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Tools for SEO Onsite Audits
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Tools for SEO Onsite Audits


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Presentation from Jerusalem Web Professionals Seminar on Advanced SEO Tactics, delivered in Jerusalem on July 7, 2010.

Presentation from Jerusalem Web Professionals Seminar on Advanced SEO Tactics, delivered in Jerusalem on July 7, 2010.

Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. Mark Ginsberg JWP July 10, 2012
  • 2.  In Browser ◦ Browser Extensions  Chrome Sniffer, Mozbar, etc. ◦ SaaS Tools  SEOMoz campaign tools, and lots more Standalone Applications ◦ Screaming Frog SEO Spider ◦ Xenu Link Sleuth ◦ IIS Crawler
  • 3.  Chrome Sniffer - ◦ Quickly find out what CMS the site is using, like wordpress, drupal, magento, prestashop, etc. Click on the icon for more info about ◦ Are they using Google Analytics or another analytics tool? the page ◦ Which social plugins do they use? Canonical- ◦ Shows if page has a canonical tag different from the page you are currently visiting
  • 4.  SEO Site Tools - ◦ Lots of Info about your Site and your page ◦ What type of server are you running? ◦ External link data – PR, data from open APIs – SEOmoz, Alexa, SEMRush, indexed pages, lots more
  • 5.  Mozbar - ◦ Nice clean interface ◦ On page data ◦ Backlinking data ◦ HTTP status codes, canonical tags, and much more
  • 6.  User Agent Switcher- ◦ Allows you to change your browser’s user agent ◦ View a webpage as Google does ◦ Use this for checking if website is cloaking
  • 7.  Quirk Search Status- ◦ Lots of SEO information – like Chrome plugins previously mentioned ◦ Show other domains on IP – shortcut to Bing search ◦ Highlights nofollow links – other tools do this too – I leave this on by default in Firefox and use Chrome as primary browser
  • 8.  Web Developer Toolbar- ◦ Disable elements to mimics search engine bots ◦ Quickly disable:  Cookies  Css  Images  JavaScript ◦ Show link information by default if checking links and are not broken
  • 9.  Is the site trustworthy? Would you buy from them? What is the site about – does the homepage convey this? Would you give this site your credit card?
  • 10.  Is the site cloaking – showing different content to you and Googlebot How to Check – view cache in google ◦ In Chrome, just add a cache: to the URL and hit enter Change user agent in Firefox to Googlebot and then view the page Compare to the live version you see in Chrome and other browsers
  • 11. Normal User Sees What Googlebot Sees
  • 12.  In our example – cached version of the page doesn’t show the cloaking/hack Google Instant preview does though Always check with multiple resources – cache, instant, user agent switch If detected, work with developer to clean up
  • 13.  Does the homepage redirect to another page? ◦ What type of redirect – 301 or other? www vs non-www- is there only one version of the page? ◦ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently ◦ HTTP/1.1 200 OK ◦ Note – wordpress sites usually pretty good with this, other cms’s cause lots of problems Is there a canonical tag pointing somewhere else?
  • 14.  Title tag ◦ Proper length? ◦ Keyword stuffed? ◦ Descriptive? ◦ Incorporates brand name? Meta-description ◦ Proper length? ◦ Keyword stuffed? Descriptive? Unique? Keywords Tag ◦ Is it in usage? Is it unique? Canonical Tag ◦ Is there a canonical tag pointing somewhere else?
  • 15.  Is the navigation crawlable? ◦ Turn off javascript, images and CSS in Firefox with developer toolbar ◦ Can you still navigate to the main sections of the site? URL site structure ◦ Does the main navigation point to clean urls or search engine unfriendly URLs? ◦ Do the URLs contain capital letters or spaces? Does the server force lower case letters in the URLs?  Live pages - and
  • 16.  ◦ Searches only the domain you specify – tells you how many pages indexed ◦ Shortcut to this query from tools like Searchstatus & SEO Site Tools ◦ If not many pages indexed, could be problem with navigation cache: ine ◦ Checks if page is stored in cache More advanced search queries:
  • 17.  Robots.txt ◦ Check if the site has a robots.txt – check to see what it’s blocking ◦ Use Google Webmaster tools to check their access and see if specific URLs are blocked by robots.txt ◦ Are they accidentally blocking access from all search engines? This means they’re blocking everyone: User-agent: * Disallow: / Sitemap ◦ Does the site have one? Is it linked in the robots.txt file? ◦ Does it include errors or URLs no longer live
  • 18.  Content ◦ Is there enough content? ◦ Is it organized, laid out nicely? ◦ Interlinking ◦ Crawlable by the search engines ◦ Check for duplicate content – text in quotes Meta Data ◦ Title tags, meta descriptions, keywords ◦ Meta robots – are these pages blocked by the search engines
  • 19.  Why check SEO info on one page when you can look at the whole site, sections of it, etc?
  • 20.  Check crawl errors, etc. Supplement this data with Webmaster Tools data
  • 21.  Does a lot of good stuff as well Not specifically an SEO tool, but does produce relevant reports It’s Free (Screaming Frog full version is £100 a year – free version doesn’t have all features and only crawls 500 URLs)
  • 22.  It gives a lot of data and information about the site Is free and easy to install (if you have Windows 7) – follow the instructions here -
  • 23.  Independent SEO Consultant @markginsberg Google+ Skype: msginsberg