Online Community Cheat Sheet

Online Community Cheat Sheet



What makes a successful online community, and why does your company need one as part of its B2B social media? Find out with this handy B2B Marketing Cheat Sheet, which provides the key facts, ...

What makes a successful online community, and why does your company need one as part of its B2B social media? Find out with this handy B2B Marketing Cheat Sheet, which provides the key facts, terminology, metrics and other information you need to start creating an online community that will deliver maximum marketing ROI for your organization.



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Online Community Cheat Sheet Online Community Cheat Sheet Document Transcript

  • Online CommunityWhat is an Online Community? Top Community FeaturesAn online community is a collection of people on the Internet Discussion Forum – An online group where members can startsharing knowledge and perspectives with one another. Common and join other conversationsbases for online communities include but are not limited to Blogs – A personal website/ journal in which an individual sharesphysical proximity, mutual interests, shared ideals, and working opinions, links to other sites, and discusses various topics on atoward a common purpose or goal. regular basis Surveys and Polls – Short, interactive questionnaires where the community member can voice their opinionWhy Do B2B Companies Need Online Activity Feeds – A continuously updating list of most recent postings happening on the communityCommunities? Reputation system – A system in which members accumulateSupport – A self-service support community with knowledge base points for their participation and earn badges or other incentivesarticles, product-based support forums and training resources Media sharing – A solution that allows community members todecreases support costs and increases customer education host, display and share videos, images or documentsCustomer Loyalty – Online communities correlate strongly with Knowledge Base – An online searchable database that holdsbrand loyalty. A study by the Wall Street Journal found customers documentation and how-to articleswere 50% more likely to renew their subscription to a product or Live Chat – A system that allows community members to discuss inservice when they were a part of a corresponding online community real-time through video or instant messageCollaboration – Online communities create a space for all Support Cases Integration – Allows your support or services teamstakeholders – customers, employees, partners, and suppliers – to link community-created content to support cases and vice versato communicate with one another. In such a space, innovationand advancement can happen dailyGaining Insights – Conversations and feedback in onlinecommunities can be distributed across departments to betterequip groups like support, product development, account Glossary Termsmanagement and marketing Case Deflection – The number of user issues solved within the self-service community that did not turn into support cases Community Manager – The communitys head, this person actsLevels of Community Engagement as community advocate, brand evangelist, product manager and communicator extraordinaire 1% Heavy Contributors Content Management System – A software system that helps authors create and publish information online without the need 9% Intermi ent Contributors to use HTML or other coding Engagement – The process through which a communitys organi- zation and members create ongoing, meaningful relationships Knowledge base – An organization’s set of best practices, training materials and documentation, usually kept in a database to be Lurkers 90% used as reference Social CRM – A system to monitor, engage and manage conversa- tions and relationships with leads, customers and influencers Source: Jakob Neilsen, across the web, social networks and other digital channelsOnline Community Metrics• Engagements per member: Number of posts, votes and • Case Deflection Savings: Total thread volume not answered activities divided by number of unique visitors by support X answer rate X cost per case• Length of conversation: Ratio of posts to comments • Indirect Case Deflection: (Visits – number of threads not• Satisfaction: Ratio of positive, neutral, and negative mentions answered by support) X success rate X cost per case• Frequency: Frequency of community members responding to or • Success Rate: One – (The number of accounts that logged in and helping other members opened a support case within a one-week period / the total number• Traction: Number of unique visitors for last month divided by of accounts that logged into the community during the same period) number of unique visitors for last two months • Increased Productivity Savings: Time saved X cost per minute• Lifecycle: Number of members in each stage of a membership lifecycle
  • The Life Process of a Successful Community What to Consider Before Purchasing a Community Platform or Solution Platform Features – Does it include all the pieces and functionality you are looking for? Ability to modify user interface – Ability to modify the user interface – Does the platform allow you to adjust and fit your own brand, or are you limited to a one-size-fits-all solution? Costs – Development, Licensing and Maintenance – Get detailed estimates for each and call references to ask how much they paid. The sticker price may not necessarily be what you need to spend. Behind-the-scenes reporting – Will you be able to report on ROI? Do you have the tools you need to build custom reports? Source: Jeremiah Owyang, Support services – Servers will go down and bugs will occur. What resources will you have to help in your time of need? Single Sign-On Capability – Your customers shouldn’t need multiple logins for the same product or service. Be sure you can integrate The Life Process of a Successful Community existing logins into the new system. Strategy – Plan out your goals and initiatives. Marketo Project Charter includes: Project Overview, Our Promise, Key Stakeholders, Community Vision, Assumptions, Milestones, Business Risks & Resources. All key internal stakeholders should sign off. Research – Creating a competitive analysis of other communities, Top Platform Solutions selecting a community platform, building functionality require- • Jive Software: ments, and developing your community are all key components. Launch – First, build internal and external support. Buy-in • KickApps: from all stakeholders is crucial to your communitys success. • Lithium Technology: Milestones include creating a beta release, thorough testing, • Mzinga: gaining employee support, and marketing the community to • Telligent Systems: potential members. Kick-start – Have a core group of super-users and give them • incentives to help create content and drive participation. This support/ideation group generally will be a mix of employees and members. Growth – As members start to use the community more, make sure you have enough bandwidth to continue driving participation. Having an army of internal and external participants is vital at this Great Community Resources to Check Out stage. • Online Community Report: Ongoing Management – Key activities include analytics to • The Art of Community Online: determine community health, supporting member inquiries, creating evolving content, evangelizing internally and externally, • Community Roundtable: increasing membership, re-engaging inactive members, and • Community Spark: moderating posts and comments. • Blaise Grimes-Viort: Continual Improvements – Communities must not become • Community Guy: stale or stagnant. Adding functionalities, creating new content and progressing design are all instrumental to keeping your • Jeremiah Owyang: community alive. • Social Media Examiner: socialmediaexaminer.comInformation for this Online Community Cheat Sheet was created from material derived from the MarketoCommunity, as well as:• Lithium – How Online Communities Reduce Support Costs –• Lithium – Online Support Communities white paper –• Web Strategy – “Understanding Gartner’s, “Generation Virtual” –• Web Strategy – Forrester Report: Online Community Best Practices –