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The Path to a Killer Online Marketing Strategy


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • Our #1 secret is that we believe that buying has changed forever, and that marketing and sales need to change as well.Not that long ago, there were few 3rd party sources of information – information scarcity – which meant that a buyer had to get most of their information from sales. In this world, it made perfect sense for marketing to pass all leads over to sales. It also meant we lived in a world of attention abundance, with fewer channels competing for a buyer’s attention. Traditional marketing, characterized by Mad Men-style marketing, grew up in this era.
  • But now, there is an explosion of readily available information… This is a recent phenomenon… The web as a mainstream solution is only 13 years old Over the next 4 years, we will generate more data than the entire previous history of the world Social creates even more sources of information Mobile is transforming not just our access to information – but how we interact with people. When did it become OK to look up info at the dinner table?All this access to information changes the power dynamics between buyer and sales people. Today buyers get most of their information themselves and don’t want to talk to a sales person until they are much further along. [Example: last time I bought a car.] SiriusDecisions says that 70% of the buying cycle has already taken place before buyers are willing to engage with a live sales person.
  • In traditional marketing, companies needed to rent (or beg) attention from other people’s media. Whether it’s a display ad on a website, a booth at a tradeshow, or an email sent to a third-party list, companies are essentially “renting” attention that someone else built. This can be effective, but it’s also expensive – and become less effective with attention scarcity. In contrast, with inbound marketing, companies build up their own audience and attract their own attention. Marketing needs to become like a publisher. Build your own audience and attention. Examples:superbowl add, regular tradeshow booth = rented attention. Examples of owning: rockstar tour vs tradeshow booth; blog vs traditional PR; our weekly webinar
  • Map content to the buying stage {keep it short}
  • This brings us to a broader discussion about visual content.Unfortunately, so many companies are producing content that there is too much to read.  To ensure our content is consumed we have to find ways to make it more visual and more consumable by our readers… InfographicsCartoonsMemesPhotosVisual note-taking These can be very simple, and with the proper promotion will likely end up with more views than the actual written content piece you created.  Inbound Marketing Slideshare:136K views ofslidesharevs 10,600 for the whitepaper itself –12.5X+Plus612 Downloads, 421 New Names
  • Think big, start smallStay ahead of the drip
  • Map content to the buying stage {keep it short}
  • The casual, “social” nature of socialis perfect for nurturing leads. Rather than the stuffy, uptight, or high-pressure reputation that haunts sales departments, social marketing allows you to build a relationship with qualified prospects in an informal, personable, low-pressure way.But you need your posts to show up! Explain Edgerank…Weight - different types of posts receive different points off the bat. In order from most to least points.Videos and photos – VISUAL A MUSTPosts that link to other Facebook pagesPosts that link to other websitesA plain old post gets the least number of pointsTHEN Shares, Comments, LikesIn this actual feed from one of our Prospects, Marketo’s posts shows highest b/c she likes our stuff, comments = high affinity.So important to keep your Affinity high, which can be measured by ‘people talking about this’How do we keep affinity high?
  • We also use the fun content for lead gen. We found the magic formula for promoted posts to be this: Clever messaging, with a fun visual, all tied back to a strong offer or piece of content. The timing is important as well. (We have found that posting on Tuesday mornings tend to have the best results.)You can use Promoted Posts to dramatically increasethe # who view it… 20% of our fans saw this organically (~10K)Paid added 300Kviews!
  • HERE IS THE MONEY SLIDE! (Literally and figuratively.)Summarizes our ROI… Key point – paid ads don’t work great in social, but being authentically social does…So how do we take advantage of that learning?
  • See customer preso
  • See customer preso
  • Make every sharing trackable, then testable and optimize over time
  • = PPC + 3rd party emails
  • What needs to be different?Dance analogy:Broad top of funnel – use social and paid to get as many people to dance as possibleBut then do you just stand around waiting for someone to dance? No. Better to flirt a little (nurture). And look at their body language to see when they might be read to dance (scoring).
  • Active vs Latent Leads – very different follow-up. Active <5 min response. Latent, craft a personalized message.
  • Wrong metrics – email, etc. Boss wants revenue
  • Step 1: Important to track all touches
  • Here we see what works for Marketo over the last 12 months to generate prospects. Explain columns…Inbound is 4.4X better than average Paid (e.g. tradeshow)… But I’d be a bad stock picker if I put all my money in one stock, and I’d be a bad marketer if I bet all my prospect generation on one source. The reality is you need a portfolio of prospects and channels to achieve the best results. In fact, Marketo runs an average of 40 different Prospect generating programs each and every month across all these sources. Paid Sources: AppExchange – 4.1x betterThis analysis has Virtual Tradeshow at 1.8xTradeshow – 0.8xPPC solid – 0.3x , Webinar – 0.3xOnline, Content syndication, 0.2xSocial Media – 0.1xRed velocity = need for NURTURE
  • “Engagement marketing is relationship marketing for the digital age”
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    • 1. The Path To A Killer OnlineMarketing Strategy© 2012 Marketo, Inc.Jon Miller, VP Marketing and Co-FounderExecutive Editor of Modern B2B Marketing blog@jonmiller
    • 2. Jon MillerSubscribe to Born in Ethiopia2. Can dislocate my thumbs at will3. Studied Physics at Harvard4. My first child was born the samemonth that we incorporated Marketo
    • 3. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
    • 4. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerABUNDANCEINFORMATION
    • 5. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
    • 6. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerOne Way to Reduce Whisk#groan
    • 7. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerResearch data, funnyvideos, curatedlists, infographics, thoughtleadershipTypes of ContentThought leadership andentertainment to buildbrand and awarenessTools that help buyers findyou when they are lookingfor solutionsCompany-specificinformation to help evaluateand reaffirm selectionBuying guides, RFP templates,ROI calculators, whitepapers,analyst reports, webinarsPricing, demos, servicesinformation, 3rd party reviews,customer case studiesEarly StageMiddle StageLate Stage
    • 8. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerThe Rise of Visual Content328,000views!17,000viewseBook Interactive Infographic
    • 9. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerYour Customers Like to Have Fun As Well9Design ©2012 Social Media Examiner, Content Copyright Presenter • Do not distribute
    • 10. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
    • 11. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
    • 12. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerHow Much Content is Right For You?InvestmentReturn
    • 13. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerStaffing for Content Creation• Appoint executive editor• Invest in content creators• Content consumers• Great communicators• Self-promotional• Distribute creation: internal+ community-generated• Create a content / socialpolicyMarketo invests10% of headcountinto
    • 14. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller 14
    • 15. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerResearch data, funny videos,curated lists, infographics,thought leadershipThought leadership andentertainment to buildbrand and awarenessTools that help buyers findyou when they are lookingfor solutionsCompany-specificinformation to help evaluateand reaffirm selectionBuying guides, RFP templates,ROI calculators, whitepapers,analyst reports, webinarsPricing, demos, servicesinformation, 3rd party reviews,customer case studiesEarly StageMiddle StageLate Stage
    • 16. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
    • 17. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerShort Forms Outperform Long FormsShort (5)Conversion: 13.4%Cost per: $31.24Medium (7)Conversion: 12.0%Cost per: $34.94Long (9)Conversion: 10.0%Cost per: $41.90
    • 18. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc., But Don’t Over Test!T = number of testsW = weeks for testR = responses /conversions per day
    • 19. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerSocialmedialeads donot comein a box-@jonmiller19
    • 20. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerEdgeRank• TimeDecay• Weight• Affinity
    • 21. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerI’m going to make you anoffer you can’t refuse.Learn how to make themost out of every lead inyour database.Download The DefinitiveGuide to Lead Scoring:
    • 22. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller• Current active opportunities –specific contacts• Marketing executives atTarget Enterprises• Key bloggers, reporters, andanalysts• Fans of complementarysolutions and competitorsHeavy focus on Mobile FeedFacebook Custom Audiences – the biggestthing in Facebook since company pages
    • 23. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerROI On Social Advertising: Tale of Two Types• Traditional display ads on Facebook not effective• Twitter conversions slow to convert to Lead• Facebook memes and other highly engaging ads areworking great• Slideshare great for acceleration (not lead gen)Source: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics
    • 24. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
    • 25. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerReach&EngagementSocialLiftSocialLiftSocialLiftSocialLiftSocialLiftLandingPagesWebsite FacebookPagesOnline Ads EmailSocialLiftEventsMaking Every Campaign Social
    • 26. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
    • 27. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerTest & Tune With Social Funnel MetricsColoring BookResults• 289 participantsshared• 354 registereddownloads• 19.8% increase inregistereddownloads
    • 28. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerSource: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics, Q2-2013 programs as of 6/12/2013Q2 2013 programs as of 6/12/13
    • 29. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerLightbox – Blog New NamesFrom average 14 a week to145/week - 10X growth!
    • 30. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerBut who is ready?You got them to the dance
    • 31. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerProcesses at scale
    • 32. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerLead Nurturing RelevanceABCD1 23Stages1. BUYING STAGES• Early (4.1.1 cadence)• Mid and Late• Customer2. BUYING PROFILES• Industry: 82%• Role: 67%• Company Size: 49%• Geography: 29%Get The “Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing”
    • 33. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerLead Scoring Defined“Shared sales and marketing methodology for rankingleads in order to determine their sales readiness”Nurture Nurture DisqualifyPass toSalesPass toSalesFit Interest Buying Stage
    • 34. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerBehavioral Scoring: Examples• Early stage content +3• Attend webinar: +5• Visit any webpage / blog : +1• Visit careers pages: -10• Pricing pages:• +10 regular, +15 detailed• Watch demos:• +5 overview, +10 detailed• Mid-stage content +8• Late-stage content +12• Searches for “Marketo” +8
    • 35. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerOne Way to Identify Marketing Qualified Leads21+Super-TargetLead Lead Lead9-20 Target Lead Lead2-8 Other Lead<2Engagement <20 20+ 45+ 90+Buying Intent <6 6+ 13+ 19+FitInterest
    • 36. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerStars and Flames show priorityFull list of Interesting Moments
    • 37. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
    • 38. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerWhy Measuring Online Programs is Hard• Multiple touches. Seven touchesneeded to convert a cold lead into asale• Multiple influencers. Typical buyingcommittee has 5-21 people• Tyranny of time. The money you investtoday will have an uncertain impact atan uncertain point in the future
    • 39. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerTrack All Touches Across PeopleScreenshot: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics
    • 40. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerFirst Touch vs Multi-TouchSource: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics, June 2013Nurture Email - CTANurture EmailPaid Online (PPC+Email)Nurture (New)
    • 41. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerTweetable Takeaways1. Information abundance istransforming how buyers buy2. Create content for each phase ofthe buying cycle3. Leverage “peer-to-peer”influence to give every campaigna social boost4. Most leads are not “ready-to-dance” – nurture relationshipsover time5. To measure program ROI, youneed to allocate all interactionswith an account@jonmiller
    • 42. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmillerAdditional ResourcesThe Definitive Guide to Social Marketing Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics & ROI Benchmark on Email Marketing
    • 43. #RevEngine© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller@jonmiller