Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program - Module 1 Final Presentation


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Mark Delgado is a Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur (CBSME) who is passionate about consultative works, creative writing, events management, ideation, startupreneurship, strategic marketing and training. He founded Mediactiv8, a startup social media marketing company that advocates digital marketing education and entrepreneurship in the Philippines. To see more of his works, please check out www.facebook.com/Mediactiv8.

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Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program - Module 1 Final Presentation

  1. 1. INTRAMUROSMANILA.ASIAMark Joseph Delgado December 16, 2011
  2. 2. Blog and Social MediaEntrepreneur Program An intensive 9-week online mentorship program with the Subject Matter expert, Ms. Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino.com. Module 1 classes include Blog Launch, Copywriting and Social Media Promotions. This is my final presentation for Module 1 classes. My project is entitled IntramurosManila.Asia. For more information, visit http://www.digientrepreneur.com/
  3. 3. What’s inside? Blog Information Target Audience Keywords Sample Blog Content Plan Sample Promotion Efforts Sample Results Learnings
  4. 4. Blog Information Name of Blog: IntramurosManila.Asia Website Address: http://www.intramurosmanila.asia/ RSS Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/IntramurosManilaAsia Description: A blog dedicated to the Walled City of Manila. Target Audience: 15-29 years old; travel, food and history enthusiasts; foreign travelers and visitors
  5. 5. Keywords* Intramuros The Intramuros Fort santiago Manila intramuros map cathedral Manila manila Where is About manila Manila travel Tourist guide manila in manila Philippines Where is the About the Celdran Philippine philippines philippines airlines Travel and Where to Filipino Chinese to en Where are the tour travel chinese philippines translator*Keywords were lifted from Google™ AdWords based on Global Monthly Searches (High) and Competition (Low).
  6. 6. Blog Content Plan Topic Title 1: 5 Interesting Things To Know About the Intramuros Administration Big Idea  Create a bulleted and easy-to-read blog post about the interesting things to know about Intramuros Administration (IA)  Allow readers to send feedbacks to IA for the improvement of Intramuros as a main center of tourism in Manila Supplementary/Proposed Topics  Jun Capistrano: The Administrator Up-Close  Current Renovations in Intramuros Labels  Comments and Suggestions  Intramuros Administration Reference/s  Intramuros Map
  7. 7. Screenshot
  8. 8. Promotion Efforts: Liking*Upon Liking, the link to the post automatically appears on the Facebook Wall.
  9. 9. Promotion Efforts: Tweeting
  10. 10. Promotion Efforts: Google+
  11. 11. Promotion Efforts: Sharing toFacebook Fanpage
  12. 12. Promotion Efforts: Sharing toFacebook Wall
  13. 13. Promotion Efforts: Tagging Friends
  14. 14. Promotion Efforts: Sharing toFriend’s Wall
  15. 15. Promotion Efforts: Sharing toFacebook Groups
  16. 16. Promotion Efforts: EmailingConcerned Parties
  17. 17. Promotion Efforts: Sharing toReddit
  18. 18. Promotion Efforts: Sharing toTumblr
  19. 19. Promotion Efforts: Sharing toLinkedIn
  20. 20. Promotion Efforts: Sharing toStumbleUpon
  21. 21. Promotion Efforts: Sharing to Digg
  22. 22. Results* (As of Dec. 18, 2011)* As of Dec. 18, 2011, the post is the most popular post with 156 Pageviews.
  23. 23. Results* (As of Dec. 18, 2011)* As of Dec. 18, 2011, there are already 26 Likes, 5 Retweets, 1 Google+1 and 32 Shares.
  24. 24. Results* (As of Dec. 18, 2011)* As of Dec. 18, 2011, there already is 1 Retweet by Ms. Janette Toral.
  25. 25. Results* (As of Dec. 18, 2011)* As of Dec. 18, 2011, there already is 1 Google+1 Share by Johanson Cheng.
  26. 26. Other Promotion EffortsTargeted Twitter Plugging
  27. 27. Other Promotion EffortsTargeted Twitter Plugging
  28. 28. Other Promotion EffortsNetworkedBlogs
  29. 29. Results: Week of Dec. 5-12, 2011*During the week of Dec. 5-12, 2011, the post with the highest number ofviews gathered only 57 views. During that week, the most significanttraffic source is Twitter. The Pageview all-time history is at 555.
  30. 30. Results: Week of Dec. 9-16, 2011*During the week of Dec. 9-16, 2011, the post with the highest number of views already gathered 107 views. During that week, the most significant traffic source is Reddit. The Pageview all-time history is at 1,011. With just a few day interval from the previous result, the Pageview of the top blog post and the Pageview all-time history almost doubled in number.
  31. 31. Results: Week of Dec. 11-18, 2011*During the week of Dec. 11-18, 2011, the post with the highest number of views already gathered 141 views. During that week, the most significant traffic source is still Reddit. The Pageview all- time history is at 1,539. With just a 2-day interval from the previous result, the Pageview of the top blog post and the Pageview all-time history rose to 30% and 50%, respectively.
  32. 32. Results* *Likes, Comments and Interactions fromIntramurosManila.Asia – Core Group.
  33. 33. Results* Tweeter Responses*Replies to Tweets.
  34. 34. Results**Insights from Facebook Fanpage.
  35. 35. Results**New followers and comments from NetworkedBlogsand Shoutbox respectively.
  36. 36. Learnings Branding. To be effective, a blog needs to be unique and specific. Just like in any other brands, it must have its own personality or Unique Selling Proposition (USP). A blogger can’t just say, “I want to create a blog that shall talk about what other bloggers are talking about.” or “I want to tackle about anything under the sun on my blog.” Focus is very important in blogging. It doesn’t only help your readers remember you and what your blog topic is all about, it also has implications on the keywords that applies to your blog. Search Engines rely on keywords in generating results from an end-user’s query. Using the right keywords is a big factor in the success of a blog. But first, knowing how to find them depends on how unique and specific your blog is.
  37. 37. Learnings Creativity. The next step to creating a successful blog is knowing how to write catchy titles and exciting contents. A blogger must be able to place himself in the shoes of his readers. A blogger must strive to make each blog post as interesting as possible. It must be able to provide something new and fresh that the readers will delightfully read. Furthermore, creativity is very much needed in finding out more ways to promote one’s blog post- after writing it. There are many social media platforms out there that can help a blogger increase his blog’s Pageviews. Some of these are Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, LinkedI n, Tumblr and Email. Aside from online promotions, one must also not forget the power of offline promotions such as word-of-mouth.
  38. 38. Learnings Opportunities. Because of my increased online activity for Intramuros Manila, I was able to win a client from Hong Kong who needed a tour guide for her scheduled tour in Intramuros. I consider this a success of being in the Blog and Social Media Entrepreneurship Program because, at the end of the day, the goal of the program is to harness the power of social media in creating earning opportunities. I learned to not only rely on what’s currently given (e.g. bloggers earn income through online advertisements and paid posts) but to constantly seek for other income-generating opportunities through blogging.
  39. 39. Learnings Ethics. I learned through my experience of interviewing a fellow blogger whose publishing rights were violated, that ethics in cyberspace should be properly observed. Ethics, I realized, may be one of the things that some bloggers take for granted as of now. But for me, it is something that everyone should give proper attention to, especially nowadays that the online industry is booming. The security and sustainability of the progress of the industry that a lot of people right now is embracing, studying about and earning income from depends upon their observance of proper ethics.
  40. 40. Need help with your Social Media Promotion?Please feel free to contact me at markjosephdelgado@ymail.co m.