Three IT Kingdoms


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Three IT King

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Three IT Kingdoms

  1. 1. Isriya Paireepairit (@markpeak)First present at BarCamp Songkhla 2 - 15 Jan 2011Updated for KU Class – 15 March 2012Slide text & content is licensed by CC-BY. Some images are belonged to copyright holders
  2. 2. A Brief History of ChinaChina was firstly unified at QinDynastyQin Dynasty has only two emperorsQin Dynasty was succeed by HanDynastyHan Dynasty lasted around 400 yearsWhen Han Dynasty was in decline,China is divided into threestates/kingdomThree Kingdoms era lasted for 80yearsNo one won, Jin Dynasty swallowed itall
  3. 3. Han Dynasty
  4. 4. The Fall of Han EmpireWeak royal court uprising(Yellow Turban Rebellion)Emperor called for helpfrom outside armyGeneral Dong Zhuo (ตัง ๋โต๊ะ) seized the capitalEmperor called for helpfrom other warlordsDong Zhuo was killedBut now every warlordswant to be king too!
  5. 5. The Formation of Three Kingdoms many smallkingdoms, only 3kingdoms surviveThe balance of powerlasted for 80 yearsNo one won at lastSima Yi, from Sima Clan,rose from Wei Kingdomsand became the finalwinnerSima Clan became JinDynasty
  6. 6. วุยก๊ก (Wei)From the northLead by Coa Coa (โจโฉ) from Coa ClanIt swallowed former Han EmpireBiggest among Three Kingdoms
  7. 7. ง่อก๊ก (Wu)From the Southeast, next to the oceanFar from Han capitalLed by “Sun” FamilyFather: Sun Jian (ซุนเกี๋ยน)First Son: Sun Ce (ซุนเซ็ก)Second Son: Sun Quan (ซุนกวน)High profile general: Zhou Yu (จิวยี่)
  8. 8. จ๊กก๊ก (Shu)Newly formed kingdom in the westLed by Liu Bei "เล่าปี" ่ Guan Yu "กวนอู" Zhang Fei "เตียวหุย"Strategist Zhuge Liang "ขงเบ้ง"Alliance with Wu against WeiBattle at Red Cliff (Movie)After that Shu broke up with Wu >Three Powers
  9. 9. ราชวงศ์จิ้น (Jin Dynasty)After 80 years of war, all threekingdoms weakenSima Clan, who served CaoClan, swallowed it from insideJin Dynasty established andlasted for 200 years
  10. 10. Lets Get Back into IT Things
  11. 11. PC Empire 1980s-2000s
  12. 12. PC Empire (1)Personal Computer was invented by Apple in 1977 (Apple II)But “Cheap PC for the Mass” was invented by IBM in 1981 (IBM PC)IBM PC runs Microsoft OS (DOS)IBM PC can do everything Apple Macintosh does, far cheaperApple was out for this game
  13. 13. PC Empire (2)Cheaper IBM-cloned PC (Compaq) drove the cost downCompaq, HP, Acer, Lenovo joinedWintel Strategy Intel Processor Microsoft Software Various ManufacturersWindows & Office Era
  14. 14. The Emperor Has Now Moved On
  15. 15. Microsoft 2.0Microsoft is still the King of PCBut the sky is not limited to only PCComputer is not just PC anymore Internet Gadget Cloud Devices
  16. 16. The Return of “Wu”Apple lost PC War in 1980sIt has own niche market, same as WuKingdom next to the seaThe return of New Steve Jobs with iPod, MacOS X, iPhone, iPadWhen the Han Empire declines, Wu expandsits territory again
  17. 17.
  18. 18. The Formation of Shu Kingdom In the real history Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei sworn to be brothers at the Peace Garden (คำาสาบานที่ สวนท้อ) In our history Google is run by Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt “Troika” (Three-member committee)
  19. 19. “Wu & Shu” Against “Wei” vs
  20. 20. Battle of Red Cliff (209AD)
  21. 21. Battle of Red Cliff (2007AD)
  22. 22. But... Image Credit: Daniel Adel from New York Times
  23. 23. So...
  24. 24. The Balance of the ForcesDesktop OSMobileTabletApp StoreBrowserE-mailOfficeAdvertisingMapsSearchMusicE-bookSocial NetworkDevelopment Platform & Tools
  25. 25. Desktop OS Microsoft Apple Google Windows Mac OS X Chrome OS?Windows still leadsbut Mac OS X is gaining momentum as wellChrome OS is niche-market OS
  26. 26. Mobile OS Microsoft Apple Google Windows Phone iOS AndroidTotally different strategy iOS = Apple only Android = Google with many partners (Microsoft PC tactic) Windows Phone = Microsoft + NokiaWindows Phone has 3-4% share for now but Microsoft can play a long game
  27. 27. Hardware Microsoft Apple Google PC = Partners Macintosh PC = Few Partners Mobile = Nokia iPhone, iPad Mobile = Partners Nexus Motorola?Apples vertical integration proved it works very well!Can Microsoft+Nokia and Google+Motorola compete?
  28. 28. Web Browser Microsoft Apple Google IE Safari ChromeAlso Firefox & OperaBrowser is A Gateway to InternetControlling browser, controlling internet = Microsoft IE strategyShould Facebook own a browser too?
  29. 29. Online Services Microsoft Apple Google Windows Live & iCloud? Google Everything BingMicrosoft is closed to FacebookNow Apple is allied with Twitter & Wolfram AlphaGoogle own everythingApple is lacking in this area Should Apple starts its own Search, Mail & Maps?
  30. 30. Development Platform Microsoft Apple Google Java/Python/CLanguage C#/VB Objective-C Go/DartPlatform .NET Cocoa Web, Android IDE Visual Studio Xcode Eclipse Cloud Azure - App Engine
  31. 31. QuestionWho is “Sima Yi”?
  32. 32.
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