CP-TLE III (Drafting Technology)


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CP-TLE III (Drafting Technology)

  1. 1. 2009 Secondary Education Curriculum Documents in Industrial Arts Drafting IIIFirst Grading PeriodBlue Print Reading STANDARDS ESSENTIAL CURRICULUM OBJECTIVE ASSESSMENT LEARNING PLAN Products/ Criteria/ Instructional Materials/ Content Performance Understanding Questions Knowledge Skills Performances Tools Activities Resources1. Demonstrate Exercising PECs knowledge of and contribute to one’s skills in recognizing success in life and developing one’s Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies (PECs) 1.1 Assess one’s 1. Why is there a Indicators in Comparing Matrix of Personal Rubric on graphic Presentation of Graphic • Explain ways of personal need to align one’s assessing one’s: one’s Characteristics and presentation individual work on organizers assessing PECs competencies personal • Personal personal PECs of a junior Personal • Comparis vis-à-vis junior with the personal characteristics, Characteristi character- draftsman Rubrics on characteristics and on alley draftsman entrepreneurial attributes, cs istics to individual PECs • Venn  Characteristics characteristics of lifestyles, skills, • Attributes PECs of a performance Diagram  Attributes a junior and traits to the • Lifestyles junior Discussion • Bridges  Lifestyles draftsman personal • Traits draftsman  Skills entrepreneurial • Skills Assessment  Traits competencies of a Instruments junior draftsman? 1.2 Strengthen one’s Assessing Role playing to Rubric on role Role Play based on a Textbooks • Apply PECs that need PECs vis-à-vis: one’s manifest how one’s playing given situation Sample script knowledge of to be developed • Achievement personal PECs is and skills in as a result of cluster character- strengthened strengthening/ personal • Planning istics, traits, aligning PECs assessment cluster skills, based on the • Power lifestyle, results of the cluster attributes PECs assessment 1.3 Align one’s 2. What PECs must Interpreting Comic strip of the Rubrics on Field work/ Data Profile of personal one possess in the stories highlight story/life written and oral gathering, entrepreneurs characteristics order to succeed Success stories gathered of the interviewee report presentation of data in the 1
  2. 2. based on the as a junior of Entrepreneurs from the from the conducted community PECs of a junior draftsman? interviews research and Questionnaires draftsman interviews of a Survey Forms successful Notebook and entrepreneurs ballpen School visit of an entrepreneur practitioner2. Manifest functional 2.1 Analyze gathered Needs and wants of 1. How does one Definition of Constructing Table, graph, and Rubrics on Conduct demand- Grid paper, knowledge of and data from the people are bases determine the terms: graph on percentage analysis of supply situation gathered data, skills in determining immediate for computing the needs and wants • supply demand and presentation demand and analysis of an existing forms, the demand and community that volume of product/ of people in an • demand supply supply, and products/services in a textbooks, supply in order to are reflective of service to be immediate • surplus group particular community computer fulfill the needs and supply and produced/rendered community? • deficit Analyzing performance software, and wants of the target demand of a • consumption situation Graph/table hardware, market that adhere target market for 2. Why is there a based on presentation on graphic to the: a specific need to examine Principles and supply and demand-supply organizer product/ service the ratio and theories of demand analysis to generate a quantity demand demand and business idea and supply? supply Forecasting Computation of quantity percentage on 3. How does one Determining demand and analysis of demand estimate the consumption supply and supply demand, requirements and consumption, sufficiency ratios Computing Fact-findings on the Rubrics on Discussion on Factual and supply? the result of the individual consumption information on consumption computation of performance and requirements and demand and require- consumption fact-findings sufficiency ratios supply, paper ments and requirements and and pencil, sufficiency sufficiency ratios Computation of computer ratio consumption software, film requirements and strips, sample sufficiency ratios products, and clippings 4. How do trends Effects of surplus Problem- Paper report on Rubrics on Discussion on the Forms, graphic affect the and deficit to the solving on authentic solutions authentic effects of surplus and organizers, production of producers/ surplus and and action plan solutions and deficit to the sample action goods and practitioner deficit course of action, producers or plan, paper services? and group practitioners and pencil, 2
  3. 3. performance Presentation of a textbooks, real-world situations computer software Preparation of solutions and action Sample plan products or models, film Factors affecting Data Report on gathered Rubrics on group Discussion on factors strips, trends of supply gathering data that tells performance and affecting trends of computer considering the and factual events, and portfolio supply software, following formulating ideas assessment on textbooks, indicators: ideas the data Presentation of data, and • Local gathered models or chosen worksheet products/ Determine products or services services events on • Imported the trends of Brainstorming on products/ supply found factual events, services in a information and ideas particular based on the community presented models or chosen products or services Critiquing on presented models or chosen products3. Apply knowledge of 3.1 Read, interpret Successful junior 1. What are the Read and Discussion on: and skills in reading, blueprint and draftsman read, theories and interpret: • architectural interpreting prepare specific interpret and principles needed • architectural symbols blueprints working drawing prepares blueprints by aspiring symbols • notations plans based on based on the draftsman to be • notations • specifications mechanical knowledge and knowledgeable at • specification drawing skills in mechanical reading and s procedures drawing understanding blueprints? • Importance of Explain the Drawing tools blueprints 2. How can these Importance of importance of such as: T- knowledge and blueprints blueprints square, skills guide the triangles, • Types of learner in order Preparing Presentation of Rubric on Discussion on the metric scale, working to succeed as Types of working complete technical written/oral and types of drawing protractor, drawings draftsman? drawings working information on performances templates, etc. 3
  4. 4. drawings blueprints References like: “Technical 3. How does Finished Rubric on Demonstration on the Drawing”• Appropriate knowledge in Prepare set of working portfolio performance/skills books, drawing tools conversion architectural drawings on assessment test in reading, manuals, and equipment practices and plans set of interpreting and workbooks. precise architectural preparing blueprints measuring plans Sample techniques Demonstration on the blueprinted important in the proper manipulation materials. preparation of of drawing tools and blueprints? equipment Problem Finished working Rubric on Perform activities on• Working Techniques in solving on drawings on working drawing machine parts drawing solving given given machine parts outputs drawing problems problems working drawing working following given following given problems drawings of procedures procedures architectural plans Preparing Rubrics on Discussion on Table of Table of material Table of Specifications Specification specifications Specifications and Bill• Table of and Bill of s and Bill of based on building of Materials Specifications Materials Materials code of the and Bill of Philippine/UAP Materials standards 3.2 Determine Listing of List of needs in the Checklist on the Discussion on the 4 Textbooks resources needed 4. How is the Application of 4 needs in: 4 M’s of production 4 M’ s of M’s of production Brochures in order to resources needed M’s in the - Manpower production produce products determined to production/ - Machine• Follow the 4 M’s and services by produce services servicing process - Materials of production following the 4 following the 4 - Methods  Manpower M’s of production M’s of production  Materials  Methods 3.3 Determine useful Calculating Worksheet Checklist on the Lecture/discussion on Textbooks  Machines life span of 5. How does one Calculation of for useful life Oral useful life span the useful life of Brochures drawing tools, calculate the useful life span span of Presentation of equipments equipments, equipments, useful life span of equipments, equipments, machines, machines, drawing• Compute the machines and of assets such machines, machines, drawing tools and peripherals peripherals by drawing tools drawing tools and 4
  5. 5. depreciation of calculating the as: equipments, and peripherals tools and peripherals indirect cost depreciation of machines, peripherals such as drawing indirect cost drawing tools tools, and peripherals equipments, 3.4 Determine the Computing Worksheet Rubric on break Lecture/discussion Textbooks materials and profitability/prod Formula for for the break Oral even point of Actual Brochures peripherals uctivity by 6. Following the determining the even points Presentation profitability/ demonstration in employing the break even point break even point for the productivity computing for break break even point formula, how of profitability/ profitability/ even points of formula does one productivity of productivity productivity/• Analyze break determine the one’s of one’s profitability even point in profitability/prod product/service product/ Problem solving terms of uctivity of one’s service - products/service product/service? , and the production price per unit using the formula in terms of the number of products/service N= FCU SPU – VCU Whereas: Selling price (SPU) Variable cost(VCU) Fixed Cost (FCU) per day 5
  6. 6. Second, Third and Fourth Grading PeriodArchitectural Drafting STANDARDS ESSENTIAL CURRICULUM OBJECTIVE ASSESSMENT LEARNING PLAN Products/ Criteria/ Instructional Materials/ Content Performance Understanding Questions Knowledge Skills Performances Tools Activities Resources1. Demonstrate Exercising PECs knowledge of and contribute to one’s skills in recognizing success in life and developing one’s Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies (PECs) 1.1 Assess one’s 1. Why is there a Indicators in Comparing Matrix of Personal Rubric on graphic Presentation of Graphic • Explain ways of personal need to align assessing one’s: one’s Characteristics and presentation individual work on organizers assessing PECs competencies one’s personal • Personal personal PECs of a Personal • Comparis vis-à-vis with the personal characteristics, Characteristi character- cartoonist and Rubrics on characteristics and on alley cartoonist and entrepreneurial attributes, cs istics to animator individual PECs • Venn animator characteristics of lifestyles, skills, • Attributes PECs of a performance Diagram  Characteristics a cartoonist and and traits to the • Lifestyles cartoonist Discussion • Bridges  Attributes animator personal • Traits and  Lifestyles entrepreneurial • Skills animator Assessment  Skills competencies of Instruments  Traits a cartoonist and animator? 1.2 Strengthen one’s PECs that need Assessing Role playing to Rubric on role Role Play based on a Textbooks • Apply to be developed PECs vis-à-vis: one’s manifest how one’s playing given situation Sample script knowledge of as a result of • Achievement personal PECs is and skills in personal cluster character- strengthened strengthening/ assessment • Planning istics, traits, aligning PECs cluster skills, based on the • Power lifestyle, results of the 1.3 Align one’s cluster attributes PECs personal 6
  7. 7. assessment characteristics 2. What PECs must Interpreting Comic strip of the Rubrics on Field work/ Data Profile of based on the one possess in the stories highlight story/life written and oral gathering, entrepreneurs PECs of a order to succeed Success stories gathered of the interviewee report presentation of data in the cartoonist and as a cartoonist of Entrepreneurs from the from the conducted community animator and animator? interviews research and Questionnaires interviews of a Survey Forms successful Notebook and entrepreneurs ballpen School visit of an entrepreneur practitioner2. Manifest functional 2.1 Compute for the The volume/ 1. How does the Theories and Projecting Tables/graphs Rubric on written Discussion on Graphic knowledge of and demand and quantity of demand arithmetical principles behind the annual reflective of the output arithmetical straight organizer skills in determining supply from the and supply of straight line arithmetical increase in projective increase line method the demand and data gathered of goods and services method become straight line volume from in production of Sample data supply in order to a particular area for future significant in method the previous product/service for Presentation of date from a simple fulfill the needs and by applying the consumption is computing the sales of future demand needed for sales business from wants of the target arithmetical determined by volume of goods Procedures on product/ forecast a town/ market that adhere straight line using the and services for how to project service municipality to the manner of: methods arithmetical future the annual sales “Challenge Game” straight line consumption? volume or value Employing Perform group Rubric on (Drill/exercises on Grid paper, • Forecasting the methods of demand and principles of simulation on to individual/group computation of a paper and demand and 2. When does the supply arithmetical compute for future performance projected sales pencil supply of a arithmetical straight line demand for volume or value from specific product/ straight line most Purpose why method to product/service collected data using PCs service by useful to the arithmetical project the using arithmetical arithmetical straight applying the would-be straight line future straight line line method) arithmetical entrepreneur? method is used volume of method straight line production Demonstration on method how tables and Computing graphs are prepared for the volume of demand and supply of product/ service for future production Manifest functional 2.2 Calculate the Arithmetical 1. How does AGC Principles and Computing Perform a group Rubric on group Discussion on Graphic 7
  8. 8. knowledge of and volume of Geometric Curve method support theories of ARI and ARI simulation on performance arithmetical organizerskills on theories and quantity demand (AGC) helps predict the production of arithmetical percentage computing future geometric curveprinciples on and supply of a successful goods and geometric curve by adopting demand and supply method Sample dataarithmetical goods and production of services? the formula and/or for product/ from a simplegeometric curve in service by goods and services Formula in of AGC service using AGC Presentation of data business fromorder to fulfill the applying the to meet the needs 2. How does the computing method method needed for sales a town/needs and wants of principles and and wants of the AGC method Annual Rate forecast municipalitythe target market theories of an target market helped in Increase (ARI) inthat adhere to the arithmetical projecting the AGC methods Drill/exercises on Grid paper,manner of: geometric curve annual rate of computation of a paper and increase in Where: projected annual rate pencil• Forecasting the production of CASV – PASV = ARI increase demand and goods and PCs supply of a services? CASV – current Analyzing A written report Rubric on written Demonstration on specific product/ annual sales both reflective of an output how to draw service by 3. How do the volume methods for analytical analytical perspective applying the methods of future perspective on the of the two methods arithmetical forecasting help PASV – previous volume of two forecasting of sales forecasting geometric curve one analyze the annual sales production level of demand volume of goods and Discussion on the• Estimating for product/ services most reliable method projected services? Formula in to be used in sales volume of sales computing forecasting of the required 4. How would one percentage consumption of determine the Estimating A new article to Rubric on written Mock TV news Mock TV studio goods and most appropriate Where: the sales published in a report either presentation services methods of volume by school paper individual or forecasting? CARI of SV applying the group• Analyzing the X 100 formula PARI of SV demand and supply of goods and services for CARI – current quantity annual rate demand and increase supply PARI – previous annual rate increase Procedures on estimating projected volume of sales 8
  9. 9. Manifest functional 2.3 Devise strategic The changes in the 1. How does one Theories and Constructing Tabular/graphical Rubric on written Presentation of graph Graphic knowledge of and plan to meet the demand and supply discover the principles of demand and presentation of report on demand curve and organizer, skills on theories and changing trends for a certain changes in demand and supply curve supply and demand supply curve based sample data, principles on supply in supply and product/service is demand and supply curve on the prices and grid paper, and demand curves demand interpreted by supply? quantity of products worksheet, in order to fulfill the applying the Factors affecting Solving Computation of Rubric on the or services paper and needs and wants of theories and 2. What happens the changes in problem that percentage of presentation of pencil, and the target market principles of when there are demand and relate to the increase and solutions based Supply/Demand curve computer that adhere to the demand and supply changes in the supply changes in decrease on the findings analysis software manner of: curves demand and the demand supply? and supply Written report on Problem-based Textbook, • Analyzing the of goods and solutions on the learning (Presentation filmstrips, demand and 3. How do changes services findings of changes of solutions on the sample data, supply of in demand and in demand and results of changes in OHP, software, product/ service supply affect the Inferring the supply demand and supply slides production of trends that both in oral and • Applying goods and affect the written theories and services? changes in principles of the demand Anecdotal records Rubrics on Exploration of issue demand and and supply and reports on the written reports (Critiquing the supply curves factors that affect and records anecdotal records and the changes in (output), and reports on changes in • Analyzing the demand and supply group demand and supply) changes in performance demand and Panel discussion on supply of goods the factors that affect and services the changes in demand and supply both oral and written3. Demonstrate 3.1 Layout working Successful 1. What are the knowledge of and drawing of plot draftsman produces basic skills in the plan and location complete and consideration underlying theories plan based on accurate one should know and principles in the standard residential/house to come up with preparing practices by UAP plans based on the a good residential knowledge and presentation architectural plans skills in drawings? architectural Drawing tools/ Justifying Appropriateness of Checklist on the Demonstration on the Drawing tools  Architectural drafting 2. Why is there a instruments, the selection drawing tools/ selection/ proper selection/ such as: tools/ need to know the equipments, of preferred instruments, handling of handling of drawing T-square instruments, building codes machines and options, equipments, drawing tools/ tools/instruments, Triangle equipments, and other legal materials including machines and instruments, equipments, Metric scale 9
  10. 10. machines and documents choice of materials equipments, machines and Protractor materials needed in house drawing machines and materials Templates planning? tools/ materials Leroy instruments, Computer 3. How will the equipments, Softwares, etc. theories and machines principles in the Care/safety and and Explain proper safety/ References Care/safety and preparation of maintenance of materials care and maintenance like: maintenance working drawings drawing tools of drawing tools Books of the following: Manuals • plot plan and Generalization of Rubric on oral/ Workbooks Procedures in location plan theories and written Transfer plot and location • floor plan principles in performance test certificate title plan • elevations and plotting and Building permit sections location planning • electrical plan • foundation Requirements for Collect and Working drawings Rubric on Discussion on Orientation plan careful planning analyze of various houses finished working prevailing conditions • roof framing to satisfy human relevant drawing plan needs/ information • plumbing requirements to assist in system solving guide the learner design Layout working in order to become problemsDemonstrate drawings of successfulknowledge of and floor plan and draftsman?skills in preparing major areas inworking drawings of house planning 4. What is thefloor plans and the following importance ofmajor areas in house standard the Table ofplanning procedures/ Specifications practices by UAP and Bill of Types of houses Planning/ Working drawings Rubric on Discuss types of Drawing tools Types of houses Materials in the Designing a of various houses finished working houses such as: production of residential drawings T-square architectural suited to the Triangle plans? needs and Metric scale wants of the Protractor owner Templates, etc. Planning Oral/written Rubric on the Explain/ Architectural Factors to be considerations: explanation of the oral/written demonstration on books, time considered in • family size theories involved performance house planning saver, home house planning • family procedures in terms magazines, 10
  11. 11. income of: housing • needs and • floor plan promotional wants • living area brochures, • family • sleeping area housing traditions • service area exhibits Collect Portfolio design of: Rubric on design Planning information • floor plan portfolio procedures in about the • living area terms of: design • sleeping area - Floor plan situation, • service area - Living area including • working area - Sleeping area costs, - Service area methods and ease of construction, availability of materials and equipment Drawing tools Layout working Developing Elevations and Rubric on the Explain the such as:Demonstrate drawings of Types of elevations sectional drawing drawing importance of T-squareknowledge of and elevations and materials and and sectional presentations presentations elevations and Triangleskills in preparing sectional finish: plans of sectional drawings in Metric scaleelevations and presentations • plain cement preferred house planning Protractorsectional following finish options, Templates, etc.presentations of the standard • wood Tile includingfollowing: procedures/ finish choice of Architectural practices by UAP • annay finish materials books, time Elevations: Perform activities saver, home - front applying different magazines, - right side architectural symbols housing elevation promotional - left side brochures, elevation Working drawing Rubric on the Discussion on housing - rear elevation Components of presentations in working drawings standard procedures/ exhibits design brief, terms of: of elevations and practices in drawing Sections: including • Elevations sectional views elevations and Film shows - longitudinal specifications, • Sectional views sectional views showcasing - cross section considerations housing promotions 11
  12. 12. and constraints Field trips Electrical tools Charts Layout working Select and Rubric on the EquipmentsDemonstrate drawing of justify Working drawings complete Discussion on the such as:knowledge of and electrical plan Selection of materials on the following: working drawing electrical code, Electricalskills in preparing following materials for suitable in • Electrical plan of an electrical procedures/practices measuring/residential electrical standard particular performing layout plan set in the Philippines testingplan procedures/ applications electrical • Schematic practices set in tasks diagram of Electrical Code Electrical symbol the Philippines loads of the • Computation of Philippines loads Manual Justifying • Bill of Materials Checklist on Books Procedures in the location electrical symbols Discussion and Workbooks electrical plan Factors to of lights Electrical plan used Demonstration of Brochures layout consider in laying outlets, skills to be performed Charts out an electrical switches, in all electrical related plan: circuit activities Drawing tools • Schematic breaker Checklist on the such as: diagram of appropriateness T-square loads of the Triangle • Service materials/load Metric scale entrance used Protractor • Computation Templates, etc. of loads • Bill of Architectural Layout working Materials Identify the Rubric on the books, timeDemonstrate drawings of effect oral and Discussion on the saver, homeknowledge of and foundation plan Construction materials Oral and written performance/ standards/practices in magazines,skills in preparing and its related materials and selection has explanation of the skills test drawing foundation housingworking drawings of architectural specifications in on standards/practices plan and its related promotionalfoundation plan and details following terms of: foundation involved architectural details brochures,its related standard • Foundation plan and its Rubric on oral/ housingarchitectural details procedures/ plan related written report Demonstration on the exhibits practices by UAP • Schedule of architectural development of Table of columns and details foundation plan specification footing applications • Schedule of Bill of Materials wall footing • Procedures 12
  13. 13. in the preparation of foundation Choosing Rubric on the plan appropriate complete Presentation and construction working drawing discussion of samples materials in Conducted research on foundation Latest trend/ terms of study traditional- plan and its update on durability latest in durability related construction and and production cost architectural materials and production details processes cost Rubric on the brought about by oral and technology performance Drawing tools skills test such as: T-square Layout working Identify the Rubric on the TriangleDemonstrate drawings of roof effect oral and Discussion of the Metric scaleknowledge and skills framing plan materials performance standard procedures/ Protractorin preparing working and related selection has Oral and written skills test practices in roof Templates, etc.drawings of roof details following Selection of no roof explanation on the framing plan andframing plan and standard materials for framing plan standards related details Architecturalrelated details procedures/ particular and related procedures/ books, time practices by UAP application details practices involved saver, home Table of magazines, specification Justify the Portfolio housing selection of assessment Discussion/explain promotional Bill of materials preferred design option in the brochures, options, Compilation of preparation of housing Components of a including working plans in working drawings exhibits, design brief choice of roof framing and Rubric on the carpentry including materials, related details working drawing Demonstration on the books specifications, tools, presentations of preparation of considerations equipments Working drawing roof framing plan working drawing on and constraints and presentations on and related roof framing plan and • Truss details machines roof framing plans details related details • Schedule of and related details doors • Schedule of windows • Procedures in the Drawing tools such as: 13
  14. 14. preparation T-square of roof Triangle Layout working framing plan Collect and Rubric on the Metric scaleDemonstrate drawings of and related analyze oral and Explain the standard Protractorknowledge and skills plumbing details relevant performance procedures/practices Templates, etc.in preparing working system and information Oral and written skills test on the essentialdrawings of the essential to assist in explanation on the equipment of Architecturalessential equipment equipments solving standard plumbing system books, timeof plumbing system following Requirements for design procedures/ saver, home standard product to satisfy problems practices involved magazines, Table of practices/ human needs/ housing specification regulations set requirements Write a Checklist on the promotional by concerned design brief selection of Discussion on the brochures, Bill of Materials government that includes materials and its appropriate material housing agencies specifica- Appropriateness in application selection in the exhibits, tions, the selection of preparation of plumbing considera- materials to be use working drawings books Essential tions and equipment constraints Rubric on the to fulfill the working drawing Demonstration on the Drainage and needs and presentations of preparation of Computer venting require- Working drawing roof framing plan working drawing on Printer regulations ments presentations on and related roof framing plan and Design the essential details related details softwares Septic tank equipment of Layout working disposal system Identify the plumbing system Rubric on theApply knowledge drawing of effect that complete Discussion on theand skills in complete house Detail of catch materials working drawing presentation ofpreparing working planning based basin selection has Auto CADD of a house plan working drawing of adrawings of a on computer on presentation house using computercomplete house plan software production softwaresusing computer procedures 5. Why is there a Changes to processessoftware procedures need to know the materials and practices/ processes over Prepare Prepare working procedures used time, including complete drawing of in computer the impact of working complete house softwares when modern drawing of a plan following designing technology house plan computer architectural following software plans? Prepare complete computer procedures working drawing software of a house plan procedures following 14
  15. 15. computer software Adopt the procedures role of a designer and work with a Textbooks client in a Brochures design The role of and context relationship 3.2 Determine between the Listing of Checklist on the• Follow the 4 M’s resources needed designer and needs in: 4 M’ s of Discussion on the 4 of production in order to client - Manpower production M’s of production  Manpower produce products - Machine List of needs in the Textbooks  Materials and services by - Materials 4 M’s of production Brochures  Methods following the 4 - Methods  Machines M’s of production 6. How is the Application of 4 resources needed M’s in the 3.3 Determine useful determined to production/ Calculating Checklist on the• Compute the life span of produce services servicing process for useful life useful life span Lecture/discussion on depreciation of drawing tools, following the 4 span of of equipments the useful life of indirect cost equipments, M’s of production equipments, Worksheet machines, equipments, such as drawing machines and machines, Oral drawing machines, drawing tools, peripherals by drawing Presentation tools and tools and peripherals Textbooks equipments, calculating the 7. How does one Calculation of tools and peripherals Brochures materials and depreciation of calculate the useful life span peripherals peripherals indirect cost useful life span of equipments, of assets such machines, 3.4 Determine the as: equipments, drawing tools Computing Rubric on break profitability/prod machines, and peripherals for the break even point of Lecture/discussion• Analyze break uctivity by drawing tools even points profitability/ Actual demonstration even point in employing the and peripherals for the Worksheet productivity in computing for terms of break even point profitability/ Oral break even points of products/service formula productivity Presentation productivity/ , and the 8. Following the Formula for of one’s profitability production price break even point determining the product/ Problem solving per unit using formula, how break even point service the formula in does one of profitability/ terms of the determine the productivity of number of profitability/prod one’s products/service uctivity of one’s product/service product/service? N= FCU 15
  16. 16. SPU – VCU Whereas: Selling price (SPU) Variable cost(VCU) Fixed Cost (FCU) per dayAlfred/Mr. D. Bermas/Drafting III/04.21.08 16