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Important in estonia
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Important in estonia


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Important things that one should know about Estonia.

Important things that one should know about Estonia.

Published in: Travel

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  • 1. 1. What is the all time win-lose balance of Estonian national soccer team with Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, UK, Thailand, South-Korea Estonia has won more (positive) Estonia has lost more (negative) Equal Have not played
  • 2. jalka
  • 3. 2. What Estonians can do with their ID-card? Name as many things as possible.
  • 4. Personal ID-card can be used for: Public transport ticket Parlament elections Log into internet bank and do payments Establishing own business in 15 minutes
  • 5. 3. Which of the following is invented by Estonians? Foursquare (location based social media platform) Skype (free internet phone) eBay (online auction site) Fortumo (easy mobile payment tool)
  • 6. 4. What kind of „activity“ (movement) is one of Estonian main „export articles“?More than 60 countries practice that unique thing, first done by Estonians in 2008.
  • 7. Teeme ära
  • 8. 5. What do Estonians do in sauna? drink beer jump into ice-cold water or snow beat with a bunch of birch (whising) cover bodies with honey sing national songs talk about politics any other – name yourself!
  • 9. 6. What colour is our bread?
  • 10. 7. What is the main ingredient of one traditional Estonian Christmas meal?The name of the meal also includes the name of the ingredient and foreigners are usually scared to eat that after getting to know it.
  • 11. verivorst
  • 12. 8. What is this place used for?
  • 13. Päris laulupidu
  • 14. 9. What event took place simultaneously in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on August 23rd, 1989?
  • 15. 10. How is the period / revolution of Estonia gaining re-independence also called?
  • 16. 11. How many islands do we have in Estonia?
  • 17. 2000 saart
  • 18. 12. But how many seasons?
  • 19. In spring some people enjoy the 5th season
  • 20. 13. And what % of total territory of Estonia is covered with forests?
  • 21. 14. Also, how many counties and towns dowe have officially? How many inhabitants arethere in the largest and in the smallest town?
  • 22. 15. Why June 23rd is important and favourite day for Estonians?
  • 23. 16. What kind of weather phenomenonthreatened to cancel the main mass sports event in Estonia in 2011? Which event was that?
  • 24. Tartu maraton
  • 25. Walking ON water is no problem for us
  • 26. 17. In which sports are Estonians one of the best ones in the world? sumo wrestling kiiking (swinging) discuss throw (atheltics) cross country skiing women carrying
  • 27. One of the most famous non-Japanesesumo wrestler is Estonian
  • 28. Our „national“ sports are strange
  • 29. 18. Why are these guys famous?
  • 30. Eurovisioon 2001
  • 31. 19. Who or what is Lotte?
  • 32. lotte
  • 33. 20. What do have Estonian national hero and largest chocolate company in common?
  • 34. Kalev ja kalevipoeg
  • 35. 22. Which title our capital Tallinn helds during year of 2011?
  • 36. kultuuripealinn
  • 37. 23. What do our flag colours mean?
  • 38. Blue is for the skyBlack is for the earth White is for purity
  • 39. 24. Estonian humour is mostly? American-like British-like black sarcastic childish not funny
  • 40. Our humour is sarcastic –please, don`t take it too seriously
  • 41. 25. Name as many famous Estonians as you can!
  • 42. Kuulsaid eestlasi