DesignMind SQL Server 2008 Migration


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This presentation discusses SQL Server 2008 Migration tools, planning and execution. You will learn about the SQL Server Featuer Pack, the SQL Server Migration Assistant, and Performance Benchmarks of SQL Server 2005 vs. 2008.

DesignMind is located in Emeryville, California.

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DesignMind SQL Server 2008 Migration

  1. 1. Mark Ginnebaugh, DesignMind John R. Hanson, DesignMind
  2. 2. Agenda • Introductions / Logistics – Mark Ginnebaugh • Migration Tools, Planning & Execution – John R. Hanson – Brief Overview of SQL Server 2008 – SQL Server Feature Pack – SQL Server Migration Assistant – Case Study • Intermission • Performance Benchmarks – SQL Server 2005 vs. 2008 • Q&A
  3. 3. About the Presenters DesignMind – – Microsoft Gold Certified Partner – Based in Emeryville, CA – Custom Software, Databases, and BI Solutions on the Microsoft Platform – .NET, SQL Server, SharePoint
  4. 4. John R. Hanson Chief Applications Architect DesignMind
  5. 5. Upgrade Resource/Benefit Comparison BENEFIT • Spatial Support • Filestream Support • Hierarchy Id Support • CDC* & Change Tracking Significant Application, Operational or • LINQ Support Deployment Changes • Entity Framework Support • ADO.NET Data Services Support • Policy Based Management (DMF) • Performance Data Collection • Enhanced date and time support Moderate Application, • Transact-SQL enhancements Operational, or • Sparse column support Deployment Changes • Service Broker enhancements • SSIS / SSRS / SSAS enhancements* • Data/Backup Compression* • Transparent Data Encryption* Minor • Resource Governor* Changes • Filtered Indexes/Statistics • Query Optimizer / Storage Engine enhancements* • Enhanced SQL Server Audit* • SSRS/SSAS scalability improvements* * Requires Enterprise Edition
  6. 6. Delivering on the Vision Enterprise Data Platform • Secure, trusted platform for your data • Optimized and predictable system performance • Productive policy-based management of your infrastructure Beyond Relational • Store and consume any type of data • Deliver Location Intelligence within your applications Dynamic Development • Accelerate your development with entities • Synchronize your data from anywhere Pervasive Insight • Integrate all your data in the Enterprise Data Warehouse • Reach all your users with scalable BI platform • Empower every user with actionable insights
  7. 7. Upgrade Technical Value Proposition
  8. 8. Reduce Support Costs Policy-Based Management – Pro-active, flexible administration – Configuration Servers Data Collection – Used beyond performance monitoring/tuning; e.g. workload profiling, capacity planning Plan Guides and validation – Predictable query behavior
  9. 9. Important Trends Affecting SQL Server 2008 Usage Consolidation – Greater opportunities with tools like Resource Governor and Extended Key Management – Providing flexible security in shared instances and shared servers Virtualization – Leverages Windows Server 2008 feature – Easier to support since technologies are from single vendor – Not just about dev/test and training Data in the Cloud – SQL Server Data Services
  10. 10. SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack • Most Recent Release: April 2009 • Collection of standalone packages that provide additional value for SQL Server 2008 • Includes – Data Mining for Excel – Native PHP Scripts – BLOB Store – System CLR Types for External Applications – Sync Framework – Upgrade Advisor! – And more…
  11. 11. SQL Server Migration Assistant • How to make an application originally written to run on Oracle, Access or Sybase to run on Microsoft SQL Server? • Main challenge – different SQL dialects implemented by DBMS vendors
  12. 12. SSMA for Oracle • Automates migration of Oracle databases to Microsoft SQL Server → Typically 80-90% of PL/SQL code gets converted immediately to Transact-SQL → Supports Oracle 8i, 9i,10g,11g → Target DB could be SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008 → Includes: • Migration Analyzer • Schema and Data Migrator • Migration Tester
  13. 13. Solution Architecture Database Migration with SSMA Migration Analyzer Assess the Migration Project Schema Migrator Migrate Schema and Business Logic Data Migrator Migrate Data Migration Tester Test the Converted Database Runtime Converter (RTC) (to Convert the be developed) Application Test, Integrate, and Deploy
  14. 14. • Help migrate 2 clustered 32-bit SQL 2000 to clustered 64-bit SQL 2005 on new hardware with 26 user databases. • Identify all code dependencies in over 58000 code files in over 20 applications. • Identify all native SQL objects where deprecated terms and syntax occur, and provide code changes both as concepts and actual recoding. • Develop and implement a test plan.
  15. 15. • SQL Profiler • SQL Upgrade Advisor • SQLCMD • Quest Discovery Wizard for SQL Server – Password Vulnerability Tool • Red Gate SQL Compare • Red Gate Data Compare • SQL DB Search • TextPad / regex • Visual SourceSafe • RML Utilities for SQL Server (Replay for Integration Testing) – ReadTrace – OStress
  16. 16. • Discover all SQL servers with dependencies • Identify each application and their Database dependencies • Trace activity of production workflows for as long as time and storage permit. • Trace activity of all tests • Use Upgrade Advisor to report on compatibility findings – must use both the servers and the trace files as inputs. • The report generated identifies those constructs that were exercised only!
  17. 17. • Find keywords – In the Server Objects – In the Code New keywords may need to be delimited (Bracketed) if used as object names depending on context. – Develop “Code Chunks” • Search for each of the deprecated terms / syntax in the source code and create a report for each item or class of item. • Use regex to help limit false positives – E.G Outer Join Syntax *= or =* versus /*=a note*/ • Map chunks to App owners
  18. 18. • Use a tool that can decrypt all “encrypted” SQL Objects if source is not available / legacy apps • Trust the manufacturer of applications claiming SQL 2008 compliance, but test anyway… • Create Unit tests of SQL Code when possible to make sure at least one case of new syntax works. • Compare baseline performance to post conversion to watch for issues known in 2008.
  19. 19. Other Resources Application and Compatibility Content & Tools – Application Compatibility Blog – SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Advisor – Upgrade Assistant • – Reporting Services Scripter • Server 2008 – SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack – April 2009 • 2343c099bcb4&displaylang=en Microsoft SQL Server Community & Samples