EdMedia 2012: A Reality Check - Taking Authentic e-Learning from design to implementation


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Full paper presentation "A Reality Check
- Taking Authentic e-Learning
from design to implementation" at EdMedia 2012 conference with Hanna Teräs, Jan Herrington.

Teräs, H., Teräs, M. & Herrington, J. (2012). A reality check: Taking authentic e-learning from design to implementation. In Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2012 (pp. 2219-2228). Chesapeake, VA: AACE.
Retrieved from http://www.editlib.org/p/41058

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EdMedia 2012: A Reality Check - Taking Authentic e-Learning from design to implementation

  1. 1. A Reality Check - Taking Authentic e-Learning from design to implementationHanna Teräs | Marko Teräs | Jan Herrington Image: ‘Good-bye, Grand Tetons.
  2. 2. 3 semesters alongside workPostgraduate 25 participants certificate UAE Authentic e-Learning Social Media
  3. 3. Authentic Authentic Access to expert Multiple Collaborative performances perspectives knowledge context tasks construction Authentic e-Learning Authentic assessment Scaffolding Articulation Reflection Images starting from context: vgm8383, Bodum, Destiny’s Agent, Brian Hatchcock, Commons, Minette Layne, Robert Higgins, James F Clay, clairity (Flickr)
  4. 4. 1.Identify successes and d ifficulties 2. Co mpare design w ith o utco mes 3.Find gu idelines for developmentImage: Eleaf
  5. 5. Survey Categorization of answers (9 elements)Successes vs challenges Identifying themes
  6. 6. The chance to immediately Struggling with putting theapply in one’s own work program into a relevant context - different expectations.Recognition of one’s classroomas a learning environment Image: Rain and shine Authentic context
  7. 7. Problem-solving is enjoyable Instructions / purpose of task remained unclear Confusion with technology Group issues Image: LEGO Worker Authentic tasks
  8. 8. Learning from colleaguesAccess to expertise from outside Image: Capoeira Practice on Dili Beach Access to expert performance
  9. 9. Appreciation of diversity Blog commenting was scarce, remained shallow or did not initiateCollegial support and sharing of ideas discussion.Having an authentic audience is Group dynamicsenjoyable and improves one’s work Image: Assortment of theatre masks Multiple perspectives
  10. 10. Collaboration is very rewarding when Time constraints and not adhering tothe team is functional. schedule cause frustration. Communication difficulties, groupUsing social technologies supported dynamics and conflict.collaboration. The formation of learning community Image: P1000283 Collaborative knowledge construction
  11. 11. Using blogs for reflection enhanced Lack of discussion discouragedlearning (improved awareness of blogging.one’s learning process, enrichedreadings, encouraged critical thinking) Image: Make up your mind! Reflection
  12. 12. Articulatingone’s growingunderstandingbrought depthto learning. Lack of articulation caused misunderstanding or conflict. Image: Blå Articulation
  13. 13. Sufficient and timely scaffolding. Scaffolding was provided but it was insufficient.Positive and supportive attitude. Scaffolding was not available when needed. Image: Coach Scaffolding and coaching
  14. 14. Assessment criteria remained unclear Collaborative process was assessedAuthentic assessment
  15. 15. Discussion &Conclusions
  16. 16. Discussion & Conclusions RewardingEasiness Discomfort Image: Balancing Act
  17. 17. Structured Complex Image: life is just one big balancing act Discussion & Conclusions
  18. 18. AbandoningSuffocation Image: Finding balance Discussion & Conclusions
  19. 19. Thank you!Hanna Teräshanna.teras@tamk.fiMarko Teräsmarko.teras@tamk.fiJan Herrintonj.herrington@murdoch.edu.au