Sales 2.0 Cheat Sheet

Sales 2.0 Cheat Sheet



Take your selling to the next level with the Sales 2.0 Cheat Sheet. Find out if your company is ready for Sales 2.0. Explore the misconceptions about social selling and learn the techniques to shorten ...

Take your selling to the next level with the Sales 2.0 Cheat Sheet. Find out if your company is ready for Sales 2.0. Explore the misconceptions about social selling and learn the techniques to shorten sales cycles and provide better insight into buyer behaviors. Includes a glossary of terms, top resources and analyst facts.



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Sales 2.0 Cheat Sheet Sales 2.0 Cheat Sheet Document Transcript

  • Sales 2.0 What is Sales 2.0? Glossary Terms Sales 2.0, oen referred to as social selling, is the merging of Web Alert – An automac noficaon in sales and markeng technolo 2.0 technologies with tradional sales strategies. Social selling gies triggered by a lead’s specific behavior, change in status or the enables salespeople to beer priorize their me and serve as reaching of a specific lead score threshold experts—not as just negoators— in the product selecon process. Customer Relaonship Management (CRM) – Systems and The B2B buying process has fundamentally changed. Prospects strategies that seek to drive revenue through an improved under spend more me on the web doing independent research, obtaining standing of customers and an increase in customer sasfacon informaon from their peers and third pares, and as a result, the and relaonship building tradional method of selling seems to no longer apply. Lead Nurturing – The process of building relaonships with The B2B buyer is in control. In order to win new business, sales must qualified prospects regardless of their ming to buy, with the heed buyers’ melines and levels of interest, engaging with them goal of earning their business when they are ready only when they are truly ready to have a conversaon. Through Lead Scoring – The process of determining the sales readiness of social selling, the latest sales and markeng technologies empower leads using a predetermined scoring methodology and ranking sales to beer understand their prospects’ needs, and allows them them accordingly to communicate with prospects in a more relevant and eecve manner—ulmately increasing revenue and new business. RSS – Stands for “Really Simple Syndicaon” and refers to a web informaon feed that regularly updates content or data Sales 2.0 – Also referred to as social selling, the merging of Web Sales 2.0 - Analyst Facts 2.0 technologies with tradional sales strategies, enabling sales people to beer priorize their me and serve as experts—not “Web 2.0 and social media make it easier for prospects to learn about you just negoators— in the product selecon process long before the first sales call. Sales presentaons need to be about ‘how we help you’ not ‘who we are.’ And it’s markeng’s job to give sales the Sales-Ready Leads (SRLs) – A lead that is ready for sales inter tools to do this well.” – Laura Ramos, acon, oen decided by a lead score “Sales 2.0: Accelerang Deals in a Slow Economy,” B2B Markeng POSTs Blog, 2009 Social Media – Any strategy, soware system or media outlet that “As the proliferaon of online social media forums has forever changed relies on social interacon and the parcipaon of individuals or the way customers gain informaon and feedback concerning a parcular communies to create and publish content company's products or services, sales representaves are challenged to sell to a prospect base that potenally knows as much, if not more, about the Web 2.0 – A term used to describe the second generaon of web compeve landscape than the reps themselves. This new sales challenge tools and soware that encourage users to become more acve has caused a number of companies to implement social media soluons parcipants, creang content and interacng with each other within the enterprise as a way to more eecvely connect sales within webbased, social communies representaves to the subject maer experts they seek.” – Alex Jeries, “Sales 2.0: A New Generaon of Selling,” Aberdeen Group, 2008 “Sales 2.0 is a more eecve and ecient way of selling for both the buyer What Sales 2.0 is NOT and the seller that is enabled by technology. It requires re-thinking the sales process from the perspecve of your customers, connually evolving and Sales 2.0 is NOT having sales use the latest technologies to find improving pracces as your markets change, and recognizing that sales is and blindly interact with any and all prospects, decreasing sales a science as well as an art that can be measurable and predictable, with producvity through meconsuming tasks (e.g. viewing all leads the help of technology.” and companies that visit your website). Although today’s tech – Anneke Seley, CEO and founder of Phone Works and coauthor of Sales 2.0: nologies can provide more intelligence about prospects than ever Improve Business Results Using Innovave Sales Pracces and Technology before — including demographic, BANT, and online behavioral data — flooding sales with too much informaon negavely impacts producvity and revenue. Top Resources True Sales 2.0 gives salespeople insight into only the most • Marketo Lead Management Blog: relevant and mely informaon that helps them close deals faster • The Sales 2.0 Network: (e.g. the ability to view only those leads that exhibit characteriscs • B2B Lead Generaon: indicang they are “hot” prospects). Furthermore, Sales 2.0 values • Smashmouth Markeng: eciency. Sales 2.0 soluons should make it easy for salespeople • Selling to Big Companies: to use their exisng tools, such as the CRM system and Microso • The Sales 2.0 Advocate: Outlook, to idenfy and interact with key contacts in the most • Sales Lead Management Associaon Blog: ecient and seamless way possible, all while tracking each acvity appropriately.
  • Sales 2.0 – Basic Techniques Marketo Sales Insight • Have the sales team rethink their tradional sales strategies— instead of having them acvely talk and “sell” your products or services, encourage them to listen more to prospect needs and behaviors. • Establish lead scoring thresholds to idenfy when leads should be passed on to sales and when they should be returned to markeng for further nurturing. • Coordinate markeng and sales when idenfying “interesng” behaviors that indicate hoer leads and establish sales alerts based on these behaviors. • Make it easy for sales to sort leads by priority in the CRM system, enabling them to focus on the most salesready leads. • Enable salespeople to view the companies in their specific territo ries that visit your website and to access the important contacts at each organizaon within the CRM system. Social selling lets salespeople focus instantly on the hoest leads and opportunies. Sales 2.0 – Advanced Techniques • Enable sales to use their exisng tool set (e.g. CRM, Microso Outlook) to communicate with leads while keeping markeng Misconcepon of Social Selling True Social Selling aligned with these acvies. Sales is nofied when leads visit your site Sales is nofied when a qualified lead does • Ulize tools such as Jigsaw, DemandBase and LinkedIn to access something interesng on your website addional informaon about leads that visit your website. Sales can view a list of all of their leads Sales can sort their leads in their CRM by • Create more advanced lead score thresholds based on the in their CRM priority, allowing them to contact leads collecve intelligence of both sales and markeng acvies. when they need the most aenon • Create standardized email templates for the sales team to use Sales can see all the companies that visit Sales can see the companies in their when addressing the top “interesng” acvies of their prospects. your website territory that visit your website, and • Integrate technologies such as RSS and mobile devices into can access and import key contacts at those organizaons into their CRM your sales and markeng systems so the sales team can receive updates anyme and anywhere. Sales must go to mulple websites to find Sales can access Jigsaw, Demandbase, & contact informaon LinkedIn directly through the tools they are already using Sales must learn to go through all their Sales is alerted when leads parcipate in Sales 2.0 Ready? leads’ web acvity and email acvity to interesng acvies that indicate they idenfy the best leads and to figure out are a hot prospect Do sales reps know what companies are vising your website even if when to make contact they don’t fill out a form? Sales must learn to use new email tools Sales can use Outlook to reach prospects, Can sales reps get email alerts or see Facebook style feeds of the inside their CRM or other external tools and data is sent to their CRM, with acvies of their leads and contacts? requiring training enhanced informaon about opens and Is lead scoring in place to priorize which leads are sales ready? clickthroughs Is there a lead nurturing program to develop leads through the Email templates are kept in the CRM Email templates are accessed in Outlook enre sales cycle? Are markeng incenves based on the number of salesready leads Sales must sit in front of their computer Sales can subscribe to receive Facebook they deliver to the sales team? watching for interesng online body style status updates for the prospects, Does your company know how many salesready leads are needed to language from prospects companies and acons they think are achieve your revenue targets? most important, allowing them to work on the go without missing an opportunity Does the organizaon use social media to promote thought leadership? Does your company have a corporate blog? Markeng tells sales when they need to Markeng passes leads to sales and, if Do the individual sales reps know how to use social media to help work with a prospect needed, sales passes leads that need support their sales process? nurturing back to markeng When the sales team receives many leads at once, do they know which Sales must spend hours looking through Sales can use RSS to send all the dierent ones to contact first and why? informaon in mulple systems to under types of prospect informaon into one Can your sales reps send leads back to markeng that need more stand what is going on with a prospect system, saving them me and eort nurturing? Informaon for this B2B Markeng Cheat Sheet was taken from Marketo and The Sales 2.0 Advocate thought leadership including: • The Truth About Sales 2.0 -aboutsales20.pdf • Sales 2.0 and Social Media: Thought Leadership with Anneke Seley - blog/2009/10/sales20socialmediathoughtleadershipwithannekeseley.html • Marketo Sales Insight -sidatasheet.pdf • Excerpts from Sales 2.0 by Anneke Seley and Brent Holloway -20book/excerpts/