Workshop: Science City York April 2011
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Workshop: Science City York April 2011






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Workshop: Science City York April 2011 Workshop: Science City York April 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • What does a small/medium pharma-biotech need to do to get on BigPharma’s radar?
    Mark McBride
    Managing Director, Innovaro Pharmalicensing
    Science City York, April 2011
  • Key Global Issue
    BigPharma are losing exclusivity on their blockbuster products as they come off patent.
    This leads to
    fall in revenues, and
    pressure from shareholders as shareholder value falls
  • Key Global Issue – Example 1
    World’s two biggest selling drugs both off-patent by end of 2012
    Lipitor: $13b annual sales
    Plavix: $6b annual sales
    In total, more than $90b of annual “blockbuster” sales as of January 2008 will be off-patent by the end of 2012
    Consequence: massive cuts are demanded, hitting R&D Groups.
  • Key Global Issue – Example 2
    AstraZeneca & GlaxoSmithKline announce:
    combined 27,000 job cuts (nearly 20% of workforce), largely from R&D
    plant closures
    reduction in areas of therapeutic focus
    future pipeline development driven by external acquisition/partnering of IP (opportunity)
  • Opportunity
    As BigPharma embraces Open Innovation it puts aside its traditional “only-invented-here” attitude.
    Small/medium pharma-biotechs have opportunity to put themselves in front of BigPharma and highlight innovative IP.
  • Problem
    How to get on to the radar when less than 15% of interactions with BigPharma are even reviewed?
    Focus: this workshop will discuss how to manage your visibility and ensure you have the best opportunity to partner successfully
  • Structure of Workshop
    Understand where your IP fits into the global marketplace
    Understand what drives your partner
    Understand what partnership is correct
    What to do next
  • Global Market – Therapeutic Areas
    Source: Pullan Consulting
  • Global Market - Molecules
  • Global Market – Deal Stages
    Biotech Alliances with Big Pharma
    Alliances from 2005 – 2010
    2,114 deals announced
    Stage at Deal Signing
    Discovery 901
    Lead Molecule 77
    Preclinical 256
    Phase I 155
    Phase II 179
    Phase III 219
    Approved 357
    Source: Deloitte Recap LLC
  • Global Market – Deal Stages
    Biotech Alliances with Big Pharma
  • Deal Stages (2005-9 v 2010)
  • Global Market & your IP
    Where does your IP fit into the Global Marketplace?
    Is your IP potential strong when compared to BigPharma’s key areas of interest?
    As BigPharma is risk averse then position your proposal to best match their needs,
  • Is BigPharma correct for you?
    If your IP does not match BigPharma’s needs, or your partner is looking to In-License only at PIIb+ then consider Specialty Pharma instead
  • Understand your Partner
    Shareholder needs (public/private) – are they risk averse?
    What in your USPs will excite them?
    Look at their pipelines
    Talk to their scouts as soon as possible
    Bring them solutions, not just pure science
  • What Partnership is best for you?
    Be open-minded – the market is fluid and so must you.
    Licensing (losing popularity) – be prepared to battle for significant up-fronts & milestones.
    CRADAs (gaining popularity)
    gets BigPharma in early (but not necessarily committed)
    correct data generated
  • Action Items - 1
    Have a Coherent Plan from Day 1:
    Understand your own IP & USPs
    What sort of Partner will be best for you?
    Understand prospective partner’s needs, and best deal structure
    Data Package (budget for this from start)
    Inject business reality & educate shareholder expectations
  • Action Items - 2
    Raise your profile:
    Build a story (benefits as well as science)
    Engage a good PR Company
    Talk to the Scouts
    Engage Opinion Leaders
    Engage Innovaro Pharmalicensing
  • Innovaro Pharmalicensing
    Partnering Solutions for the LifeSciences
    Innovaro Pharmalicensing is a leading resource for partnering, licensing and business development across the lifescience and biopharmaceutical industries
    Through a unique offering combining Partnering Search and on-line Profiling services, the international biopharmaceutical, lifescience & healthcare industries utilise Innovaro Pharmalicensing to identify and engage with prospective licensing, marketing and discovery/ development partners around the world.