Global city services benchmarking v1

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  • 1. Global City Services Benchmarking4/30/12 V1.0
  • 2. Background•  Sitra is creating a plan to benchmark different city service processes globally•  The focus is to find out the best practices for specific service processes•  The results can be utilized when designing future best practice model for municipal services in Finland 4/30/12 2 © Sitra
  • 3. WHY - We want to add more value from benchmarking FROM TO •  defining the scope and goals well•  having adhoc visits •  involving right experts early•  with no-value-adding participants •  searching for digital information•  with limited (no?) preparation •  using on-line preparation (chat)•  making general presentations •  sharing critical questions •  working on mutual win-win agenda•  about topics not agreed ahead •  with to-the-point agenda items•  with no answers to real issues •  having good dialogue during visits•  without value-adding dialogue •  defining concrete actions•  with no actions after the meeting •  sharing best practices•  with no structured outcome •  sharing summary reports•  AND re-inventing adhoc, •  sharing implementation benchmarking event for the next •  leading to continuous collaboration case •  AND improving and repeating shared benchmarking methodology for the next cases 4/30/12 3 © Sitra
  • 4. High Level Program Plan Project Idea clarification Project Planning Implementation March-June 2012 August-October 2012 November 2012 - 2013 4/30/12 4 © Sitra
  • 5. Idea clarification phase: tasks •  To define the benchmarking process and tasks •  To define the service processes in pilot scope •  To define the locations for benchmarking 4/30/12 5 © Sitra
  • 6. The city services benchmarking processBaseline Connect with Benchmark Analyze Recommend • Define the • Project team • Agree on • Create a • Define the service process • Local experts project plan summary most relevant scope and • Global experts • Send report of visits best practices goals preparation • Make a list of • Create a best • Vendors • Identify critical • Consultants materials identified best practices based questions • Agree on practices new process • Global forums model • Search for critical • Compare digital • Existing questions alternatives for • Make a information networks implementation proposal for • Agree on visit • Search for • Government agenda • Assess the development relevant contacts benefits and project, • Set up experts • Open and preparation risks of each outcomes and • Search for activate on-line conference alternative benefits possible forums calls and on- • Share locations • Define draft line discussions outcomes with • Define relevant critical • Set up the site benchmarking communication questions visits partners forums • Qualify • Document • Make a benchmarking process models benchmarking locations • Document project plan • Contact innovations potential • Document locations lessons learned AGREEMENTS AND OUTPUTS -  Location selection -  Stakeholders -  Contact people list - Agreement on - Project summary -  Implementation -  Service scope -  Project budget critical questions report proposal for a -  Planning budget -  Project resources -  Agreement on - Best practice list service -  Planning resources -  Partner selection preparation tasks - Potential actions improvement -  Go/No-Go decision -  Project plan - Agreement on - Risk/Benefit program -  Go/No-Go decision project plan analysis 4/30/12 6 © Sitra
  • 7. Potential pilot service processes/areas•  Social services: Children daycare•  Social services: Elderly homecare•  Circular economy and waste management: Resource management efficiency and monitoring 4/30/12 7 © Sitra
  • 8. Critical questions example: Elderly HomeCare•  What kind of different segments you have within elderly homecare ?•  How you manage the medical services ?•  How you manage the food services ?•  How you manage laundry and other services ?•  How you support the physical movements from one place to another ?•  What special services do you have for certain groups (like dementia) ?•  How you collect, maintain and use customer information ?•  How you manage payments and service fees ?•  How you manage the security and potential crisis situations ?•  How you support the social and and psychological needs ?•  What type of special equipments are you using ?•  How you use mobile, location-based and other ICT technology ?•  How you use private sector service providers and for which services?•  How you measure process efficiency and customer satisfaction? 4/30/12 8 © Sitra
  • 9. The list of experts (Children Daycare): 4/30/12 9 © Sitra
  • 10. Relevant forums and events for learning andestablishing connections•  Living Labs Global, Copenhagen,••  Events:• smart-cities-world-mena-monday-4-june-2012.stm• June, Australia• Sep, Helsinki ?• October, Amsterdam• November, Barcelona 4/30/12 10 © Sitra
  • 11. Potential pilot cities •  Amsterdam •  Barcelona •  Geneva •  San Antonio •  Santiago de Chile •  Seattle •  Shanghai •  Singapore •  Sydney •  Vancouver 4/30/12 11 © Sitra
  • 12. The content of material for Sitra managementmeeting ready on June 7th:•  Background•  The reason for the project•  Project summary and timeschedule•  The high level benchmarking model, process, tasks and outputs•  The list of services/functions/areas in pilot scope•  The list of key questions for selected pilot areas•  The proposal for pilot locations•  The proposal and budget for next phase : Project Planning Phase 4/30/12 12 © Sitra