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SEMTECH ECOSTAR              Mobile Test BenchSystem Features and Benefits1065 Compliant: The SEMTECH ECOSTAR systemmeets ...
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5th generation Portable Emissions Measuring System from Sensors Europe

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Ecostar Brochure

  1. 1. Emissions Measurement Solutions SEMTECH ECOSTAR ® Mobile Test Bench (FULLY 1065 COMPLIANT)Building on over forty years of experience in gas and exhaust flow measurement andas the world’s pre-eminent PEMS equipment supplier, Sensors has developed theall new SEMTECH ECOSTAR product line. This rugged, compact and portable suiteof gaseous and particulate measurement devices meets world-wide laboratorygrade performance requirements, enabling its use in both test cell and on-vehicleapplications.The SEMTECH ECOSTAR product suite comprises a range of individual, self-containedmodules, each with a specific functionality, which may be operated as stand-aloneanalytical devices or as part of a fully integrated measurement package. Eachmodule has been designed to maintain its high-grade analytical performance whileoperating under extreme testing environments with minimal space, weight andenergy requirements. This powerful design approach offers optimum flexibility,performance and ease of use in multiple real-world applications and under harshtesting conditions. Whether used in the test-cell or in the field, SEMTECH ECOSTAR,the fourth generation PEMS system from Sensors, represents today’s best availablecommercial technology.
  2. 2. SEMTECH ECOSTAR Mobile Test BenchSystem Features and Benefits1065 Compliant: The SEMTECH ECOSTAR systemmeets US EPA’s CFR40 part 1065 compliancerequirements for in-use and test cell applications.Modular Design: Each unit works as a stand-alonedevice, with the ability to be integrated with any orall of the other modules to meet unique emissionstesting requirements. Plug-and-play capabilitiesensure that each additional module is automatically Graphical Touch Screen Displayrecognized on connection.Weatherproof Construction: All modules canbe used in off-road applications and other harshenvironments. All components meet IP54 (NEMA 3)standards.Graphical Touch Screen Display: Each module has afull color, graphic touch screen for the display of livedata, and enabling system setup and basic functions,such as zero and span.Dual Sample Lines: A heated line is dedicated to theSEMTECH-FID, ensuring that the sample is maintainedat the required temperature prior to THC analysis. A Design Featuresseparate line carries the sample for NO, NO2, CO, CO2and O2 measurement.Rugged, Standard Connectors: All power and Remote Dilutionauxiliary connectors are rugged Deutsch connectors, When measuring exhaust particulate mass directly,while all pneumatics use a standard Swagelok™ the full flow of exhaust must be maintained atbulkhead connector. the exhaust temperature, and the exhaust sampleCable Management: Brackets on the rear of each may only be transported a limited distance prior tomodule provide a channel for cables, ensuring that dilution for measurement. To mitigate the installationconnectors remain protected. Strain relief brackets difficulties that this requirement imposes, theare included for the pneumatic harness. Both remote diluter can be mounted at the exhaustbrackets are easily removable if required. outlet and the diluted sample can then be directed to the Micro-Proportional Sample system and theEMI Protection: Each module is built with EMI Particulate Mass Filter system for analysis.gaskets, filters, and connector caps.Power: Each module contains a relay switch anddiode protection. The power supply can be either110 VAC, 220 VAC or 12 VDC. Each module hasvoltage and current monitoring capabilities.Locking Handles: As modules are stacked on top ofeach other; the side handles lock together to keepthem secure. Remote Diluter
  3. 3. SEMTECH ECOSTAR Mobile Test Bench Accessories The following accessories are also available with the SEMTECH ECOSTAR system: Global Positioning System: Emissions data can be overlayed with route and elevation information. A dead reckoning GPS interface is supported. Weather Probe: Accurate humidity data is provided with a plug-and-play weather probe. Vehicle Interface: Interface with any of a wide variety of protocols, including SAE-J1708, SAE-J1939, SAE-J1587, and OBDII. Vibration Isolation: SEMTECH ECOSTAR product is equipped with a shock mount plate to complement the vibration damping technology incorporated into each module. GPS, Weather Probe, Vehicle Interface, Vibration Plate The entire SEMTECH ECOSTAR system easily fits in a subcompact car. Communications Host software is available for all SEMTECH ECOSTAR modules, though it is not required forUser Support system operation. Communications to the host computer and software application are availableAs with all SEMTECH products, the SEMTECH via Ethernet, RS232, and USB. Each moduleECOSTAR modules come with a wide range of contains a compact flash card, four DACs and twocustomer support, including WebEx and a customer analog inputs.portal with tips, forums and more.
  4. 4. SEMTECH ECOSTAR Mobile Test Bench SEMTECH ECOSTAR ® Complete System Configuration SEMTECH Unit Primary Function(s) Weight (kg) Compliance PDM - Power Distribution Module* Supplies the SEMTECH ECOSTAR 19 IP54 modules with battery power. CE Flow Tube / Heated Filter Measures exhaust flow and provides ** sample conditioning. FEM - Fuel Economy Meter Measures CO, CO2, HC and, with EFM, 10 - CO/CO2: Non-dispersive infrared calculates fuel economy. Optionally US EPA CFR40 - O2: Paramagnetic measures O2. part 1065 NOx: Non-dispersive ultraviolet Measures NO and NO2. 13 IP54 CE FID - Flame Ionization Detector Measures THC. 12 ISO 1461 MPS - Micro- Proportional Sample System Dilutes exhaust sample proportionally 19 (with EFM) or fixed. PMF - Particulate Mass Filter System Measures particulate mass. 21* Option availability subject to transportation requirements.** Weight dependent on exhaust tube size. NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without notice. While due caution has been exercised in the production of this document, possible errors and omissions can occur. R 03/11 Sensors, Inc. • 6812 State Rd. • Saline, Michigan 48176 • PH:(734) 429-2100 • FX:(734) 429-4080 • www.sensors-inc.com Sensors Europe GmbH • Feldheider Str. 60 • 40699 Erkrath • Germany • PH: +49 (0) 2104-14188-0 • FX: +49 (0) 2104-14188-14