Australian Communities Report: A Demographic & Social Analysis of Religion & the Church in Australia


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This Australian Communities Report
analyses attitudes towards religion and
Christianity in 21st century Australia. McCrindle Research is a global leader in social and market research and resources are available at

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Australian Communities Report: A Demographic & Social Analysis of Religion & the Church in Australia

  1. 1. The Australian Communities Report, commissioned by Olive TreeMedia, is an analysis of religion & spirituality in 21st CenturyAustralia and research into the main belief blockers of Christianity.This research was conducted by McCrindle Research in October2011 based on a national representative survey of 1,094 Australiansand 3 focus groups of Gen Y, Gen X and Baby Boomers.
  2. 2. ReligiousAffiliation Source: ABS Census 2006 Data
  3. 3. Australians & Religion:“Christian”, “Spiritual” & “None”.What is your religion?
  4. 4. Spirituality & Religion DefinedSpirituality = “Self awareness” = “A deeper connection”Religion = “Attendance” = “Tasks” = “Obligations”
  5. 5. Religious identity, but less activityHow active are you in practicing your religion?
  6. 6. Outgrowing ReligionWhat best describes your current religious status?
  7. 7. I went to Catholic primary school so we hadto go to church... It faded out when I gotolder , in my life and my family’s as well...
  8. 8. Significant “warmth” towards Christianity Engel Scale ModifiedWhat best describes your current beliefs & attitudes towards Christianity?
  9. 9. Family is formative Mass media & social media a growing influence.Who or what has most influenced your perceptions & opinions of Christians & Christianity?
  10. 10. Half of all Aussies “not open at all” But almost half are to some extent “open”How open are you to changing your religious worldview?
  11. 11. Belief blockers:Doctrine & Practices (“block completely”)To what extent do the following block or engage you...? Not open to change
  12. 12. My belief is that God will send yousomewhere else, but not actually inhell.
  13. 13. Belief blockers:Christianity & the Church (“massive negative”) To what extent do the following attract or repel you...? Not open to change
  14. 14. The church needs to let people knowthat it is not that they are enforcingsomething on the society, let themknow that it’s about faith.
  15. 15. Significant belief in JesusWas Jesus a real person from history?
  16. 16. When did Jesus live?
  17. 17. Reasonable acceptance of the miraculousTo what extent do you believe the following?
  18. 18. Religious conversations: not routine, but not taboo.Do you ever talk about spirituality or religion when you gather with friends?
  19. 19. Mark 02 8824 3422