Brand Websites Must Die!
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Brand Websites Must Die!

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Designers, clients, & UX folks alike need to STOP treating 'brand websites' as such and instead learn about the basic online business models to improve design, the experience, & show ROI EVEN IF......

Designers, clients, & UX folks alike need to STOP treating 'brand websites' as such and instead learn about the basic online business models to improve design, the experience, & show ROI EVEN IF YOU DON'T SELL ANYTHING!!!!

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  • 1. Brand Websites Must Die! Understanding Online Business Models for Greater ROI & Design Excerpt: NYC UPA Keynote Designing Outcomes: Feb 2009 First in a series of short education presentations Marko Hurst
  • 2. Me Book: Search Analytics - Conversations With Your Customers • Anticipated release: December 2009 • Book website: • Co-Author: Lou Rosenfeld Consultant, Author, & Speaker • User Experience • Web Analytics • Behavioral Targeting: (Machine Learning & Neuroscience) Blog: “Insightful Analytics” Twitter: MarkoHurst Contact: Marko Hurst
  • 3. Business Models & Goals • Marko Hurst
  • 4. Online Business Models eCommerce • Buy now • Reoccurring 2. Content • Advertising • Subscription 1. Lead Gen • Data Collection • Branding 1. Support/Customer Care NOTE: • Each business model comes with it’s own inherent KPIs. For me details see Eric Peterson’s “Big Book of KPIs” •Most sites fall into at least 2 models •Once you determine your business models all decisions are then vetted against it/them Marko Hurst
  • 5. Establish Goals Provide clearly defined AND quantifiable objectives 2. Establish a baseline – Where are we now? 3. Set a goal – Where do we want to be? 4. Optimization – How will we get there? “ re s c to e s tis c n b 7% a ro sUS m rke in thene 12m nthsviac to e Inc a e us m r a fa tio y c s a t xt o us m r s p rt” Goal / + Quantifiable up o + “Make my bonus” “ le n s p d s n” C a im le e ig + Goal / - Quantifiable - Goal / - Quantifiable “Capture 100K visitor emails via online coupons over 3 months on our “XYZ” microsite for our CRM program” + Goal / + Quantifiable * Remember the 3 part process Marko Hurst
  • 6. Lead Gen: Trial/Sampling Marko Hurst
  • 7. Attention “Brands” If your goals include… • Awareness, consideration, preference, purchase, repurchase/retention, etc. If your already or you want to collect, provide, or perform… • PII (personally identifiable info): email, names, age, etc • Samples • Coupons • Loyalty • CRM thinking of your site as just a ‘brand website’! * You are simply losing opportunities, visitors, & customers to your competition Marko Hurst
  • 8. Lead Generation: Trial Example Step 1 Step 3 Step 2 Step 4 (G1) * If you think of this as a “brand” site, you might not care how many samples you gave away, names collected, or potential customers converted. But as a Lead Gen Marko Hurst site, it’s you lifeblood.
  • 9. Lead Generation KPIs 1. Overall conversion 2. Conversion by campaigns 3. Drivers to registration process 4. Step-by-step conversion analysis via the registration process 5. Analysis of registration process dropouts 6. Conversion of leads to actual customers * Measure, Monitor, & Optimize! Marko Hurst
  • 10. Lead Generation: Trial - Scenario Analysis Example * Reporting vs Analysis. Test Scenario Analysis against User Testing. Tie back to wireframes, personas, & segments. Marko Hurst
  • 11. Lead Generation: Trial - Multivariate Testing Why Test? * Sorry to inform all of you traditional & “gut feeling” types, but YOU CANNOT OUTPERFORM optimization techniques. (BTW no one can) Marko Hurst
  • 12. Lead Generation: Trial - Monetization Model * The proof is in the pudding! You can download this file from my website Marko Hurst
  • 13. Thank You! Book: Blog: Contact: Twitter: MarkoHurst Marko Hurst