spent longer in education Rapid advances blockage of small blood vessels by reducing constriction amyloid β in the brain. We believe that are at lower risk of developing dementia, The technique has been successfully used to the stickiness of platelets. There are are being and are these approaches have a strong likelihood and some evidence that regular physical treat severe Parkinson’s disease by infusion studies in progress of drugs that cause made into our currently of clinical benefit and, in particular, that the relaxation of muscle cells in the and mental activity may be protective. drugs with the potential to improve blood of a chemical known as GDNF. Initial studies understanding seeking involving CED of an enzyme that breaks down walls of blood vessels (e.g. nicardipine); flow are ready to be tested in patients. At present we do not know for certain of the funding to test amyloid β have been very promising and over some of these studies have yielded whether such activities slow the progression biological basis these drugs in the next few years we are hoping to obtain encouraging results. Reduced blood flow through the brain is an of disease in patients who already have of some of the clinical trials. early abnormality in Alzheimers disease, enough preclinical data to justify trialling AD but common sense would suggest that Rapid advances are being made into our rarer types of contributing to clinical deterioration and this approach in patients with AD. regular physical and mental activity is understanding of the biological basis of dementia probably to disease progression. Some likely to improve the quality of life and the Other encouraging new areas of research some of the rarer types of dementia that of the reduction is caused by structural morale of patients with early disease. in Alzheimer’s disease include therapies predominantly affect the frontal and changes to the blood vessels but a large directed at removal of the neurofibrillary temporal lobes in the brain. These advances part of the reduction results from abnormal tangles that form in nerve cells, the use in understanding will certainly lead to the constriction of the vessels. We have of insulin administered into the nose (to development and testing of novel treatment identified several, already-licensed drugs improve the utilisation of glucose and correct strategies for these particular diseases with the potential to reverse the abnormal other metabolic abnormalities in the brain), within the next few years. constriction and are currently seeking and the use of drugs other than enzymes to funding to test these drugs in clinical trials. increase the breakdown of amyloid β.10 | BRACE call the BRACE appeal office on 0117 340 4831 Spring 2012 | 11
  7. 7. 25th Anniversary Anniversary Coffee Morning events Thursday Volunteers have organised some special events to mark 24th May 2012 our anniversary. A list of all events (as known at time of 10am - 12 noon publication) can be found on 11.00 am ‘Tobacco to Strawberries’ page 2, and a full list is kept A short talk on the history of the updated on our website. Wills Family and St Monica Trust These include regular by Shelley Bailey, favourites such as the Golf Operations Manager, St Monica Trust Day and Autumn Fair. Q: Q: Tombola, One of the special Progress is being made Different figures are quoted Home-made Cakes, anniversary events will towards earlier and more publicly for the incidence of Books, Plants, Cards, happen as we go to print. Fabric Haberdashery This is the Three Men’s accurate diagnosis. Will this dementia. What is the risk level Company concert on 24 enable clinicians to do more to for different age groups, and Main Hall, St Monica’s, March. The celebratory Westbury Road, Westbury-on-Trym, help people with dementia? does this include people who are Bristol BS9 3TN events still to come are the Anniversary Coffee developing the disease but are A: Morning on 24 May and It seems likely that the earlier not yet showing symptoms? Tickets £5.00 ‘A Night to Remember!’ we can intervene (e.g. to reduce Please apply to the BRACE Appeal Office for tickets. on 23 September. Details A: accumulation of amyloid β or improved Postal applications should be marked ‘Coffee Morning’. of both events are given In answering this, I would emphasise An SAE (11cm x 22cm) would be appreciated. blood flow through the brain) the greater on this page. that figures are sometimes given for the chance of benefit. the incidence of dementia and sometimes for its prevalence. It is important to be clear BRACE proudly presentsMany New imaging studies indicate that peopleinvestigatorsbelieve that start to accumulate amyloid β many years, even decades, before they develop exactly what is meant by incidence and prevalence. A NIGHT TO REMEMBER! dementia. This is thought to initiate a starringdisease- The term incidence describes the number ofmodifying cascade of secondary changes that damage nerve cells and eventually cause people who are diagnosed for the first time The Opera Dudestherapies are each year. According to a recent US study Sophistication Style and Swing! clinical disease. and combined data from several Europeanmuch more studies, the incidence of dementia rises with The Jimmy The Lip Allstar Bandlikely to be Part of the problem with therapies designed from under 0.5% per year for people in theireffectiveif they are to prevent dementia by interfering with the initial stages in this cascade is that 60s, to 1-2% of those in their 70s, over 4% of Sunday 23rd September 2012 we may be too late in applying them. those in their 80s, and over 8% of those in 6.30pm Sparkling Receptionstarted before their 90s. Many investigators believe that disease- 7.30pm Showsymptoms modifying therapies are much more likelydevelop. to be effective if they are started before The term prevalence covers all people Tobacco Factory Theatre, who have the disease, whether they have Raleigh Road, Southville, Bristol BS3 1TF symptoms develop. been diagnosed only in the past year or Free parking at Aldi from 6.00pm Early, accurate diagnosis also helps patients have had the disease for several years. The Dress: smart and sparkling! and carers to develop more effective coping prevalence of dementia rises from about strategies and gives patients, in particular, 0.5-1.5% of people in their 60s, to 4-5% of Tickets £25 more control over the planning of their lives. people in their 70s, 12-20% of those in their available from 80s and 25-30% of those in their 90s. Before 1st July 2012 These figures relate to people who have BRACE Appeal Office Tel 0117 340 4831 actually developed dementia, not those who From 1st July 2012 will in time develop the disease but are not Tobacco Factory Theatre Box Office yet showing symptoms. Tel 0117 902 0344 www.tobaccofactory.com12 | BRACE call the BRACE appeal office on 0117 340 4831 Spring 2012 | 13
  8. 8. BRACE Annual Autumn Fair 2012 Meeting 2012 Newman Hall, Grange Court Road, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol. Monday 14th May 2012 Saturday 6th October 2012 Doors open 7pm, from 10am to 12.30pm. main meeting starts at 7.30pm Always a cheerful and well-attended event, with a wide range of stalls and refreshments. The Grange Hotel (Mercure Bristol North, formerly the Ramada Bristol North), We are pleased to announce that Old Gloucester Road, Northwoods, Stephanie Cole is to be our special guest at this year’s fair. near Winterbourne. This is close to Bradley Stoke and has ample free Stephanie, a car parking. The hotel is a 19th century manor patron and strong house set in landscaped gardens in countryside supporter of BRACE, just outside the Bristol urban area. is a well-known Directions are available from the hotel website stage and television or the BRACE Appeal Office. actress. She is currently appearing This is not an AGM, but a presentation of in Coronation Street but is also familiar the charity’s work, and all our supporters to many for her are welcome. Please let us know in advance roles in programmes if you would like to attend, to help us such as Doc Martin with our planning. and Tenko.Lord Mayors helping BRACE BRACE donation and contact form Return to BRACE Appeal Office, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol BS16 1LEBristol has had a mayor since 1216 but it was only in 1899 that You can donate by credit or debit card online – www.alzheimers-brace.orgQueen Victoria granted a Lord Mayoralty to Bristol. There areonly 23 Lord Mayors in England at the present time and of these lease find enclosed a donation of £____ to BRACE. P Thank you for your donation. If you are a UK taxpayer Gift Aid declaration – for past, present andonly London, Bristol and York are styled ‘The Right Honourable’. please complete the Gift Aid Declaration and BRACE future donations to BRACE can recover the tax at no extra cost to you. Please treat as Gift Aid donations all qualifying giftsThe Lord Mayor of Bristol is one of During their term in office, which A number of Linda’s helpers,BRACE’s patrons in an ex-officio ends in May this year, both Geoff together with a representative Please contact me: I’d like to know more about: of money made today in the past 4 yearscapacity and since BRACE started and Bernice have attended a from BRACE, Lynda Checkley, were in the future. Please tick all boxes you wish to apply. “Adopting” BRACE at work/school/other I confirm I have paid or will pay an amount of Income Tax and/orup nearly 25 years ago the many number of our events. Notably our also invited to the Mansion House Volunteering to help with collections or events Capital Gains Tax for each tax year (6 April to 5 April) that is at leastLord Mayors have been great, and annual Carol Service at St Mary for afternoon tea with the Lady Taking part in a sponsored event equal to the amount of tax that charities will reclaim on my giftsmuch appreciated, supporters of Redcliffe Church and Linda Alvis’s Mayoress which the Lord Mayor for that tax year. I understand the charity will reclaim 25p of tax onour charity. None more so than the annual Christmas Bazaar which was also attended. It was a wonderful, Please add me to your newsletter mailing list every £1 that I give.current Lord Mayor, Geoff Gollop opened by the Lord Mayor. informal afternoon and our thanks SIGNATURE Date Full nameand his wife Bernice, The Lady to the Lord Mayor and Lady Please notify BRACE if you: • Want to cancel this declarationMayoress. The Lord Major said Linda has been a supporter of Mayoress for their hospitality. • Change your name or home address • No longer pay sufficient tax on Address your income and/or capital gains.Both my parents suffered from BRACE for a number of years and,Alzheimer’s so I know, first hand, since BRACE have been involved We look forward to a long If you pay Income Tax at the higher or additional rate and want to receive the additional tax relief due to you, you must include allhow it affects both the sufferers with her Christmas bazaar, has relationship with future Lord Mayors your Gift Aid donations on your Self Assessment tax return or ask HMand the family. I am therefore helped us raise over £2500. Linda and thank Geoff and Bernice for Post Code Revenue and Customs to adjust your tax code.pleased to support BRACE and said, “it was a great honour to have all their support during their term If you would like us to contact you, please supply:all it is doing to fund research the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress in office. We will keep a record of your donation/enquiry but will not contact you unless you have agreed that we can.into this disease. open the event and it was nice that daytime tel no they were able to stay and meet a Please tick this box if you would like to receive a lot of the helpers and supporters.” and/or email written acknowledgement:14 | BRACE call the BRACE appeal office on 0117 340 4831 Spring 2012 | 15
  9. 9. Silver Service campaign Photo– a great start fundraiserLast autumn we announcedthat we were launching our“Silver Service” campaign.This is a special 25thanniversary fundraising Yate photographer Matt Harrisdrive aimed at raising the (Olympia Photography) is raisingsymbolic sum of £25,000. funds as part of our Silver Service campaign.In brief, it is an invitation to groups He is offering to take familyand organisations of all sorts to photos on 12th 13th May andadopt a fundraising target of £500 donate the money to BRACE.between now and the end of 2012. There are sessions for up toThe list of those who have already 10 families (3 or more people) atsigned up shows the wide range of £50 pounds a time. A free 12x8those who could help. Businesses, photo is included. schools, churches, social clubs,sports clubs… You can contact Matt on 07557 411681 or via his web siteOne of the supporting businesses is Cleaning Solutions, a familybusiness in Bristol that sells janitorial Paul Dickinson after completing his runproducts. Its Sales MarketingCoordinator, Rachel Connor, says, Annual BRACE“We are extremely proud to besupporting BRACE in their Silver Golf Day 2012Service campaign. We supply a Stableford Bowmakernumber of care and nursing homeswhich provide care for those with competition for teams of fourdementia and Alzheimer’s diseaseso it is a subject that is important 22 May 2012to us.” Henbury Golf Club, BristolThe first fundraising event of the BRACE is a member of BNI Bristol Grace,year was organised by Tom Lakos of a group of businesses which has given usProTom Fitness – see News in Brief on great help starting the Silver Service. From left: Richard Manning (Be Streetspage 7 for the full story. Ahead estate agents, visiting), Mark Poarch (BRACE), David Jones (MarkA week later, Paul Dickinson of Richard Insurance Brokers), Paul DickinsonDickinson Business Finance started (Dickinson Business Finance), Rachelhis fundraising by taking part in the Connor (Avanti) and Nick Crocker (TheWeston Tough Ten, a sponsored ten Carpet Cleaner, Chapter Director). Photograph © Marko Dutka.mile run in February. Entry £200 per team,Other participants in the campaign There isn’t room for the growing list of supporters here, including green feesinclude churches in Clevedon andSouth Gloucestershire, a firm of but you can find them on a special and evening mealsolicitors, a chain of insurance tab on our Facebook page. We shall include news and photos Contact the BRACE Appealbrokers and GWS Media, the of some fundraising events in the Office on 0117 340 4831 forcompany that designs the BRACE next newsletter. more informationwebsite.16 | BRACE