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How the Southern Baptist Convention Works.

How the Southern Baptist Convention Works.

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  • Societies focus on only 1 issue. E.g. Bible Society, Tract Society, Temperance Society, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Pastors
  • SBC exists only 2 days a year. The Executive Committee acts on its behalf during the rest of the year.
  • President -- One year term, eligible for re-election for second year


  • 1. How the Southern Baptist Convention Works
  • 2. The Southern Baptist Convention† Formed on May 8, 1845 in Augusta, GA †Largest Protestant Denomination † 16 Million Members † Over 45,000 Churches in all 50 states
  • 3. The Southern Baptist Convention† Dedicated to Crossing Barriers † Over 200 Language Groups are representedEvangelical Arabic Church, Antioch, TN Twin Cities Hmong Baptist Church
  • 4. Basic Convictions† Southern Baptists have 3 basic convictions: † 1. Lordship of Jesus Christ † 2. Authority of God’s Word † 3. Devotion to Missions
  • 5. SBC Membership† Foundation is the local congregation† Membership in a Southern Baptist congregation: † 1. Salvation † 2. Believer’s Baptism by Immersion
  • 6. SBC Congregations† Autonomous † Set own budget † Call own pastors † Follow God’s direction for ministry† Evangelistic † Living and sharing the Gospel† Voluntarily join with other congregations † Doing more together than we can apart
  • 7. Organizational StructureA local congregation is affiliated with three areas ofBaptist organized life: association, state convention, andnational convention…. The Southern Baptist Conventionis not over the state conventions or the associations. Allare as autonomous as are the congregations. These threebodies are on the same level organizationally, and all aremade up of messengers sent directly by theircongregations…James L. Sullivan, Baptist Polity: As I See It, Revised Edition(Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers, 1998), 67.
  • 8. Congregations Working TogetherAssociation State Convention Southern Baptist ConventionFellowship among local Fellowship with Baptist Fellowship with all SBCBaptist churches churches in the state churchesCoordinated ministry and Coordinated ministry and Coordinated ministry andevangelism on local level evangelism on state level evangelism on national and international levelFellowship, Joint Ministry Fellowship, Joint Ministry Fellowship, Joint MinistryAccountability Accountability AccountabilityDisaster relief: Disaster relief: Disaster relief:Volunteer training and Coordination of teams Logistics and supportequipment
  • 9. Cooperation Is Key† Autonomous † Churches †Working †Together
  • 10. SBC Structure† The SBC is North structured as a American church Convention planting † This allows us to in a nightclub join together in a wide range of ministry opportunities at Prison the same time ministry in Thailand
  • 11. The Annual Convention† 2-Day Session† Congregations choose messengers to attend † One messenger from every contributing congregation in friendly cooperation † One additional messenger for every 250 members or $250 contributed to work of the Convention † Maximum 10 messengers per congregation
  • 12. The Annual Convention† Evangelistic opportunities (Crossover) and Pastor’s Conference precede the convention meeting.
  • 13. The Annual Convention† Congregations large and small are represented† Each Messenger has a voice† Messengers † Join together in prayer, praise and worship † Elect officers † Pass resolutions † Hear reports from entities
  • 14. How the Southern Baptist Convention Works