Overview of Social Media Services


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A description of our social media implementation services. published February 2011. Need more info, please visit our website at www.markholmgren.com

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Overview of Social Media Services

  1. 1. Mark Holmgren ConsultingIMPLEMENTING SOCIAL MEDIA IN YOUR NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION Overview of Services Mark Holmgren 780 244 8686 www.markholmgren.com mark@markholmgren.com Visit our Blog Follow Mark on Twitter
  2. 2. 2Mark Holmgren ConsultingImplementing Social MediaOnce your organization has a social media strategy in place, the next challenge is bringing it to life.Even though most social media applications are free or cost little to use, the learning curve and thelabour of getting your strategy off the ground can pose barriers that are difficult to overcome.We provide a range of social media implementation services that focus on getting results at the bestprice possible.We can train your staff how to Facebook, Twitter, and blog, as well as use such online tools as Flickr,YouTube, GoogleDocs, Slide Share, and many others.We can also mentor your staff in the use of such applications over time, blending together the actualprovision of services with ongoing training.What follows is an overview of the services we provide.Facebook PageSetting up a basic Facebook page is relatively easy, butcreating a Facebook presence that attracts fans,complements your website or blog and that connects withyour Twitter account is another matter. We can help yougrow interest in your Facebook page as well as create anaesthetic to your pages that draw people in and motivate interaction.We use third party applications to build additional features. The main one we use is North Social(www.northsocial.com) which offers a wide range of choices for enhancing your Facebook presence.The next page provides an overview of all of the functionality you can get via North Social for $19.95per month (US). Mark Holmgren Consulting | www.markholmgren.com | 780.244.8686 | Edmonton Alberta
  3. 3. 3 FEATURES & EXAMPLES All of these features and more are $19.95 per monthDeveloping a custom Welcome page that is not only North Social Welcome Pageattractive but motivates people to “Like” your page in orderto sign up for your newsletter or access a white paper or Greenpeace Welcomeobtain some other benefit.Offering an attractive volunteer recruitment page which See this example.includes a customizable sign up formCreating a page on which you promote your partners. You See this example.depend on others promoting you. Why not take the lead andpromote them on a page designed solely for that purpose.Feature a series of images, posters, and/or photographs that North Social Example of postera visitor can slide through. Each photo can be hyperlinked to size images. Here’s anotheryour website, blog or other locations. example.Add and organize your YouTube videos directly into See this example of a videoFacebook to increase views and exposure to your cause. channel (integrated with YouTube)Promote your donations page using North Social’s donationsfunctionality. Use images, text and insert a direct link to yourdonations form.Bring your Twitter feed into your Facebook page and bring Twitter feed example.in other RSS feeds as well from your website, blog or otherweb locations.Offer exclusives to your fans. Motivate them to sign up for To see the full example of this,your page and then gain immediate access to some special you have to click “Like” when youoffer like a kit, whitepaper, or some other special kind of visit the North Social page.download.Share important documents like articles, instructions, and Example.other text or visual-heavy materials directly on your fan page.If you sell products you can feature them using North Social Example.apps and link to your online store or to PayPal.Generate a wave of support and momentum for a product, Watch a democause, candidate, or occasion using North Social’s viral wavegenerator. Mark Holmgren Consulting | www.markholmgren.com | 780.244.8686 | Edmonton Alberta
  4. 4. 4Our fees for integrating North Social into your Facebook page vary depending on what features youwould like, if you provide images and photographs we can use,and whether you provide us with copy or we write it for you.We recommend that you consider a set of services that alsoincludes training for your staff so that you can minimize yourdependence on outside help; however, if you wish we will alsoquote on managing your page and providing regular updates.In addition to using North Social tools, we also make use of freetools from Involver, Menutab, Social Revitalizer, and others.Other services include maintaining your Facebook page andwriting a series of wall posts to your specifications to post overtime. Wall posts come in bundles of 25, 50, and 100.Give Mark a call at 780 244 8686 to talk about what can be doneto help your organization take full advantage of Facebook. Oremail him at mark@markholmgren.comEXAMPLE OF NORTH SOCIAL’S “EXCLUSIVE” APPLICATIONNewcomers see this page If they “Like” your page they see this offer. This functionality aims to get more people to LIKE your page and in exchange they get a free white paper (or some other offer you have). Mark Holmgren Consulting | www.markholmgren.com | 780.244.8686 | Edmonton Alberta
  5. 5. 5Get Going with Twitter but Only if it’s Right for YouIf you are trying to build a community of friends and supporters, participate in conversations aboutissues and opportunities for making change, inform your volunteers, promote an event or cause, orcreate a bridge from Twitter to your website, blog or Facebook page, this simple yet sophisticatedtool may serve you very well.Twitter is a great listening tool; in fact the large majority of people ontwitter never post; they just listen to others. There are ways to find localTwitterites to follow (and encourage to follow you), and you can createthematic tweets using hash tags which is a type of folksonomy that allows people from all over theworld to tag their tweets with common labels.We offer the following services: 1. While we recommend you have a strategy in place before going wild on Twitter, if you don’t we will sit with you and talk about what results you are hoping for and develop some strategies together on how to get them. 2. Account set up and training about the basics of Twitter. 3. Introduction to hash tags, lists, mentions, retweets, and other features that can help you take advantage of what Twitter has to offer. 4. Introduction to and training on important third party tools that make using Twitter (and other social media) easier like Tweet Deck, HooteSuite, Twellow, and others. 5. Integration of your Twitter feed into Facebook and your Wordpress blog. 6. Best practice advice on how to write a variety of tweets that help to grow followers and interest in your organization. 7. We will also write a series of Tweets for you (based on your needs) and set them up for automatic release on certain days and times, using Tweet Deck. We offer 50, 100, and 200 tweet packages.Setting up and Managing Your BlogLearn how to set up and use your own Wordpress Blog, including the integration of RSS feeds, socialbookmarking, Flickr images, videos, and more. Learn how to use the many widgets provided byWordpress and how to set up collaborators so that many of you can maintain the blog. We also willmaintain and write for your blog if you need to outsource that function. Check out our ownWordpress blog, Anticipate, to see how we take advantage of this free tool. Ask for moreinformation. There is no charge for an initial chat. Mark Holmgren Consulting | www.markholmgren.com | 780.244.8686 | Edmonton Alberta
  6. 6. 6 ~Click Image to visit our blog~Implementing GoogleDocsGoogleDocs is an online alternative to Microsoft Office and more. All you need is a GMAIL account(which is free) to use Google’s online and shareable calendar, word processor, presentation maker,spreadsheet, and form builder. You can also build websites and wiki sites (collaborative sites) usingGoogle Sites which allows for seamless integration of GoogleDocs.GoogleDocs allows you to share and collaborate on documents online. No need to email back andforth, and all of these applications are available for free. If you want your entire organization to useGoogle applications as your enterprise software, that is possible as well.We provide set up and training in all GoogleDocs and Google Site functionality. We also build or canteach you to build a website or wiki using Google Sites. Call Mark for more info. We built the Big Change using Google Sites. Our corporate site is also built on the Google Sites platform. See it here. Mark Holmgren Consulting | www.markholmgren.com | 780.244.8686 | Edmonton Alberta
  7. 7. 7OTHER SERVICESWe provide training workshops, one to one mentoring, as well as direct assistance with thefollowing social media applications: 1. Using YouTube as a social network and integrating your videos into your website, blog, and Facebook page. 2. Introduction to Slide Share, a place to upload and share your PowerPoint presentation, white papers and other documents. 3. Introduction to Flickr and how to share and automatically post images to your blog. 4. Introduction to blogging (Wordpress or Blogger) 5. Build your own standalone social network on the Ning.com platform. Mark Holmgren provides a range of services to non-profit organizations, including strategy building, organizational change leadership and facilitation, strategic communications, and social media consulting. Recent or current clients include: United Way of the Alberta Capital Region, Partners for Kids, Head Start, The Family Centre, The Edmonton Food Bank, Return to Rural, The Support Network, the NPVS Table (of ANVSI), Inner City Youth Housing Project, and MacEwan University.Mark’s company has a strategic alliance with Social Media Tools, operated by Brent MacKinnon in the Toronto area. He alsocollaborates with other consultants and freelancers when it makes sense to do that for a client.Visit www.markholmgren.com for more info. Mark Holmgren Consulting | www.markholmgren.com | 780.244.8686 | Edmonton Alberta