What Is And Isn´T Journalism

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an old one from 2000

an old one from 2000

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  • 1. What is and isn´t journalism? Highway Africa 2005
  • 2. I asked around
    • Global: Different answer from Irish and Italian and Chinese and South African and a Swedish and a….
    • Some examples
    • Larry Strelitz; no single unseparated, undifferentiated press
    • Journalism changes
  • 3. Some agreement?
    • There was some agreement yesterday that journalism had something to do with facts and something to do with interpretation.
  • 4. Two aspects
    • 1: how mainstream media can use new media forms of journalistic method and presentation to alleviate the crisis of trust that exists today
  • 5. Two aspects
    • 2: how new methods of production and distribution create new forms of journalism (and in fact resuscitate dying forms of story telling: Orality contra literacy).
    • What could be called community or barefoot journalism
  • 6. Main Stream Media
    • Trust & Transparency
    • Journalism is about interpretation and analysis of facts.
    • However how we reach our conclusions must be transparent to our audience. We must tell how we arrived at a conclusion in enough detail so that they can follow the same trail, examine the same data and come to a conclusion.
  • 7. Main Stream Media
    • Journalism should be about letting the public make up its mind about things.
    • We facilitate and inform the process by providing information, insight and context, but we are not here to make up their minds for them!
  • 8. Main Stream Media
    • The model can no longer be a paternalistic, patronizing one.
    • Not a mirror but a window and an open one at that
    • Not a megaphone but a conversation
    • Less a tech. problem than a mindset
  • 9. Main Stream Media
    • New information gathering, linking, processing and publishing workflow models.
  • 10. New new media
    • New distribution forms empowering communities.
    • Podcasting
    • RSS
    • Central to all - cellphone
  • 11. New new media
    • 4 examples
    • Election fraud
    • Tsunami/London bomb
    • Community radio distribution
    • Ancient new media - storytelling
  • 12. Finaly a rant on blogging
    • rant
  • 13. Offset
    • [ 1865: Used first by the Philadelphia Ledger, the machine would become an American standard. It would also kill its maker, William Bullock, who died when he accidentally fell into one of his presses.]