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  • Building a brandBuilding a reputation as a go-to resource, local expertCompeting with other agents (trying to engage people, stand out)Winning business in today’s marketLearning how to work internet leads effectivelyGetting leads to respondTurning leads into clientsStaying organizedTime – need more of itStaying organizedRunning multiple systems Leads falling through the cracksChaos – becoming more strategic, systematicBuilding a pipelineEngaging leadsConsistencyCapitalizing on all their initiativesTurning other websites into lead generating sitesNot wasting money on multiple systems that may or may not workBuilding a strategic, streamlined businessWant more yet don’t know how to create moreHow to expand their business in a sustainable wayNeed systems for reaching out to leadsManaging their timeHow they handle it:Don’t cultivate leads effectively respond slowly, don’t respond, abandon shipTime - Calendars, post its, chaosBrandHire professionals to make branded material (Can C21 agents do this?)Don’t do any branding, inconsistent brandEngaging leads - Get pushy with leadsSend too many or not enough emailsSend irrelevant emailsPipeline – using a huge variety of lead sourcesTry old fashioned strategiesDon’t have a pipeline at allCoachingSpend a lot of money to get trained StructureWhere money, what to do, not doBest practicesC21 doing this to put structure in place to help agents build, grown and structure their business
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  • We know your agents are spending money on websitesThere are 5 important parts of an effective websiteExcellent first impression by providing consumer with what they wantIDXLead capture tool that aligns w/today’s online consumer (consumer value prop)Updated, accurate community informationConnected to CRMWHAT TODAY’S CONSUMERS WANTPictures and details about homes on the market Specific school informationNeighborhood info and demographicsSpecific market conditionsShort sale/foreclosure benefits and trapsHow to successfully purchase a homeWhat is my current home worth?
  • How you can engage today's consumer xplode

    1. 1. How You Can Engage Today’s Young, Savvy and Qualified Consumer
    2. 2. Building, growing and managing a successful real estate business • Generating leads • Engaging leads • Winning business • Having fun Challenges of Today’s Agents Generate leads Engage leads Convert leads Continue relationship
    3. 3. What information are consumers gathering? – Pictures and details about homes on the market – Specific school information – Neighborhood info and demographics – Specific market conditions – Short sale/foreclosure benefits and traps – How to successfully purchase a home – What is my current home worth? Today’s choices …..what are the real differences? – Google, Bing, Yahoo – and – – Trulia, Zillow, – Company branded websites – Craigslist Understand today’s consumer
    4. 4. • TRADITIONALS – Over the age of 66 – Most are retired – Looking for more efficient living spaces – Could be looking for vacation homes – Still answers to print and email campaigns Be able to identify each demographic
    5. 5. 6 • BABY BOOMERS – Between the ages 47 and 65 – Very diverse set of needs – Some are looking towards retirement – Some have been hit hard by the recession and are looking to downsize – Quite a few “empty nesters” who are in a home that too large now Be able to identify each demographic
    6. 6. 7 • GENERATION X – Between the ages of 35 and 47 – Most have purchased their first home but are ready to “trade up” – Still some make up “first time home buyers” – Understands technology and utilizing search engines with key words – They value suburban amenities like good schools, parks and neighborhood data Be able to identify each demographic
    7. 7. 8 • MILLENNIALS – Under the age of 35 – Many are interested in buying their first home – They were born into technology and fully understand the internet – Great understanding of search engines, websites and social media – Know how to gather info on their own to enhance their buying experience Be able to identify each demographic
    8. 8. • HOT Leads – Characteristics: • Has provided a valid phone number • They’re ready to buy • Don’t know a buyer’s agent in their area • Will work with the first agent to show knowledge/understanding their needs – What works: • Get to them first! Respond now! • Show your knowledge of the area/real estate • Communicate clearly the information they are looking for Three type of online leads
    9. 9. 10 • MODERATE Leads – Characteristics • Looking for information • Went to the internet to do their own research but need help • Need relevant content in order to make the best decision • Usually wants to remain behind the wall of the internet – What works: • You have to work these leads • Use the tools available in your Pro System • Share your personality • Provide education using your knowledge • Get them back on your site! Three type of online leads
    10. 10. 11 • LOW Leads – Characteristics • Just looking at properties – probably 10-12 months out • Doesn’t like to have 1:1 conversations, difficult to engage • Might already have an agent • Just browsing – What works: • #1 goal….drive them back to your website within 6 days • Use the tools available in your Pro System • Only reach out with relevant content and a value proposition • NEVER just touch base, or random follow up • Trust your system and tools Three type of online leads
    11. 11. Must-have’s for your website • Consumer focused, not agent focused • True IDX feed • Updated, accurate community information • Value proposition Lead capture tool • Mobile technology capable • Integration with CRM
    12. 12. What is your GCI goal? Suspects or website visitors Leads Prospects or contacts Listings and buyers Transactions Income
    13. 13. • Consumers that are viewing homes on your site • Know your lead before you reach out to them • Consumers that are saving homes on your site • Consumers that return to your site • Consumers that need a comparative market analysis annually • Contact management system that identifies your HOT buyers from your browsers Know exactly when the right time is to engage
    14. 14. 1. Recommended listings within your business • Most relevant content to online consumer • 9 out of 10 consumers start their search online to view homes • Drives the consumer BACK to your site • Eliminates other search engines 2. Integrated market data • Up to date neighborhood data • Value proposition to your business • Demonstrate expertise 3. Automatic listing alerts • Consistent technology that drives your consumers back to your store • Opens windows of relevant content • Provides a reason for your prospects to contact you directly 4. Integrated marketing center • Integrated print and email campaigns to drive consumers back to your site • Relevant content based on different consumer demographics 4 strategies to guarantee better lead engagement
    15. 15. • Email: • Twitter: @Markham18 • Facebook: • LinkedIn: Jack Markham Director of Online Strategy, Market Leader
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