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This presentation is aimed at highlighting what is possible in the Nigerian digital space, and how business can harness them to achieve their marketing objectives

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Markova proposal

  2. 2. Who we areMarkova Creative is a digital marketing agency, specializing in internetMarketing and Strategy development, Social Media campaigns, Onlinemedia sales, Mobile marketing and Web development and analyticsservices.
  3. 3. Services Brand Identity Website Design Development Social Media Strategy Digital Media Development Search Engine Social Media Page Optimization Management
  4. 4. Marketing Objectives Why You Need Digital Marketing• To build an online following of people interested, or even passionate about your brand or business.• To generate a substantial amount of sales leads and traffic.• To facilitate customer service and support with your customers.• To provide a feedback platform for two way communication with your customers.• To generate online word of mouth buzz about your business.• To generate a substantial flow of traffic to your website, educating people about your business.• To protect your online reputation, being in control of what is being said about your business.
  5. 5. Unique Advantages Of Digital Media RELEVANCE ( Targeting) ROI (Cost/benefit REACH ratio) ANALYTICS (Knowing your customers)
  6. 6. Why Advertise Online? RELEVANCE ( Targeting) With over 43 million Nigerians online, Nigeria is the largest country by the number of internet users and the 10th Nigerian Internet Population 2010 largest in the world.
  7. 7. Targeting Options• Age• Sex• Education level• Marital status• Location• Interests• Device type (desktop/mobile)• Mobile Network provider• Online browsing history
  8. 8. Analytics Advertising Campaign Analytics Interaction Campaign Analytics• Number of Impressions Demographics of target group:• Number of Clicks • Age range• Number of conversions • Device type• Total & average click-through rates • Location• Ad creative performance (total/individual) • Education Level• Specified daily budget • Marital status• Specified Cost per click/Cost per • Virality of your media content thousand impressions,• Incoming traffic by device type• Incoming traffic by Location Learn about the habits, demographics and interests of people interested in your business.
  9. 9. Digital Media Strategy Development Google Search Google Display Email Facebook Advertising Advertising Advertising AdvertisingBut running a campaignwithout a strategy is arecipe for disaster!We will help you craft a BRAND WEBSITEviable strategy , takinginto account your target Facebook Pageaudience, objectives,budget, amongst others.
  10. 10. Website Design & Development Millions of successful businesses build jaw dropping websites.
  11. 11. Advertising Platforms Google Search Advertising Google Display Advertising Mobile Display Advertising Youtube Advertising Yahoo Advertising Platforms Linkedin Advertising Etisalat Easy Adz Email Marketing Facebook Advertising Direct-buy Advertising
  12. 12. Google Search Place your ad here Place your advertising in the eyes of consumers when they are searching for keywords related to your business with Google search advertising.
  13. 13. Google Display AdvertisingReach consumersconsuming contentrelated to yourservices with Googledisplay advertising.Place your ads on top50 Nigerian websites-Vanguard,Sunnewsonline,Nairaland etc. Place your ad here
  14. 14. Facebook AdvertisingFacebook ads givesadvertisers theadvantage of targetingby age, gender,education level,interests amongstothers. Place your ad here
  15. 15. Facebook Fan Page Design Projects handled with Wildfusion Limited. Engage your customers with your facebook page. Grow an online following, share brand information and promote word of mouth buzz about your brand.
  16. 16. Youtube Video Ads Use YouTube ads to create awareness and drive conversions, using video to convey your communication in an emotive manner
  17. 17. Yahoo Advertising • Third most visited site by Nigerians. • Over 3 million Nigerian mail users generating 300million impressions monthly.
  18. 18. Mobile Advertising • Reach consumers on the go with mobile advertising.#Mobile Subscribers 90,655,000( March 2011)% Internet enabled 25-30%handset usage# Ad 617 MillionImpressions/month(April 2011)
  19. 19. Why Mobile? Top 6 mobile online activities • Social Media • Search • Email • News • Information • Video
  20. 20. Easy Adz- Permission Marketing Repl y1 Repl y2
  21. 21. Campaign Measurement withGoogle Analytics Analytics will enable us: • Evaluate traffic sources by Nigerian cities to website. • Measure time spent on site by users. • Measure and monitor conversions. 21
  22. 22. Engagement Measurementwith Facebook Insights Using Facebook Insights affords us the access to a variety of comprehensive engagement reports in real-time, such as Number of page visits, virality, word of mouth, recommendations amongst many others, enabling decision making easier.
  23. 23. NOW LETS GET YOU STARTEDMichael Nwayemike Markova Creative08125131130