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FSO IMBS Group Project #MarketYourWorld
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FSO IMBS Group Project #MarketYourWorld


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. Full Sail Online IMBS Degree Program Marketing Campaign Nina Say Nate Lane Mark Mueller Shawn TerryThursday, January 10, 13
  • 2. Channels covered in this proposal: Facebook / Twitter Display Advertising Press Relations VideoThursday, January 10, 13
  • 3. FSO IMBS CampaignThursday, January 10, 13
  • 4. Target Demographics Social Media Influencers Male & female 18-30 Unemployed or underemployed Under $40,000 annual income Non-college graduatesThursday, January 10, 13
  • 5. Telling the Story Series of banner ads, social media posts, testimonials, articles, videos, all with consistent messaging repetition Variety of faces shown within target demographic Capture young, innovative, creative vibe and attitudeThursday, January 10, 13
  • 6. #MarketYourWorld Contest Contest Overview: Right now, there’s a good chance that we here at Full Sail don’t know who you are or what you do. Your challenge is to change that, make sure we know your name, your face, your brand, your talents, and your dreams. Be creative, be original, be influential, but most of all, be seen. #MarketYourWorld Contest Details: The #MarketYourWorld contest winner will be announced on January 1st, 2013. The winner will be chosen based on creativity, originality, and wow factor. To qualify, the hashtag #MarketYourWorld must be used in some form within all content. Contest winner must be 18 years old or older and a legal resident of the United States. Contest Winner Receives: A 3-day, all expenses paid trip to Orlando, FL. Day one will be spent at Universal Studios Orlando where you’ll meet their world-class marketing team and spend some time on their best rides and attractions. Day two, head over to see an Orlando Magic basketball game and find out how they promote their team using today’s latest and greatest marketing strategies. On day three, you’ll get a one-on-one tour of the Full Sail Campus, meet staff and students, and attend an on-campus event featuring an industry-leading marketer.Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 7. Click-thru Destinations, January 10, 13
  • 8. Facebook & TwitterThursday, January 10, 13
  • 9. What is a Facebook Page? A place for public figures, organizations, businesses, and educators to connect with their fans/followers. With a simple click of the “Like” button people are connected. Easy way to keep people in-the-know. Great place to hear feedback and comments.Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 10. IMBS Facebook Fan Page Currently is used for students to share thoughts, announce IMBS events/news. With ‘Market Your World’ it can be an outlet to highlight great examples of marketing in the everyday world. ‘Market Your World’ tab/application on the page wall to allow for submissions/galleries.Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 11. Growth of Full Sail IMBS Fan Page The IMBS Facebook Page will continue to grow with a continuous long term social media campaign.Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 12. What is Twitter? “Twitter is an information network that brings people closer to what’s important to them.” Twitter uses short messages and #hashtags (in our case #MarketYourWorld) to build a web of information. Twitter is one of the most used Social Networks today.Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 13. IMBS on Twitter FSO/IMBS currently discusses their alumni, work their graduates have participated in, and school news. The IMBS program connects with their past student. Gives them recognition.Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 14. #MarketYourWorld Hashtag The #MarketYourWorld hashtag will be used to make the campaign a well known term. Users can submit their own ways they market their world to enter to win a trip to Orlando. The IMBS team can re-tweet and share the entries they enjoy.Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 15. User Lists IMBS will use user lists to ‘bookmark’ #MarketYourWorld entries that are unique, memorable, and inspiring. This will bring extra attention to the great entries. Great entries will be highlighted on the landing page for ‘Marketing Your World.”Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 16. Monitor the Conversation This will be one of the easiest ways to see how people market their world by viewing tweets with the #MarketYourWorld hashtag.Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 17. Display AdvertisingThursday, January 10, 13
  • 18. What is Display Advertising? Banner ad placement on websites that reach target demographics Banner ad appearances across the web based on keyword and search term targeting Banner ad appearances on social media websites based on behavioral targeting, interests, and likes Banner ad appearances on YouTube based on keywords and selecting individual videosThursday, January 10, 13
  • 19. DISPLAY ADVERTISING WORKS!Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 20. Marketing Benefits Money spent on display advertising has strong ROI Using keyword, search term, interest, and behavior targeting guarantees ads will be relevant to viewers Access to real time reporting data enables campaign strategies to be tweaked and optimized Placing multiple ads gives the ability to tell a larger story about the FSU IMBS program to perspective students Google AdWords and Facebook are both flexible, powerful ad platforms offering effective ways to place ad content in front of any target demographicThursday, January 10, 13
  • 21. #MarketYourWorld BannersThursday, January 10, 13
  • 22. Key Website Placement Strategy Place banner ads on key websites in all available spaces Takeover all available for length of contest Ads are purchased and placed directly through the site, not Google AdWords Examples:,,, HuffingtonPost.comThursday, January 10, 13
  • 23. Google AdWords Strategy Keyword & Search Term Targeting Make competitive bids Example Categories: Full Sail University, marketing, online education, degree programs, competitors (Ai, University of Phoenix), social media, entrepreneurs, and business marketing. Track progress and success / failure Adjust and refine strategy based on click-thru and conversionsThursday, January 10, 13
  • 24. What are Facebook Ads? According to Facebook, their ads “show relevant and interesting advertisements to you and your friends.” Facts about Facebook Ads:Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 25. Facebook Ad Strategy Interest & Behavior (likes) Targeting Make competitive bids Example Interests: Marketing, internet marketing, social media, small business, entrepreneurs, advertising, branding, blogging, technology, phones, tablets, communication devices, computers. Example Behaviors (likes): Mashable, SEOMoz, AdWeek, Net Magazine, Inc Magazine, Fast Company, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Social Media Examiner, Full Sail University, Art Institutes, University of Phoenix, other online education institutions. Track progress and success / failure, adjust and refine strategy based on click-thru and conversionsThursday, January 10, 13
  • 26. AdWords for Video Strategy Keyword & Search Term Targeting Specific video ad placement Pre-roll video ads In-movie banner ads Make competitive bids Example Categories: Full Sail University, marketing, online education, degree programs, competitors (Ai, University of Phoenix), social media, entrepreneurs, and business marketing. Track progress and success / failure Adjust and refine strategy based on click-thru and conversionsThursday, January 10, 13
  • 27. Public RelationsThursday, January 10, 13
  • 28. Why PR is Important PR is part of the altogether “Voice” of the Full Sail IMBS #MarketYourWorld campaign PR builds relationships with potential influencers for the campaign In charge of most of the content that is placed throughout online presencesThursday, January 10, 13
  • 29. Press Releases Provides you with a quick way to communicate information Builds the school brand as well as the Internet Marketing degree Can give you visibility to a larger target market Sends more traffic to online resources that provide more informationThursday, January 10, 13
  • 30. Blog Articles Provides personal touch to connect individuals on a deeper level to the program Gives insight to what the school is looking for during the campaignThursday, January 10, 13
  • 31. Community Management Forms relationships with readers through active engagement Keeps people involved in discussions by stimulating conversation Original author can add to post and help develop a case to why they deserve to win competitionThursday, January 10, 13
  • 32. Testimonials Connect with prospective students through authentic stories of current and graduated students. Create an atmosphere of intimacy and community through these storiesThursday, January 10, 13
  • 33. Other aspects of PR Strategy Public speaking opportunities for Full Sail In house publications about campaign progress Help to develop audio and video components through script writing Create brochures and pamphlets for external use at conventions Coordinating events for announcement of contest winnerThursday, January 10, 13
  • 34. VideoThursday, January 10, 13
  • 35. #MarketYourWorld VideoThursday, January 10, 13
  • 37. Analytics Each system has it’s own analytic software. During the course of the campaign we will use these to narrow down targeted advertising. Keyword advertising will be used to bring together ads, the video and the landing page. Analysis will help us to find where the traffic is coming from in order to more specifically target the ads.Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 38. Going Viral There are different tactics for helping a video go viral. Our campaign wants the hashtag and user videos to go viral The more users utilizing the hashtag on posts, the quicker it will trend and entice more to participate.Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 39. Video Tactic The video will tell a story of a graduate. It will integrate the idea of Market Your World and Full Sail. The video will be short, concise and memorable.Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 40. Social Sharing and Interaction By using the hashtag #MarketYourWorld on almost any social platform, users can submit their content for consideration. Video commenting will be moderated for submissions. Users may post ‘response’ videos for consideration. Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 41. Proposal SummaryThursday, January 10, 13
  • 42. Content and Assets YouTube Contest Promo Video YouTube Testimonial Videos Testimonial Articles Press Releases Promotional Logo Banner Ad Graphics Mobile Ad Graphics Social Media Ad GraphicsThursday, January 10, 13
  • 43. Visibility and Engagement 2 million+ impressions on combined content over 30 day push 3% click-thru on all placed advertisements 25% conversion on users who land on the web form vs. web form submissions 15,000 new users added to FSU e-mail database 10,000 new “likes” on FSU Facebook 10,000 new followers on FSU TwitterThursday, January 10, 13
  • 44. Thank You!Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 45. REFERENCESThursday, January 10, 13
  • 46. DISPLAY ADVERTISING REFERENCES Fach, M. (2012, May 4). How display drives search [infographic]. Retrieved December 5, 2012, from display-drives-search-infographic/43310/ Adeel. (n.d.). How to research for keywords. Retrieved December 5, 2012, from for-keywords.html Cannon, J. (2012, October 30). How online advertisers figured it out. Retrieved December 5, 2012, from targeting/ Facebook. (n.d.). Facebook . Retrieved 12 5, 2012, from Facebook: Facebook. (n.d.). What are Facebook ads. Retrieved 12 15, 2012, from Facebook: Full Sail University. (n.d.). Retrieved 12 15, 2012, from Full Sail University: Page Data. (n.d.). Full Sail University Page Data. Retrieved 12 05, 2012, from Page Data: university/7513286285 Twitter. (n.d.). Twitter Resources. Retrieved 12 5, 2012, from Twitter:, January 10, 13