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Search Engine Marketing

  1. 1. SEM Search Engine MarketingMark Hayward
  2. 2. Why• 76% of B2B buyers and procurement managers use google to find new suppliers (IDM, 2009)• Offers cost effective promotion delivering higher ROI than traditional marketing methods and many digital channels (Mark Hayward)
  3. 3. SEM• Google lead the way – over 80% of all searches in UK• Providing relevant results to the user underpins all of Googles work• Other serach engines have followed Googles approach
  4. 4. SEM• Divided into two platforms• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – The free listings on Google (the main body)• PPC (Pay Per Click) • The sponsored links on the top and right hand side of Google• Over 70% of people click on main listings and of those 80% click on the top three
  5. 5. Some definitions• SERP – search engine results page• Impressions – the number of times and ad is show (not clicked on)• Hits – files being downloaded from server• Visitors – people visiting your site• ROI – return on investment• Keyword or phrase – what customers type in to find you• Conversion – getting a customer to do what you want them to do• CTR - Click through rate – impressions/clicks x 100• Landing page – the page you come to when clicking on a ad
  6. 6. Customer journey• From Search to sale• Consider your customers search habits• General keywords when searching for knowledge/awareness eg “Digital Camera”• Specific search when decided to buy eg “Sony P200 10 megapixels and 5x optical zoom”
  7. 7. The long tail
  8. 8. SEO• Split in to off page and on page factors• Can take longer than PPC to provide good ROI but will be better in the long run
  9. 9. On Page• Internal links using keywords as anchor text• Meta tags – keyword/description/H1/title tags• Bullet points• Bold keywords• Keyword density/frequency• Loading time• Alt tags for images• WC3 validator -
  10. 10. Off Page• Links to your site/page• Ensure anchor text is keyworded• Link quality is key rather than quantity but quantity is ok• Dont pay for links!!!
  11. 11. PPC• You pay per click• You set the price you want based on your budget and the price Google says you will need to bid• You ad position is based on the quality score of the ad x the bid price• Make your QS great so you pay less
  12. 12. Ad rank• QS = relevancy + CTR + landing page quality• Only have to pay the bid of the advertiser below them (like ebay) Company Bid QS Ad rank Position (BidxQS) (BidxQS) A £4 1 4 4 B £3 3 9 2 C £2 6 12 1 D £1 8 8 3
  13. 13. Successes at Malthouse• Increase in website usage by 922%• Quotes for over £90,000 in 5 months• Acquired 7 new customers• Only spent £600
  14. 14. Key to successful SEM• Know what you want• Understand your customers and the customer search journey• Dont go bid crazy• Track and measure
  15. 15. Tools• Googles keyword tool – google it• Traffic Travis -• Yahoo site explorer -
  16. 16. Resources• Internet Marketing podcast• Dave Chaffeys blog• Dave chaffeys newsletter• Mashable feeds/RSS• Googles adwords blog