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An IoT13 presentation showcasing promising companies in the internet of things. Ken Foster, Thingworx, describes the Internet of things and M2M opportunity for his company and the evolution of the M2M market

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  • Good Morning everyone!Over the next five minute I’d like to both introduce you to ThingWorx, the first application platform for the connected world……and to share three perspectives that we believe will accelerate the adoption of the Internet of Things.
  • First a little about us:We were founded in 2009, by a team that has been developing successful Industrial Automation and Enterprise Integration applications for over 25 yearsWe are venture backed by Safeguard ScientificsWhile our first product was released in 2011, we have enjoyed early and often acclaim…… as the ‘disruptor’, redefining connected platforms.
  • The Internet of Things has a relatively simple value proposition: If we connect billions of intelligent things, through a Smart Cloud, supported by Big Data, mankind can be more happy, healthy and productive. However, given the popular industry conversations as of late (including some I suspect you will hear at this conference), you’d think that we were still more focused on the ‘how’ vs. the ‘what’.
  • So our first perspective of what will accelerate adoption of the Internet of Things:Adoption will be driven by Value Creation, not Technology.In other words, the value of IoT will be realized through interactions, not device standards.
  • Here are three examples of Value Creation:OnFarm is helping small farmers in California to achieve large-farm yield with a managed smart farming applicationAll Traffic Solutions is making our roads more efficient and safer by connecting safety signs and road sensorsAquamatix is making our water supplies more safe and effective through connected water managementAnd all three are doing this powered by ThingWorx... and being recognized by the industry for their applications.
  • So if Value Creation is the key to Adoption, then Applications are the key to Value Creation……creating new business models that connecting People, Things and Systems.
  • If we want more Application to drive more Value Creation to accelerate IoT Adoption, we must think differently about creating applications..… – and remove the application bottleneck.
  • ThingWorx offers four ways to remove this bottleneck:Accept that there will be many different ways to connect intelligent things, and work with them allDon’t code, model – not only can you build your application up to 10x faster initially, but you have even greater savings as you evolve and expandConfigure with drag-n-drop ease using the newest internet standards, and flexibly deploy in a cloud or behind your firewallBuild Intelligence into, not on top of your application – making every thing, person, transaction and conversation searchable in natural language
  • Finally leverage the power of our diverse IoT eco-system……Creating Value…Through Applications…To intelligently connect People, Things and SystemsWe are ThingWorx, the first application platform for the connect world.Thank you
  • IoT13: Thingworx showcase

    2. 2. Founded 2009, Venture backed – SFE Product Released in 2011 Disruptive, Successful & Growing Rapidly “ThingWorx is re-defining the concept of connected platforms” 2013 Winner: Best Platform for Enabling Third Party Developers
    3. 3. The IoT/M2M Opportunity “Big Data” “The Cloud” “The Answer” (42!) All we need is IPv6! MQTT will Open the Floodgates! ETSI Standards are the key! It’s all about big data! SMS HTTP MQTT OPC Proprietary TCP/IP RESTSNMP Modbus CoAp XMPP ZigBee ZWave Device Clouds
    4. 4. Adoption will be Driven by Value Creation, not Technology 1
    5. 5. is Powering the Connected World • Sensor-based farm management service • Launch: Silicon Valley 2013 Award winner • Cloud-managed traffic signs and sensors • Just won Connected World Value chain Award • WaterWorx cloud-based water management • Delivered first solution to Veolia water in April
    6. 6. Applications are the Key to Value Creation2
    7. 7. 1B 5B 2010 50B 2020 7B 9B 1 Trillion 2035 100 K 5M 100M
    8. 8. We Must Think Differently about creating Applications 3
    9. 9. Ubiquitous Connectivity: integrates with your things and systems Storage RelationshipsThings Model-Based Development: model instead of code, create10x faster Codeless Mashup Builder: drag & drop configuration, flexible deployment Search-based Intelligence: put device data and tribal knowledge at your fingertips Removes the Application Bottleneck
    10. 10. Things Peopl e Unites the Connected World IoT Device Clouds Cloud Services Business Services M2M Device Clouds