Syria Regional Crisis - Caritas Response


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Syria Regional Crisis - Caritas Response

  1. 1. Syria Regional Crisis September 2013
  2. 2. Quick stats • Over 100,000 killed since March 2011 • Over 2 million refugees • Over 4.25 million displaced internally • Three quarters of all refugees are women and children • Caritas is working with those affected in Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon
  3. 3. Huda’s Story “What can I do?,” asked her son, “We have nothing—absolutely nothing—so I have to go into the town and search for work if I’m going to feed the family.” Huda (74) has difficulty speaking. Her son and daughter-in-law have to assist her with even the most basic tasks and take care of their five children. The family left Syria with no savings, and are squatting in an unfinished construction site. There are no walls or any facilities. There is no toilet, no bathing facilities, and no kitchen in the construction site. Winter temperatures are nearly unbearable for the whole family who has to sleep on cold concrete.
  4. 4. 2011: Start of a Conflict • Arab Spring uprising in March 2011 • Government heavy handed response • Rebel groups fight back
  5. 5. Refugees • Millions have been affected by the crisis • Caritas Network is providing aid in Syria and to families who have fled to neighbouring countries Approximately 6.25 million people are now displaced inside and outside of Syria •2 million have fled Syria •4.25 million displaced within Syria •5000 people flee Syria every day Source: UNHCR - Data as of September 2, 2013 Adapted from The Wall Street Journal
  6. 6. Support from Caritas NZ • Advocacy • Support to Caritas Lebanon
  7. 7. Lebanon Population NZ 4.425 million 4.405 million Land Area Wellington Region 10,452km 8124 km Climate January 5°C -10°C August 18°C - 38°C Religion 59.7% muslim 39% Christian
  8. 8. Refugee Life in Lebanon
  9. 9. Construction sites
  10. 10. Tented camps
  11. 11. Pyschological care
  12. 12. Health provision
  13. 13. Food Distribution
  14. 14. Relief items
  15. 15. How you can help • $52 could buy a family hygiene kit containing soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors and sanitary items • $26 could buy a baby’s hygiene kit containing nappies, cleansing wipes and other essentials. • $64 could pay for a winter blanket, mattresses and bedding.
  16. 16. Contact •Call us (0800 22 10 22) to make a credit card donation (office hours) •Online at •
  17. 17. Prayer for Peace in Syria •God of Compassion, Hear the cries of the people of Syria, Bring healing to those suffering from the violence, Bring comfort to those mourning the dead, Strengthen Syria’s neighbours in their care and welcome for refugees, Convert the hearts of those who have taken up arms, And protect those committed to peace.
  18. 18. • God of Hope, Inspire leaders to choose peace over violence and to seek reconciliation with enemies, Inspire the Church around the world with compassion for the people of Syria, And give us hope for a future of peace built on justice for all. • We ask this through Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace and Light of the World, Amen.
  19. 19.