5 Key Trends Redefining Australia


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Mark McCrindle is a social researcher with an international reputation for tracking the emerging trends and analysing the diverse generations. He is the Director of McCrindle Research, whose clients include over 100 multinational organisations. His highly valued research and reports have developed his renown as a futurist, demographer and social commentator. Mark is highly regarded for his engaging presentations whether they be keynote addresses at conferences, boardroom briefings or facilitated workshops.

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  • http://www.oecd.org/document/57/0,3746,en_33873108_33844437_43833529_1_1_1_1,00.htmly Prakash Nair and Jay Litman, Fielding Nair International, United StatesSinarmas World Academy in Indonesia offers a combination of flexible spaces to allow for the different ways in which children learn.Diverse learning modalitiesThe design of Sinarmas World Academy utilises modern research which shows that learning is not linear and uni-dimensional, but holistic and multi-faceted; in other words, children learn differently, using different learning strategies, or modalities, and at different speeds.The modalities can range from group lecturing, one-on-one learning with the teacher, independent study and peer tutoring, to project-based learning, performance- and music-based learning and seminar-style learning. Each way of learning requires a different sort of environment. The traditional classroom comes up short against these diverse learning modalities because it is set up primarily for group lecturing.
  • 5 Key Trends Redefining Australia

    1. 1. Understanding the Times:A snapshot of 5 key trends impacting Australia. Mark McCrindle, Social Researcher. www.mccrindle.com.au
    2. 2. Trend 1. Technology
    3. 3. Accelerating Timeline 1956 1991 TV in Australia WWW launched 13 years to reach 4 years to reach 50 million 50 million 2006 2012 Facebook opens Kony 2012 Youtube video12 months to reach 4 days to reach 50 million 50 million
    4. 4. Engaging Learners in Changing Times Closed book exams Open book worldMemorising “just in case” Accessing “just in time” Teacher (what) Coach (how) Clinical classroom: Innovative aesthetic: Block out distractions Stimulates learning Industrial system Organic environmentCurriculum driven (3Rs) Learner-centric
    5. 5. THE MOST ASKED QUESTIONS IN AUSTRALIAWhat is Gangnam style?What is love?Why is the sky blue?Why is my internet so slow?When is daylight savings?When is Fathers’ Day?
    6. 6. THE MOST ASKED QUESTIONS IN AUSTRALIAHow is coal formed?How is honey made?Where is Chuck Norris?Where is my iPhone?Who is Julian Assange?Who is Kony?
    7. 7. Trend 2. Demography
    8. 8. Population Growth: Today 11.5 million 23 million2.6 million at church 1.6 million at church
    9. 9. 1972
    10. 10. 2012
    11. 11. 2052
    12. 12. Trend 3. Generationally
    13. 13. Trend 4. Community
    14. 14. TimelineTraditionally:Education Career RetirementToday:Ed 1 Career 1 Ed 2 Career 2 Career 3Ed 3 Career 4 Semi-Retirement Work Retirement
    15. 15. Trend 5. Community
    16. 16. Life priorities
    17. 17. Life satisfaction
    18. 18. Session Summary The 4 Rs: Real Relevant Responsive Relational