The Definitive Guide to Social Marketing: The Webinar

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The Definitive Guide to Social Marketing: The Webinar



Check out this webinar presentation to discover how to add social to every marketing activity to drive buyer engagement, new business, and revenue.

Check out this webinar presentation to discover how to add social to every marketing activity to drive buyer engagement, new business, and revenue.



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The Definitive Guide to Social Marketing: The Webinar Presentation Transcript

  • 1. #RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 2. Your Speakers Sanjay Dholakia Jon MillerChief Marketing Officer VP and Co-Founder @sdholakia @jonmiller #DG2SM
  • 3. Quick Housekeeping • Chat box is available if you have any questions • There will be time for a Q&A at the end • We will be recording the webinar for future viewing • All attendees will receive a copy of the slides/recording • Twitter hashtag: #DG2SM#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 4. Today’s Topics • Part One: Why Does My Business Need Social Marketing? • Part Two: Laying The Foundation • Part Three: Peer-to-peer Social Sharing • Part Four: Social Media Channels And Tactics • Part Five: Tools For Social Marketing Success • Part Six: Incorporating Social Marketing Into Every Stage Of Your Funnel Next Week: Measuring Social Marketing#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 5. Why Do We NeedSocial Marketing
  • 6. Social has become a disruptive force… Where People Spend Their Time Where They Are Online Social Networks TV Online Games EmailOnline Portals Radio Instant Messaging Videos/Movies Print Search 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% Source: Morgan Stanley; Neilsen#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 7. And, if we had any doubt…!#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 8. Golden Rules of Social Marketing 4. You will need a strong call to action 1. Don’t take yourself too 3. Inbound seriously is not enough 5. Don’t DO social; BE 7. social! Always add value 2. You must have good content and solid offers 6. Never forget that social is a two-way street#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 9. Laying TheFoundation
  • 10. Create Your Social Marketing Plan  Who are you targeting (personas)?  How will you measure success?  What are you goals?  What specific tactics and actions will you take? case sensitive#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 11. Building the Team Governance Board Dedicated Staff • Executives, Subject • Depends on goals, Matter Experts, and business complexity key stakeholders • Minimum – have one • Meet monthly or dedicated headcount; quarterly add one for content • Set goals, coordinate • Hiring: focus on policies and training “digital natives” more than subject matter experts At Marketo 15% of marketing headcount is focused on social, content, and inbound.#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 12. Organizational-Wide Participation • Show them the “WIIFM” • Social profile updates • Professional photos • Training • Social media policy#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 13. Social Media Policy • Covers Social Media, Ethics, Word of Mouth Marketing, and Disclosure • Enforced in every social promotion #DG2SM
  • 14. Content Social#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 15. Content Mix Pyramid#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 16. Peer-to-peerSocial Sharing
  • 17. #RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 18. Focus has been on Company-to-Buyer Acme Bikes Come on down to Acme this Saturday for 20% off. We have the best bikes and prices in town! Trust us!#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 19. And, Tweeting or Posting More Won’t Help#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 20. #RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 21. #RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 22. #RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 23. Engagement & Advocacy Are the Key Jane Smith Jane Smith#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 24. Key #1: Use Social Apps To Create Compelling Reasons to Engage and Share Promotion Referral Engagement#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 25. Let the Crowd Amplify Every Campaign Make every touch point social Jane spreads the word You get new customers! Jane’s friends respond (and build a powerful new database)#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 26. Key #2: Create Authentic Engagement to Motivate Sharing Five Main Motivations for the Currency of Sharing 1. Reputation 2. Access to Something Exclusive 3. Co-creation 4. Competition and Winning 5. Altruism#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 27. Key #3: Make Every Campaign & Channel Social Website Landing Paid Ads Email Facebook Pages Pages Put the Applications Everywhere#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 28. Think of It As An Integrated Part of Everything Social Lift Social Lift Reach & Engagement Social Lift Social Lift Social Lift Social Lift Website Content Email Facebook Events Paid Ads Pages#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 29. Your Turn! case sensitive#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 30. Key #4: Use Analytics to ID Influencers & Advocates Website Landing Behind Facebook Email Pages Display Ads Pages Social Profiles Captured And Added To Database#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 31. Segment and Target based on Social Data#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 32. Test & Tune With Social Funnel Metrics Key #5: Make Sharing Measurable#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 33. Social MediaChannels And Tactics
  • 34. Facebook and EdgeRank • Time Decay • Weight • Affinity#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 35. Frequent, Visual Content to Raise Affinity#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 36. Facebook Timeline Campaigns#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 37. Twitter Tips • Custom background and pinned posts • 4-1-1 rule • Influencer relations • Follow customers and prospects Nice Twitter Tools • Have conversations • and be social! • • • • • • #DG2SM
  • 38. Twitter Promoted Tweets • Combination of search & timeline campaigns • $109k invested • 2,995 Prospects • $ per Prospect: $37 • $367k pipeline to date#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 39. LinkedIn Definitely • Build out Company and Product Pages • Drive Followers • Share Status Updates and Links • Encourage Employees to Participate • Participate in Groups • Answer Questions Consider • Paid Advertising with Amazing Targeting • Marketo’s initial tests not attractive#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 40. Slideshare • $5k invested • 2,765 names • 57 new prospects • $ per Prospect: $94 • $148k pipeline to date#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 41. Also See Definitive Guide for Instagram, Q&A Sites (Quora), Influence Tracking Sites (Klout), Blogging, Bookmarking, Podcasting, SEO#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 42. Tools for SocialMarketing Success
  • 43. “By 2017 the CMO will Spend More on IT Than the CIO” - Laura McLellan • In 2011, B2B and B2C marketing budgets as a percentage of revenue were almost three times as high as IT budgets • 2012 IT budgets expected to grow 4.7% vs. 9% for marketing • 30% of named marketing-related technology is bought by marketing already – and, now influences almost 50% of all purchases#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 44. A Noisy Landscape#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 45. A Simpler View Publishing Push your message to multiple networks via a central interface. Presence Management Create and manage pages across social networks. Listening Monitor when your prospects are talking about your brand. Social Campaigns Engage your prospects with interactive social apps.#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 46. Incorporating Social Into Every Stage Of Your Funnel
  • 47. Traditional Lead Nurturing • Requires contact information • Confined to the inbox Missed Opportunity • Potential customers on email only 8.3% of the time—what about the 90% Blind Traditional other 91.7%?* Nurturing Reach *“What Americans Do Online: Social Media and Games Dominate Online Activity,” NielsenWire, August 2, 2010#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 48. The New Revenue Cycle Prospect Lead Known Awareness Friend Opportunity Customer Names Nurturing Database Traditional Generating Developing Relationships Brand “Like” (Email, Social, Offline)#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 49. Social Signals and Listening • Segment campaigns based on social interactions • Trigger follow-up campaigns based on social media interactions • Adjust lead scoring to reflect social conversations • Notify sales reps when prospects & customers make interesting comments Social Scoring Social Activity is Liked on Facebook Lead Score +35#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 50. Social Nurturing Social nurturing is the process of building relationships with prospects and customer over channels besides email Engaging / Nurturing On Your Site • Dynamic content / personalization Off Your Site • Sharing content (e.g. Facebook Wall, • Online media Twitter) • Social media • Retargeting#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 51. Next: Measuring Social Marketing Wednesday, October 10, 2012 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 52. Key Takeaways 1. Don’t do social – BE social 2. Social in the Yin to your content Yang 3. Leverage “peer-to-peer” influence with authentic, compelling reasons to share 4. Make every campaign & channel social 5. Optimize Facebook EdgeRank to nurture relationships socially 6. Listen for social buying signs to adjust scoring and segmentation#RevEngine #DG2SM
  • 53. Question and Answer Sanjay Dholakia Jon MillerChief Marketing Officer VP and Co-Founder @sdholakia @jonmiller #DG2SM