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You’ll learn:

• Craigslist lead generation strategies
• How to write strong headlines that help your listings stand out
• Why links are important for capturing leads
• Tips for tracking results and measuring your ROI

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  • Market Leader was founded in 1999 by a second-generation real estate agent who understood the challenges of the business, particularly when it comes to generating leads. Having a steady stream of new business can make or break an agent’s career. With that knowledge the company was built to provide real estate agents, agent teams, and brokerage companies with technology and marketingsolutions that enable them to generate a steady stream of prospects. To support that effort, we also built the tools and provide the training they need to convert these prospects into clients– which you’re getting a sample of today! With a decade long history of innovation, Market Leader pioneered online lead generation for real estate professionals and today is the leading marketing partner to the real estate industry with over 400 brokerages and 6000+ agents using our products.RemaxPrudentialWeichertExitJohn l scottKeller WilliamsColdwell banker
  • Components you have must speak to consumer needsAnd help agents overcome their challengesMust speak to consumer challengesAll conversations happen online
  • Building a brandBuilding a reputation as a go-to resource, local expertCompeting with other agents (trying to engage people, stand out)Winning business in today’s marketLearning how to work internet leads effectivelyGetting leads to respondTurning leads into clientsStaying organizedTime – need more of itStaying organizedRunning multiple systems Leads falling through the cracksChaos – becoming more strategic, systematicBuilding a pipelineEngaging leadsConsistencyCapitalizing on all their initiativesTurning other websites into lead generating sitesNot wasting money on multiple systems that may or may not workBuilding a strategic, streamlined businessWant more yet don’t know how to create moreHow to expand their business in a sustainable wayNeed systems for reaching out to leadsManaging their timeHow they handle it:Don’t cultivate leads effectively respond slowly, don’t respond, abandon shipTime - Calendars, post its, chaosBrandHire professionals to make branded material (Can C21 agents do this?)Don’t do any branding, inconsistent brandEngaging leads - Get pushy with leadsSend too many or not enough emailsSend irrelevant emailsPipeline – using a huge variety of lead sourcesTry old fashioned strategiesDon’t have a pipeline at allCoachingSpend a lot of money to get trained StructureWhere money, what to do, not doBest practicesC21 doing this to put structure in place to help agents build, grown and structure their business
  • Strategic significance”…C21 strategy in providing BB/proThis isn’t just another vendor/productIt’s here for a reason….C21 and ML have partnered together to strategically fix this for youYou and agents having to face this every day
  • We know your agents are spending money on websitesThere are 5 important parts of an effective websiteExcellent first impression by providing consumer with what they wantIDXLead capture tool that aligns w/today’s online consumer (consumer value prop)Updated, accurate community informationConnected to CRMWHAT TODAY’S CONSUMERS WANTPictures and details about homes on the market Specific school informationNeighborhood info and demographicsSpecific market conditionsShort sale/foreclosure benefits and trapsHow to successfully purchase a homeWhat is my current home worth?
  • Jenn: Have them come in on a click, one at a time: HouseValues then JustListed then
  • When you sign up for Market Leader, you’ll have all the tools you need to effectively grow and manage your real estate business. You’ll get:Exclusive areas and zip codes from and where you get all the leadsYou’ll be able to leverage the powerful brands of HouseValues and JustListed enabling you to strengthen your personal brand and be the local expert. For example when you sign up for HouseValues, you can market yourself byputting on your business cards;Create yard signs with,Drive leads to that knowing that you will get all the leads in your zip code. You will also have an powerful contact management system where you can manage all of your leads and clients and also tell which clients are the most motivated- As part of your integrated solution, you have a robust marketing center that allows you to easily market yourself and your listings. Here you can create and distribute targeted marketing collateral and campaigns – AND – since the marketing center is fully integrated with your CRM and the MLS – you never have to re-enter client or listing data!-Your success with Market Leader systems is important to us, and to help you we have created a library of on-demand trainingwhere you can choose from dozens of tutorials, recorded webinars and PDF’s to learn about the topics that matter the most to you. Market Leader…. We’ll taking you from lead generation to closing with one login, one price, all from one company.
  • Whether your agents are working buyer leads or seller leadsHave tools to capture more leadsEngage them with targeted marketingMaterials relevant to their interestsWin more listings, more buyer clientsSell more homes
  • Craigslist Workshop

    1. 1. Harness the power of Craigslist Live workshop Pt. 1 Featuring: Kerm Foltz –Market Leader Jack Markham - Director of Online Strategy
    2. 2. WelcomeToday’s Agenda– Understand: – Challenges today’s real estate consumer faces – Why agents face certain challenges – Craigslist: what works and what doesn’t work– Live demonstration: – Creating ads to generate buyer and seller leads – – Real-time HTML editor– Determining ROI with Craigslist – Website analytics –– Open Forum of Q & A w/ best practices – PDF: Craigslist Cheat Sheet and 50 plus ads – Webinar Recording– SPECIAL OFFER BONUS: – PDF: Craigslist Cheat Sheet and 50 plus ads – Webinar Recording
    3. 3. Who is Market Leader?• Founded in 1999 by a 2nd generation real estate agent• 12 years’ experience delivering proven marketing solutions to real estate professionals• Leading marketing partner to the real estate industry• Preferred marketing partner for many different brokerages• Acquired Sharper Agent &• Over 100,000 Agents and Brokers using our product
    4. 4. Today’s Online ConsumerInformation consumers gather online• Pictures and details about homes on the market• Specific school information• Neighborhood info and demographics• Specific market conditions• Short sale/foreclosure benefits and traps• How to successfully purchase a home• What is my current home worth?
    5. 5. Online Consumer Challenges• Choices• Overwhelmed• Lack of response from agents• Finding a reliable, trustworthy agent• Navigating short sales and foreclosures
    6. 6. Challenges of Today’s AgentsBuilding, growing and managing a successful real estate business• Generating leads• Engaging leads Generate leads• Winning business• Having fun Continue Engage relationship leads Convert leads
    7. 7. Impact on Your Business Agent impact • Produce less than capacity • Frustrated • Spin their wheels • Becoming a part time agent • Leave the industry
    8. 8. Past Experiences
    9. 9. Tools You Will Need to Succeed• Lead Capture Website – How you capture the buyers• Account (Free) – How you find the buyers• (Free) – How you test your ad’s effectiveness• Image Shack (Free) – How you insert pictures with hyperlinks• HTML Editor (Free) – Allows you to edit the HTML code for images• Connected CRM with lead report – How you measure leads generated
    10. 10. Craigslist Ad Tracker
    11. 11. ImageShack
    12. 12. HTML Editor
    13. 13. Being Found
    14. 14. Craigslist Misconceptions Consumers will call me off my Ad Craigslist leads are bad leadsCraigslist leads are only looking for bargains and cheap homes I can’t stand out on Craigslist –too much competition Craigslist takes too much time every day
    15. 15. 5 Website Must Have’s –to make it profitable Effective Websites • Consumer satisfaction • IDX • Lead capture tool • Updated, accurate community information • Integration with CRM
    16. 16. Keys to Capturing Leads via Craigslist An Attention Grabbing Headline Link to take visitors directly to the Property Lead Capture Website IDX Feed to Your MLS Post your listings during peak hours Wait 48 hours before reposting or removing
    17. 17. Craigslist: What is an Ad Headline and Body? AD HEADLINE AD BODY AD HEADLINE
    18. 18. Writing Effective Craigslist Headlines• Headline Do’s: – Desirable Area – Great deal – Appeal to fear of loss or greed• Headline Don’ts: – Remove disqualifiers • Price • beds/baths
    19. 19. Examples of Craigslist Headlines38 Visitors; 5 Leads57 Visitors; 4 Leads63 Visitors; 6 Leads166 Visitors; 11 Leads
    20. 20. Writing Effective Craigslist Ad Body• Body Do’s: – Short sentences (2-3 max) – Include call to action – Always link to a listing results page!• Body Don’ts: – Don’t put in disqualifiers – Don’t worry! Play with it! – Don’t write a novel
    21. 21. Examples of Craigslist Ads10Leads65 Leads7
    22. 22. Sample Buyer Headlines Bank is losing their shorts on this one! Your First Home Finally! Renters –Stop Paying for Someone Else’s Mortgage Three easy-to-fix fixers in YOUR CITY Free list of under priced homes 4 bedroom/2 ½ bath in YOUR CITY Your City’s five best priced homes Searching for homes just got easier 11 homes with seller financing Which Schools are best for your family? Fresh on the Market! Be the First!
    23. 23. Sample Seller Headlines Agent offers for Sale by Owner service Free loan modification kit Free online home values Want to know how much your home is worth? Owe more than your home is worth? Foreclosure help –for free Which Schools are best for your family? Need to sell your house ASAP Want TOP $$ for your house? 13 Things that you need to know before buyers see your home Want to know what your Bellevue home would sell for?
    24. 24. Steps to Craigslist Success1. Login to your account2. Create your post3. Create your link – From your website listings results page – – – http://htmledit.squarefree.com4. Track results within your integrated CRM5. Repeat
    25. 25. Exclusive Geographic Territories
    26. 26. Standout Online VS Unique & Successful Another Face in Crowd?
    27. 27. Benefits of a Market Leader Subscription• Effective Craigslist lead generation strategy• Guaranteed leads registering directly on your site• Leverage JustListed or HouseValues to build your personal brand• Integrated Contact Management with Prospect Insight• A Marketing Center keeps you in front of your prospects• Win with Real Estate Educational Resources CRM Marketing Center
    28. 28. Lead Generation Strategies –Market Leader ProPrint marketing IntegratedCraigslist IntegratedSearch Widget IntegratedOther websites IntegratedLeads Direct Guaranteed packs 20/30/40HouseValues Exclusive by zipJustListed Exclusive by area
    29. 29. Craigslist Part 2: Ensuring Every Conversation is Servicing Part 2: Thursday, October 25th at 9 am Announce winner of $200 AMEX gift card Providing immediate value in your first contact with a lead Servicing not selling on every contact Eliminate sending leads to your competition without even knowing it Leveraging insight to provide relevant content Determine ROI on all marketing opportunities
    30. 30. What Are Next Steps? Agents: 1-888-820-4778What do I do next... – Call 888-820-4778 • Set up Market Leader Pro system to generate Craigslist leads – Sign up for free Craigslist account – Sign up for free Craigslist Adtracker account – Sign up for free imageshack account – Choose your areas for guaranteed leads –FREE through 2012 – Sign up for part 2: Craigslist lead engagementCall today and receive: – Free: Recording of today’s webinar – Free: Craigslist Cheat Sheet PDF – Free: 50+ Craigslist Ads PDF – FREE leads directly to you: FREE through 2012Market Leader Customers say: I have been working in real estate sales since 2005 and Market Leader takes all of the tools necessary and creates a one stop shop for everything needed to run my real estate business successfully. Almost 10 years as a Realtor and the best years have been using Market Leader! For every $1 that I spend with Market Leader my return on investment is $10. I have had 1850 leads register directly on my site since May 1st With Market Leader, I am now a top agent ……thank you. Call 1-888-820-4778