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100% Barter - Local and International Travel Incentive Programs for Employee, Resellers, Agents & Key Clients available on 100% barter. Resorts, Hotels and Accommodation available worldwide on barter through the Ormita Commerce Network Barter Exchange Platform. Visit the Ormita Commerce Network to find out more:

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  • 40% is the proportion of business prospects who are converted to new customers as a direct result of face-to-face meetings…
  • 28% is the percentage of current business that would be lost without face-to-face meetings…
  • 95% is the percentage of respondents to one survey who said face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships.
  • Conference packagebarter 1

    1. 1. BARTER FOR TRAVEL Travel Incentive Programs for: Employee, Resellers, Agents & Key Clients Packages on 100% Barter – Save Your Cash! Ormita Commerce Network
    2. 2. WHY TRAVEL INCENTIVES? Travel is perhaps the most exciting of all business incentives. Earning a trip based on performance is a visible symbol of achievement, prestige, status, and recognition, and that means it's a great way to influence sales and create powerful alliances. Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    3. 3. Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    4. 4. Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    5. 5. Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    6. 6. “Incentive travel is a global management tool that uses an exceptional travel experience to motivate and/or recognize participants for increased levels of performance in support of organizational goals” (SITE 2002) “Unleashing human potential through extraordinary, motivational experiences” (SITE 2008) “Used as rewards for staff, prizes for trade competition and to improve relationships” (Lenovo 2011) “Fits alongside corporate hospitality" ... "enhances the relationship between supplier and the customer” (Samsung 2012) Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    7. 7. TRAVEL BUILDS TEAMS The thrilling adventures and shared experiences of a fantastic trip will hone and develop team dynamics. It will also allow management and colleagues to build stronger relationships, and offers an informal forum for honest discussion about the company, its products and solutions. • Builds Teams (inside & outside your organisation) – – – – satisfaction from being a member cooperation to ensure success develop skills respond to competitive challenges • Balancing individualist and collectivist tendencies Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    8. 8. CREATES ENTHUSIASTIC CUSTOMERS There are 3 different customers: satisfied, dissatisfied, and enthusiastic. The goal of every organization today is to create enthusiastic customers. “It’s said that an enthusiastic customer will tell up to 15 others about their positive experience with your organization… they become ambassadors for your organization. Enthusiastic customers will encourage and influence their colleagues to do business with your organization.” Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    9. 9. TROPHY VALUE Travel has a certain aura, and creates wonderful memories for years to come. Your customers remember their incentive experience to Cancun much more than they remember receiving a check. Most incentive winners say they do not remember what they did with cash incentives – maybe paid a few bills, or repaired the dishwasher. Travel gives them an opportunity to build memories that will last a lifetime. Travel has the highest perceived value of any incentive. Your employees and customers will be motivated to do whatever it takes to win the travel incentive. Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    10. 10. BETTER THAN CASH REWARDS Cash bonuses or discounts are two of the most common, and according to statistics, least effective ways to reward employees and clients. Bonus money is often treated as part of an employees salary and is spent on bills or household items and discounts are often treated as a “right”. In contrast, an enticing travel experience is proven to inspire and motivate employees and clients. In addition, the memory of a fantastic trip will last much longer than cash, fostering feelings of gratitude towards the company. Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    11. 11. TRAVEL AS A SALES INCENTIVE Whenever there is an economic meltdown, one of the first things that many companies cut is non-cash incentives such as incentive travel. This is short sighted. When times are tough, it’s much more difficult for your team members to “make their numbers”. Therefore, it’s even MORE important than EVER to have strong incentives to motivate your team and reward top performers. If some members of your team have gone above and beyond the call and your company is still struggling, rewarding them with hotel and travel packages acquired on barter can be a creative solution! Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    12. 12. EMPLOYEE-CUSTOMER PROFIT CHAIN A COMPELLING PLACE TO WORK Attitude about the job A COMPELLING PLACE TO SHOP Service Helpfulness Customer recommend ations Return on Assets Employee behaviour Attitude about the company A COMPELLING PLACE TO INVEST Improved Profits Productivity Customer impressions Business Growth Value Employee Retention Improvement in employee output, loyalty & attitude Incentive Travel on 100% Barter Customer Retention Increases in customer acquisition and retention Increases in income and revenue growth
    13. 13. WHY ORMITA? Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    14. 14. MORE THAN 10,000 TRIPS ORGANISED Having an experienced organization in charge of your incentive travel operations is imperative. Each year Ormita handles more than 10,000 incentive trip operations involving more than a quarter of a million participants. We pride ourselves on delivering a level of personal service and activities, sightseeing, and comfort that individuals rarely duplicate on their own. And we do it on 100% barter…. (keep your cash for other things your business needs) Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    15. 15. THE TRAVEL EXPERTS • Experience –Ormita brings “over (75) years” of industry expertise and industry relationships to your team. • Responsive “Team Approach” –Ormita’s “can-do” attitude and reliable “team” staff make for an effective business relationship. • Cost Effective Process via Barter –By paying for the service on barter your business can save cash • Accountability –Ormita is a company where integrity among every level of staff is both expected, required and delivered. • Solutions –From site selection to on-site management, our capabilities allow for one-stop shopping. We provide technological, performance solutions and ROI Methodology (return on investment). Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    16. 16. PLANS WE PRODUCE • • • • • • • • Sales Meetings and Incentives Customer/User & Partner Events Management Strategy Meetings & Incentives Board Meetings Employees Training Programs HR Incentives “Circle of excellence”, “Presidents Club” Recreational Events Educational Travel Packages Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    17. 17. GROUP INCENTIVE PROGRAMS • • • • • • • • • • • Sales, Dealer, Customer Incentive Program Worldwide Destination Experience Customer Service Oriented Staff Unique Guests Experiences 3, 4 and 5 Star Hotels to suit your needs Unforgettable Theme Events Gifts and Teasers Award Ceremonies Complete Travel Services Hospitality Communication Pieces Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    18. 18. INCLUDED SERVICES 1. One stop organisation service to all meeting, training, incentive and conferences on 100% barter 2. Customized Venue selection as per requirement 3. Conference and Meeting Registration 4. Meet and Greet service 5. Tour & Airport transfer arrangement 6. Hospitality desk at the hotel to welcome your guests. 7. Excursions for the participants' pre & post conference 8. Unique theme events and off-property events. 9. Team building activity to organize as per requirement 10.Spouse activities such as shopping, tours or SPA 11.Hotel and resort contract negotiations Meeting & Convention Planner negotiates at best rate based on the client requirement and your budget. 12.Operation staff experienced of handling foreign groups Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    20. 20. OTHER SERVICES Other services we can provide on barter include: • • • • • • • • • • • Multimedia design Theme-Event Creation Program Planning Materials Planning Web Presence Presentation Planning Graphic Design Printing of Displays, Brochures, Tools & Gifts Event Production Stage Design Uniform Design & Production Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    21. 21. MULTIMEDIA DEVELOPMENT Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    22. 22. EVENT THEME DESIGN Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    23. 23. EVENT WEBSITE DESIGN Ormita can create a unique event website, complete with a welcome page, event and destination information, agendas, sponsor or vendor information, FAQs and more! This site would link to an online event registration system hosted on a secure server by Ormita. This system allows for a simple registration process for attendees and an effortless data management system for the client. • • • • • • • Database Management Reporting Capabilities (Access and Excel) Password Protection Name Badges Capabilities Payment Collection Automatic and Email Confirmations Attendee Support Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    24. 24. VIRTUAL TRADESHOW As part of the event website, Ormita can create a “Virtual Tradeshow” enabling exhibitors, sponsors or vendors to manage the following services online: • Registration and Hotel Accommodations • View the Tradeshow Floor and Pick a Booth • Order Convention Booth Materials from Show Decorator • Ask Questions and Submit Requests • Arrange Drayage and Shipping and Make Payments • Receive a Tradeshow Kit Electronically Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    25. 25. ONSITE MANAGEMENT Ormita can also assist with on-site management of the tradeshow, including the following: • On-site Vendor Registration and Check-in • Trade Show Set-up and Hotel Coordination • Day of the Event Management and Staffing • Trade Show Services Desk and Vendor Support Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    26. 26. CORPORATE GIFTS We can also provide corporate gifts on 100% barter with item values ranging from very low (€1 or less) through to tens of thousands of euros. Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    27. 27. PRINTING & DISPLAYS Ormita can also arrange for printing of all types (including large format and custom-build displays) on 100% barter Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    28. 28. OTHER BRANDED ITEMSpens, awards and Ormita can provide branded uniforms, other items on barter. Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    29. 29. THE BARTER PROCESS Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    30. 30. A COLLABORATIVE PROCESS Our employee and client motivation programs are collaborative. With your input, we design a program with the right structure, implementation and operation to fit your objective, needs and image. Our motivation programs engage your workforce from bottom to top. They recognize and reward success. To ensure results, we offer integrated employee motivation resources including communication, training, system support and recognition & rewards. Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    31. 31. PAYING FOR THE SERVICE USING BARTER What Can Be Exchanged for Incentive Travel via Ormita? • • • • • • • • • • Excess Inventory Depreciating Assets Undervalued Stock Incorrectly Packaged Stock End-of-line Items Test Products Event Tickets Real Estate / Property Professional Services Gift Vouchers Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    32. 32. THE BARTER PROCESS 1. You provide us exact details of the stock, product or service that you wish to barter including: a) b) c) d) Brochures / Sales Literature / Website Address List of inventory (if a product) or amount of gift vouchers (if a service) Wholesale and RRP price Physical location of product or service 2. You brief us on your incentive travel requirements 3. We will make an evaluation on the viability of doing a barter deal. At this time we will: a) b) Provide you with an initial incentive travel proposal Provide an indication of the types of buyers we may have for your product or service (if yet known) 4. Once we have come up with an agreed plan we will move to sell your product or service and place the credits into your barter account. You then use those credits to purchase the incentive travel solutions you require on 100% barter. Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    33. 33. CONTACTING ORMITA Incentive Travel on 100% Barter
    35. 35. LOCAL OFFICE CONTACTS Head Office: 702, 27 Hillier Street. Central. Hong Kong. Tel: +852 5808 2722 EU-Zone Head Office: 152 City Road. London. United Kingdom. Tel: +44 203 355 1381 For local office contact addresses please visit Australia +61 2 8064 2487 Greece +30 211 790 2320 Singapore +65 3158 1477 Austria +43 1 311 7296 Hong Kong +852 5808 2722 Slovakia +421 2 3305 7871 Belgium +32 2 808 9128 India +91 22 522 141 Slovenia +386 1 600 1417 Bulgaria +359 2 492 5044 Israel +97237630190 South Africa +27 10 500 9060 Canada +1 647 931 6841 Italy +39 015 952 6193 South Korea +82 70 7705 3525 China +86 755 33 011 789 Malta +356 2778 1011 Sweden +46 8 4083 9907 Cyprus +357 25 025092 Mexico +52 55 4170 7577 Switzerland +41 43 508 1008 Czech Republic +420 22 888 1634 Netherlands +31 20 808 2007 Thailand +66 600035265 Denmark +45 89 88 11 29 New Zealand +64 9 974 9159 Turkey +90 850 377 8101 Estonia +372 668 2549 Norway +47 21 98 89 79 Ukraine +380 94711 2556 Finland +358 9 3158 2401 Portugal +351 30 880 1735 United Kingdom +44 203 432 3828 France +33 1 8288 3929 Romania +40 3 1630 0662 USA +1 314 269 5876 Germany +49 931 3069 99280 Russia +7 498 619 5663 Zambia +260 97 789 5034 Ormita has offices in 23 countries. Countries with no local presence may have an office number which will divert to the nearest service centre. Some countries may also have more than one office in operation. Incentive Travel on 100% Barter