The 3 W's of Personalization

The 3 W's of Personalization



Real-time personalization tools allow you to customize your marketing content for your prospects, depending on their demographics and behaviors. Check out our new slide deck to learn all about the 3 ...

Real-time personalization tools allow you to customize your marketing content for your prospects, depending on their demographics and behaviors. Check out our new slide deck to learn all about the 3 W's of personalization: Who, What, and Where you can personalize your marketing.



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The 3 W's of Personalization The 3 W's of Personalization Presentation Transcript

  • Given customers’ rising expectations and the difficulty of marketing to anonymous prospects, real-time personalization tools are very appealing to marketers. Personalization: Appealing and Easy The good news is that personalization is easier to implement and run than you think! { }
  • Identifying a person’s relevant attributes: intent, potential to purchase behavior, profile, and/or firmographics Customizing that person’s online experience by presenting the most relevant content and visuals 1. 2. Personalization Combines Two Things:
  • 3. 1. 2. How Can Personalization Help You, As a Marketer? It creates more meaningful interactions by serving the right content It educates and nurtures top-of-funnel prospects It optimizes budget and lowers cost per lead
  • If real-time personalization seems complicated, relax. You’ll begin by simply defining the 3 W’s of personalization. that you want to personalize. Define the: Start with the 3 W’s of Personalization WHATWHATWHOWHO WHEREWHERE
  • WHOWHOWho do I personalize for?
  • The “Who” in personalization is your target audience, which is defined by a combination of attributes. If you’re a B2B Marketer, you’ll focus on firmographics, such as: RevenueVertical SizeCompany Name
  • If you’re a Consumer Marketer, you’ll personalize your content based on: Buying History Customer Journey Price Sensitivity Geo-location (personalized down to the zip code) Product Interest
  • Your “Who” can also include your audience’s stage in the Customer Decision Journey (CDJ). Your “Who” might be “hot prospects”—anyone in the Evaluation stage of the sales journey. Awareness 1. Interest 2. Evaluation 3. Commitment 4.
  • WHATWHATWhat should I personalize?
  • Now, let’s decide what you are personalizing. Leveraging content that you already have, you can use real-time personalization to personalize your: Calls-to-Action User Experience Images Product Offers
  • Most companies have more than enough pre-existing content to start. Content can include: Blog Posts Ebooks Videos Calls-to-Action Images Case Studies It’s a question of which piece fits which target audience—which phase of the CDJ they’re in. { }
  • You can also develop multiple CTAs for a single piece of content, designed for various audiences. For example, a software company CEO might see one CTA at the bottom of your homepage, while a healthcare company CEO might see a different CTA. You can combine content, CTAs, and images together for a more personalized user experience.
  • For B2B prospects, deliver content relevant to the lead’s particular: B2B Marketing Vertical Organization Location B2B
  • For consumer marketing prospects, offer personalized Web experiences based on: Product Offers Location Price Sensitivity Whether you’re in B2B or consumer marketing, your prospects receive the most relevant content possible. B2C Consumer Marketing
  • WHEREWHEREWhere do I personalize?
  • After you’ve determined who and what to personalize, you’ll need to decide where to reach prospects with a personalized approach. We recommend starting with website and email channels.Email Offline Mobile Online Advertisement Website { }
  • Your website is an important channel because prospects are engaged, attentive, and interested in learning more. Unfortunately, more than 98% of first-time visitors to your website are anonymous.
  • Real-time personalization allows you to engage anonymous first-time visitors to your website by identifying their: Industries Locations Digital Behaviors Companies
  • Define the 3 W’s to successfully personalize your marketing. Define Your Company’s 3 W’s Painful Implementation Time-Consuming Maintenance An Arsenal of Brand New Content Making real-time personalization tools a part of your marketing strategy does not require:
  • Real-time personalization tools are built to OPERATE and OPTIMIZE automatically.
  • Check out Marketo's Real-Time Personalization. software/personalization Define your 3 W’s and get started today!