Start Your Own Bug Squad
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Start Your Own Bug Squad






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Start Your Own Bug Squad Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Start Your Own Bug Squad
  • 2. About (mrf) Senior Drupal Developer at Chapter Three
  • 3. What is a Bug Squad?An organized group of contributors who tackle an individual module.Unofficial maintainers who dont always help write code.Concerned citizens.Random people who land on an issue from a Google search.Anyone able to help out with the thousands of open issues for Drupal core and contrib.
  • 4. Project Information
  • 5. Issue Information
  • 6. Issue Statuses New issues usually start as active Needs review means there is something concrete to review (hey maintainer look over here!) Fixed means it is resolved, fixed issues will automatically close in 2 weeks without resetting status If the solution is incomplete or broken set to needs work
  • 7. Issue DetailsA good title will help your issue get seen, and found again easily.This is one of the most crucial pieces of the issue.Anyone can update a title to make it more descriptive.Dont just say what is broken explain HOW it is broken.
  • 8. Issue Details
  • 9. Use Issue Summary TemplateA huge help, especially for long and drawn out issues.You should write a summary any time you take the time to read through a long issue.Forces you to cover all the bases the maintainer will care about
  • 10. Issue Summary TemplatesProblem/Motivation(why the issue was filed, steps to reproduce the problem, etc.)Proposed resolution(description of the proposed solution, the rationale behind it, and workarounds for people who cannot use the patch)Remaining tasks(reviews needed, tests to be written or run, documentation to be written, etc.)User interface changes(new or changed features/functionality in the user interface, modules added or removed, changes to URL paths, changes to user interface text)API changes(API changes/additions that would affect module, install profile, and theme developers, including examples of before/after code if appropriate)Original report by [username]// Text of original report here.(for legacy issues whose initial post was not the issue summary)
  • 11. Issue Triage
  • 12. The Issue List
  • 13. Automated Testing
  • 14. Manual TestingApply patch see steps to recreate issuePost what you find back to the issueRinseRepeat
  • 15. Dreditor and easy patch reviews
  • 16. Working with Maintainers
  • 17. Working with Users
  • 18. About (mrf) Senior Drupal Developer at Chapter Three