Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing and Channel Development by MarketXpander


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MarketXpander provides Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing and Channel Development services for ISVs and SaaS companies.

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Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing and Channel Development by MarketXpander

  1. 1. 1B2B Marketing and Lead Generation Services Your Revenue Acceleration Partner www.MarketXpander.com
  2. 2. 2What we do? Implement and scale your Revenue Acceleration initiatives Focus on serving ISVs and SaaS companies Generate sales outcomes for our clients by applying technology, industrialization of processes and exceptional sales talent.
  3. 3. 3How we do? Create, Execute and Improve a marketing plan that generates steady stream of high quality leads Nurture & Manage Leads and pass to sales when they are sales ready Recruit the right channel partners across geographies Handle the technology and data that is required to automate marketing & sales
  4. 4. 4MarketXpander Services Partner Channel Lead Generation Lead Nurturing Development Platform for Sales & Marketing
  5. 5. 5Lead GenerationWhat we do?Generate New Sales Leads through Inbound and OutboundMarketing CampaignsHow we do? Contact Discovery and Market Research Teleprospecting Content Marketing E-mail Marketing Lead Generation through Social Media Lead Generation through Organic and Paid SearchOutcomes we produce Increase Number of Qualified Leads Increase in Lead to Customer conversion ratio Increased sales productivity
  6. 6. 6Lead Management and NurturingWhat we do?• Handle inquiries and prevent leakage• Nurture leads till they become sales-ready• Lead Qualification• Marketing Automation ImplementationHow we do?  Automated Nurturing  Lead Scoring on web and social media  Tele-nurturing  Content MarketingOutcomes we produce Increased conversion of enquiries to leads Increased number of Qualified Leads Increased sales productivity
  7. 7. 7Partner Channel DevelopmentWhat we do?Identify and Recruit the right Channel PartnersHow we do? Market Research Teleprospecting E-mail Marketing Connecting with Partners through Social MediaOutcomes we produce Increased Partner Channels in target geographies
  8. 8. 8Technology for Sales & MarketingWhat we do?• Marketing Automation Tool Implementation & Support Pardot, Hubspot, ClickDimensions• CRM Implementation, Customization, Integration and Support SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM• Sales & Marketing Data Quality Services• Sales & Partner Portal DevelopmentOutcomes we produce Increased # of Leads Increased Sales Productivity
  9. 9. 9Engagement Steps Client Plan and Discovery Define Establish Execute, Strategy Measure, Improve 4-6 weeks
  10. 10. 10Client Discovery Execute, Client Establish Plan and Measure, Discovery Strategy Define Improve  Understanding revenue model  Learn about your customers, value proposition  Your customers’ buying process; buyers, influencers, users  Current sales & marketing process; Org Structure  Analysis of historical sales & marketing results  Plan and execute a Pilot Project for 2-4 weeks to ‘test waters’ and establish reliable framework for Execution
  11. 11. 11Establish Strategy Execute, Client Establish Plan and Measure, Discovery Strategy Define Improve  Review what worked in Pilot and create a detailed report on the findings, observations and ideas generated  Learn Client’s business plan & marketing budgets  Co-develop Strategy and scope out MarketXpander’s possible contribution  List key metrics that MarketXpander will be responsible for
  12. 12. 12Plan and Define Execute, Me Client Establish Plan and asure, Impro Discovery Strategy Define ve  Process Definition and implementation roadmap  Create detailed execution plan  Agree on ground rules and governance  Develop in-depth training plan for team members  Set up Technology Infrastructure – CRM and Marketing Automation
  13. 13. 13Execute, Measure & Improve Execute, Me Client Establish Plan and asure, ImproDiscovery Strategy Define ve  Team Building & Training  Prospect Data Discovery & development  Create and Execute Marketing Campaigns  Response Handling  Weekly Reports  Measure and Improve
  14. 14. 14Team and Pricing ModelTypical Team Members• Market Researchers• Tele-prospecting Professionals• Content Writers• Marketing Campaign Managers• Technical ResourcesPricing Base Fees for Effort Fees for outcomes signed up by MarketXpander
  15. 15. 15Why MarketXpander? Our services blend the right strategy, sales talent, process and technology ◦ Strategy = Segmentation + Need Analysis + Messaging + Delivery ◦ Sales Talent = right people + training ◦ Process = well defined process + aligning to specific client needs + governance ◦ Technology = CRM + marketing automation + analytics + automated web research We sign-up for delivering sales results Cost Benefits attributed to global service delivery
  16. 16. 16MarketXpander Clients ISV & SaaS Clients Technology SolutionsFinancial Services/Education
  17. 17. 17 Write to us info@MarketXpander.com Find Us: http://www.MarketXpander.com http://twitter.com/MarketXpander http://www.linkedin.com/companies/marketxpander-services Meet Us:#14 & 15, Krishna Reddy Colony, Domlur Layout, Bangalore, India Call Us India Phone: +91 080-6547 2596 US Phone: +1 678 608 3550