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Innovative products and design process

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Design Portfolio

  1. 1. Mark Anthony Hall
  2. 2. Table of Contents : Preserve Home Canning System
  3. 3. Preserve Home Canning System
  4. 4. Target Market Market A Market B The design of Preserve • Males and Females 25-30 years of age. • Females 40+ years. had to address problems • Condo or Small Home owner • Home owners. for both generations • Both work full time. • Grow fruits and vegetables in their new garden. while aesthetically • Intimidated by traditional methods of home • Her lifestyle is too busy to preserve using respecting the retro canning. traditional methods of home canning. tradition and modern Jeff and Melissa are a young married couple. They have an Jane is a 40-year-old female. A mother of 4 and happily married. kitchen. abundance of fruits and vegetables that they just picked from Jane who lives in an urban community makes a joint income of their garden. Neither one of them know how to can food nor have $90,000 a year. Throughout the season she cans different types the time to learn the traditional process because they have busy of food mostly jams, jellies, vegetables and tomato juice. Jane has schedules. They need a product that will ensure food safety and is been canning for years but time is more of a problem and she just easy enough for them to preserve any type of food. can’t dedicate the time she used to, canning the traditional way. Jane needs a product that reduces the complexity of the traditional and is more time efficient.
  5. 5. Market Gaps Food Prep Preserving Cooking Potential Design Opportunities After doing several blue ocean strategy canvases, it became apparent that the features of “Preserve” will be marketable to fit in any of the 3 market areas: Food Prep, Preserving, and Cooking. An abundance of products are available in each of the market areas. Cost Aesthetic Multi Functional Use of space Ease of Use Safety (Good) (Bad) Digital Food Steamer - $34 Electric Pressure Cooker - $100 GE Slow Cooker - $40 Bread Maker - $45 Water Bath Canner - $45 Pressure canner - 82 Deep Fryer - $45 Toaster Oven - $100
  6. 6. Photographic Analysis Operational Sequence Diagram A step by step photographic analysis of the canning process The OSD was used to identify all decision making points was used to narrow the focus of the project. It was identified in the process in order to move forth with the design that the key problem areas were directly linked to the process of development. It became apparent that an intuitive user canning as well as placing lids onto jars and sealing them. This interface was needed that was easy to use and would assist became the task addressed by the proposed design. the user successfully. NO Action in the User’s Mental State NO Information NO Change • Safety An Action • Uniformity Change in User’s Mental State • Multiple work stations Previous Knowledge Choices / Decisions Information Transmitted Information Recieved
  7. 7. • Pre-heat Lids & Jars • Multiple methods & recipies • one v.s. multiple work stations
  8. 8. 6 1. Monitor - The pressure, temperature & canning process. 6 2. Ease of Use – User interface is intuitive 3 & reinforces confidence for user. Manual & pre-programed setting. 3. Safe – Limits potential for injuries. I.e. pressure build up or steam burns. 5 4 4. Multi Functional –Steralizes jars and lids preparing for any method. 5. Versatile - Water bath and Hot pack methods. 6. Use of Space –Storage of tools. 2 3 7. Human Factors - Display angled to prevent glares and back strains. 7 1
  9. 9. Micro-Computer Technology A microcomputer is a computer with a microprocessor as its central processing unit. Results are reliable each time. Objective • To incorporate technology into “Preserve” to achieve superior performance with safe and reliable results every time. • Pre-programed selection of recipes and manual settings will make “Preserve” easy to use for both markets. Capabilities • Bread maker- 18 different bread settings • Rice cooker- special heat elements keep rice warm with out burning or drying the rice. • Slow cooker- 3 different cook settings. Digital LED interface • Flat panel digital read out • Easy-clean control buttons Power On/Off C Prep ready Low water indicator Cancel button C Enter (next step) Scroll buttons 00:00:00
  10. 10. 1. Retro and Contemporary style to respect the historic tradition and modern kitchen. 2. Repetitive horizontal and contour lines.
  11. 11. Base is needed for internal components to be housed but still seems bottom heavy. Contouring lines and interface proportions need refined.
  12. 12. Preserve Manufacturing Materials 1. Polished aluminum Home Canning System 2. High Heat Resistant ABS 3. Micro-Computer Technology 4. Mechanism 4 2 Special Features • Built in Thermostat- for automatic temperature control. 1 • Gasket Ring- Completely pressurized structure keeps the optimal cooking temperature. • Comfort Grip Handle with Steam Protector - Prevents steam 2 burns from hands while placing or removing something. • LED Digital Display - Gives you easy to read controls and allows you to monitor you time and settings as you can. 3 • Multi-Functional - Preserve incorporates all canning methods which combine heat steam and pressure into one easy-to-use unit. Safety • Locking Pin - Prevents the lid from being opened while under pressure. 1 • Pressure Regulator Knob - If pressure exceeds its max knob will be forced upward. 2 • Automatic Shut Off - Unit will automatically shut off when the pressure has exceeded its max.
  13. 13. Sponsored Competition By: T he Mangochine is a very inexpensive system that uses local mangoes to neutralize over-chlorinated water in Haiti where 75 % of the population lives in poverty and make less than a dollar a day.
  14. 14. • Ways of agitating chlorinated water • Children recess as enegry source • Pictoral charts for communication
  15. 15. • Technical Recearch • Sketch Refinement • Finalizing
  16. 16. Implementation FIRST Haitian potters can produce quantities of identical pots and already produce pots similar to this design. place NGO’s can create cardboard booklets with templates that can be distributed to local potters. winner The cardboard templates can be used as references for shapes and dimensions. Instructions are stamped inside of lid making the system easy to use. Featured By:
  17. 17. Objective: To re-design the McGill Air Flow LDK making it more user friendly, portable, and compact which will reflect the quality of product that McGill offers to its costumers. Sponsored Competition By:
  18. 18. Issues: Transporta tion User interf ace Appeara nce Size Durability Storage
  19. 19. • Thumbnail sketches • Brainstorming method • Functionality • Different components
  20. 20. • Swivel handle for maneuverability & transportation. • Compress flex tube for storage.
  21. 21. • Fold out try used to house charts and as a work station.
  22. 22. Size, Transportation, and Intuitive interface where all heavily emphasized in every client consulta- tion of presenting concepts.
  23. 23. Objective: To develop a line of products to a specific identified target consumer segment of the market. Market Research: Professional Men Age 36-55 years old Home owner CEO or Executive Well-established Well-groomed 1-4 kids Upper Class Sophisticated
  24. 24. • Too feminine • More dynamic
  25. 25. • Minimalize soft form • Strong movement
  26. 26. The Sliver Line eniL revilS ehT
  27. 27. • Rhino computer model • Detailed manufacturing process • Only for pencil sharpener • Client request
  28. 28. scuba gear Objective : To design a family of 3 products that form a product line for a fictitious sporting goods company. • Water intermediate scuba divers. • Line of products focusing on 18-30 year old gender neutral adults. • Very stylish and color coordinated.
  29. 29. Conceptual Development : Exploring color, material, and form to convey products as a family. • Scuba Knife • Depth and Pressure Gauge • Scuba gloves
  30. 30. scuba gear
  31. 31. Preserve Home Canning System Thank you