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Asynchronous Presentaion

  1. 1. How to choose the right hair scissorsLook at all the many different types of hairscissors in the world today. There aredifferent brands, different types, differentdesigns and different opinions of theiruses. You may have a difficult time tryingto figure out how to choose the right pair.After all, it can be a challenge if you aren’tan expert on hairstyling and if you knownothing about hair scissors.
  2. 2. The first thing you’ll want to do is research allthe different types. This doesn’t mean go outand find the prettiest pairs you can find.Sometimes the most boring things canperform better than any beautiful product.Simply enter “hair scissors” into your Googlesearch box and you could easily find hundredsof solutions. This can be easy but it can alsobe hard because all hair scissor designers willadvertise theirs as the best out there. This iswhere your next key step comes in: reviews.
  3. 3. Before even thinking about purchasing apair of hair scissors or any other productonline, you should always look into whatothers are thinking. Check out all of thereviews people have written about theproduct and ask yourself if you truly doneed that pair of hair scissors or if theyjust have a nice look to them. Key thingsto look for while reading reviews includeefficiency, care and cleaning, durability,comfort, etc.
  4. 4. After looking at the reviews, if you stillthink you have found the perfect pair ofhair scissors, look at all of the fine print.This would include shipping andhandling, return policies, warranties,money-back guarantees, etc. If you aregoing to invest in an important type ofproduct, be sure you are getting yourmoney’s worth. If the company does notaccept returns, keep looking.
  5. 5. • Once you have completed each of these processes, purchase the product and be sure to put it to use.• All kinds of hair scissors are great and will do the job but to be sure they do the job right, remember the above tips. Life becomes much easier when you know you can trust the product in your hands.
  6. 6. The Most Important Tools For hair• When you visit your hairstylist, you may talk about gossip in town or what kind of styles are hot in Hollywood. But have you ever asked her what the most important part about styling hair is? If you haven’t ever asked, think about what your hair would look like if it didn’t get a regular trim. Hair shears are so important when it comes to good grooming for your mane.
  7. 7. Whether you cut your hair at home or goto a salon for a haircut, shears are whatmake the cut possible. What is moreimportant about these tools is knowingwhat type to use. Cutting hair isn’t just asecond nature deal for everyone- it takeslots of work and practice and the righttools.
  8. 8. One of the best types of shears to use isa pair of basic grooming shears. This isthe essential tool for those looking to justtrim off split ends. After mastering theproper technique for using these kinds ofshears, it’s a basic job that anyone canperform.
  9. 9. Another great kind of trimmer for yourlocks is the razor shears. You can createmultiple lengths and decrease theamount of bulk in your hair at the sametime. The razor shears are great for thoseneeding layers. They really do a great jobof creating a light, feathery look.
  10. 10. Not to mention after using them, youfeel like you can finally run your fingersthrough your hair and feel the difference.Short hair looks the best when you userazor shears because most people withshort hair are looking for a stacked lookin the back, which can easily be createdwith this tool.
  11. 11. If you are in need of thin hair, your perfectshears are the thinning shears. These are verysimilar to the razor shears because they getsrid of the extra “baggage” in certain areas ofthe hair. The difference between the twotypes of shears is that the thinning shearsstrictly do one job: thin your hair, while razorshears create layers. The length of your hairwill stay the same if you only use thinningshears
  12. 12. You will feel some texture in your hairand that texture is one word: soft.Thinning shears are perfect for thick hairbecause those with thick hair are knownto have a harder time styling since theyhave so much hair. With thinning shears,the job becomes much easier.
  13. 13. After getting a basic haircut, you maywant to think about how important it isfor your hairdresser to be using the rightkind of shear for your type of hair. Whenit comes to style, the hair must holdcharacter and what better to do this thanto take advantage of hair shears.
  14. 14. Educational Technology Mark Joseph Espiritu BBTE 3-1