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The Facebook Marketing Challenge


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  • 1. The Facebook Marketing Challenge Market Sentinel Summer Reception 23rd June 2011 @marketsentinel #sentinelsocial
  • 2. The challenge is two-fold Most brands feel the need to be on social media - where to concentrate your efforts? It’s hard for content to go viral on Facebook - why is it still essential for you to engage?
  • 3. Most brands feel social media is an importantplace for them to bePR Week Social Media Survey 2010 - 71% of marketers are already using social media tools
  • 4. Social networks are where people spendtheir time online 86% of online users have a social networking account and 46% use it daily Online users spend the most time on social networks – 4.6 hours per week Source: TNS Global Digital Life Survey – Drivers of Online Behaviour
  • 5. Succeeding on Facebook as a brandrequires a strategy Be clear of your goals Establish metrics – determine which approaches are worth investing in Use results to re-align your overall strategy
  • 6. Engage your customers across channels Facebook for brands Marketing/ CRM Communications Market Community Research
  • 7. Your approach needs to reflect your fans’level of engagement The Invisible Brand Customers feel indifferent to the brand, has no inherent “talkability” The Useful Brand Customers engage only when they are using the brand The Adrenalin Brand Customers are passionate about the brand and feel part of a community
  • 8. Use Market Sentinel’s Brand EffectivenessMatrix to concentrate your efforts Invisible Brand Useful Brand Adrenalin Brand CRM Market Research Community Marketing/ Communications : indicates what proportion of efforts brands should concentrate on each approach
  • 9. It’s difficult for a brand page’s content togo viral on Facebook
  • 10. Facebook fan numbers can not - andshould not - be taken literally Facebook determines which messages are displayed on fans’ news feeds using the EdgeRank algorithm Relevance Interaction Affinity Recency of Content Ranking Score , , Most messages only reach engaged fans Without engagement metrics, brands cannot gauge the success of their fan page
  • 11. People aren’t on Facebook for brandsspecifically Top 10 brand pages only have 0.04% of fans contributing content in a month. Source: Market Sentinel internal Research 29% of users actively look for brands 22% of users find brands intrusive Source: TNS Global Digital Life Survey – Drivers of Online Behaviour
  • 12. The Facebook friend graph structure isn’thelpful The average user only has 130 friends Source: Facebook statistics People are friends on Facebook not because of similar interests Akin to “word of mouth” distribution, limited by networks
  • 13. You need to reach a large number of peoplebefore messages start being propagated Facebook’s EdgeRank helps by putting news in the feed when enough friends have interacted You need to invest in advertising to reach enough people
  • 14. Facebook ads offer impressions but notclicks Facebook advertising CTR - 0.051% Google Adwords CTR - ~2% Source: Webtrends, Google Adwords support Mainly for raising awareness
  • 15. Facebook is the platform for emotionalengagement with users Google is successful for paid search - has no emotional/personal context Twitter communities form around shared interests. More public and commercial = less personal Facebook communities form around friendships and strong affiliations
  • 16. It’s about the people, not the platforms Social media is about the personalities and brands which create conversations It is the conversations around their passions that unite people. Platforms disappear (Bebo & Myspace) but people’s interests and passions are perennial
  • 17. Market Sentinel has the expertiseto advise on... Making your Facebook fan page an engaging space where users want to interact Developing communication guidelines for your fan page Moderating your fan page successfully Identifying your most effective messages Recognising when direct contact with users is needed
  • 18. Powerful Analytics. Delivered by Humans. Mark Rogers, CEO +44 (0) 20 7793 1575 @marketsentinel #sentinelsocial