Examples of BT using SharePoint 2010


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See how SharePoint 2010 features are being used on an intranet

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  • These are examples of how BT is using SharePoint 2010. This is still very much a ‘work in progress’ as BT migrates all its existing content from the publishing tools it is using now for accredited and collaborative content.
  • You have a choice of existing and new SharePoint 2010 people finding tools from the index list of the BT global navigation bar at the top of every page on the BT Intranet.
  • This shows MyProfile for me. It has the same features as the current Directory but has flexibility for me to add more information about myself to help people decide more easily if I can help them.
  • By clicking on ‘Browse in organisation chart’ you move from MyProfile to MySite and can see how my role fits within BT and who are my peers, manager, etc………..and see what they look like too!There is a comment box at the top where you can say what you’re thinking if you wish to.
  • The Whereabouts tab enables people can see what I am doing and where I am to help them be able to contact me more easily. This information is automatically downloaded from my Outlook calendar without any extra effort by me.
  • The Overview tab enables people to see what topics I may be able to help them with and my skills which I added but will soon automatically be added from BT’s HR systems. I will still be able to add extra skills if I want to.
  • The MySite content shows to people who have the right permissions any content that I have been publishing in SharePoint 2010. This helps people to find other people who can share their knowledge with me on a shared interest without any extra effort needed by me.
  • BT’s Knowledge Management and Collaboration programme has formal BT Board approval and has published its strategy setting out the priorities and timelines.
  • The Knowledge Management and Collaboration programme has a governance model so the implementation is effective and well managed. One of the key parts is a Steering Board. You can see on this site how the different boards fit together and what they each are responsible for delivering.
  • This is the welcome to SharePoint 2010 page that most first time users thinking of publishing with SP2010 will see. We don’t mention the technology in the title but what it helps people to do.
  • This is a continuation of the ‘Welcome to SP2010’ page content that feedback has shown is very useful. There is a lot of information shown but new users say this is what they need at this stage.
  • This is the registration form people need to complete to apply for a TeamSite for project work or document sharing. It will extend to other types as SharePoint 2010 replaces existing publishing tools and what activity they help people to do.
  • This is the help site for people wishing to publish content in SharePoint 2010. It is an extension of a site for people using existing publishing tools for document storage, content management and social networking.It will be renamed ‘SharePoint Central’ to reflect the wider purpose and content so that it helps anyone using SharePoint 2010 for anything rather than just publishing.
  • Examples of BT using SharePoint 2010

    1. 1. Examples of how BT is using SharePoint 2010<br />Mark Morrell<br />BT<br />