Selling the idea of mobile to senior executives


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This will help you to develop the right approach show to senior decision makers in your organisation the benefits of mobile working.

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Selling the idea of mobile to senior executives

  1. 1. Selling the idea of mobile to senior executives Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer
  2. 2. Agenda • • • • • The right senior executives The right approach Mobile strategy Mobile experience Mobile benefits
  3. 3. My background • As BT intranet manager, I transformed the intranet into a digital workplace that you could use anywhere, any time, with any device. • Since leaving BT I help other organisations to: – develop strategies – build governance frameworks that cover: • Roles and responsibilities • Standards based on business and mobile users’ needs • Guidance, support, and training • Give a great mobile user experience
  4. 4. Boys with new toys?  Source: iPad-Using Medvedev Offered BlackBerry Tablet
  5. 5. Who are the right senior executives? • You need to identify the senior people who: – Will be affected most – Will be most influential • They may not be the most obvious person • Who do you need to build a relationship with? • Without their ‘buy-in’ your ideas for mobile will go nowhere fast and just stay as ideas
  6. 6. What is the wrong approach? • Without a detailed plan you believe is achievable you will: – Fall at the first hurdle – Show no confidence it will happen – Have little credibility • Senior executives see you as a time-waster
  7. 7. Which Mobile Approach Is Right for You?
  8. 8. The right approach Have a proposal you can discuss with your stakeholders including: – What you are aiming to do – Why you believe in it – What the scope is – What your priorities are – When it will be implemented
  9. 9. “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature
  10. 10. Fear of the unknown Research what other organisations have done: – Successful examples of mobile adoption – Competitors who are ahead of you with mobile – Lessons to learn where mobile hasn’t worked – Prepare what you are going to share – Prepare how you will approach stakeholders
  11. 11. Mobile strategy • Align it with other strategies • Show where, how, when and what will be used • Agree short, medium, and long term priorities • Quick wins, biggest impact, most savings • Resources and funding to deliver it • Clear ownership on who makes the decisions • Review and measure benefits
  12. 12. How will you implement it? • • • • • • Show how your idea will become reality Don’t be too aspirational Inspire people by showing how it can be done Get approval for funding and resources Decide who will lead the project Review progress and measure benefits
  13. 13. Benefits of mobile working
  14. 14. Choice of mobile devices Bazaarvoice Handbook for Mobile Design
  15. 15. Tasks, comments, media WikiMatrix: ThoughtFarmer Features
  16. 16. Tracking IBM sales Mobile collaboration and applications development -
  17. 17. People finder
  18. 18. A great mobile experience • A mobile strategy aligned to business needs • Supported by a governance framework • Help match people’s needs with right mobile device • Research and test changes with mobile users • Get the infrastructure in place • Standards for security, usability and BYOD • Policy for mobile use based on business needs
  19. 19. Great mobile user experience The Ten Commandments of a Great Mobile User Experience -
  20. 20. Benefits of mobile • Show benefits of people using and being more mobile. • Benefits on the bottom line are taken more seriously: – – – – – Reduced office space as you work from different places Increased productivity as you avoid delay using PC in office Reduced travel costs as you share online, on calls, on video More flexibility to balance personal life with work Better customer service, quicker product launch
  21. 21. Thank you Blog: Twitter: @markmorrell Email: