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Oh The Content You'll Create!


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. As you embark on your content expedition You might find your business undergoing a huge transition Going from being promotional to focusing on education Is a huge leap and often takes some consideration The journey can be long and filled with many bumps But don’t be deterred by those stumps And those thumps and those slumps Before you know it your content will be epic Think electric, energetic, and even poetic!
  • 2. How do you succeed on this winding road? There is a clear path if you follow the code Ignore all of those downers, and cynics, and naysayers We’ll show you the way, you’ll soon be an A-player Go out and explore to find your perfect content team You want people who are creative, people who dream You also want people who know how to lead And people who really understand your exact business need
  • 3. First, you want to focus on being a thought leader Remember to think about benefits not only features And soon you will build an army of business cheerleaders! If you remember to talk less and listen more Just like an airplane, your content will soar! Your customers have insight, why not sit down and chat? If they are scratching their heads then your content will fall flat
  • 4. Next you will need to humanize your voice If you hit the right note your content will be the top choice People will come from every land far and wide All the way from the North, South, East and West Side To sit and relax and read your content all day So they can get back to work and put your suggestions into play
  • 5. How do you create enough content to use? In social media, email marketing, and other places you choose? Take your big content pieces and start slicing and dicing Put a new spin on them and make them enticing From ebooks to infographics to slide decks and memes So many great options to help you pick up steam Don’t forget about blogs and videos aplenty On topics from industry reports to the trendy
  • 6. And as you keep creating, and writing, and sharing Don’t be afraid to take risks, don’t be afraid to be daring Strike a debate and start a conversation And don’t be surprised when you’re looked at with admiration Sometimes if you find you don’t know what to write Dig deep, ask your team, do some research, take flight
  • 7. Then take all of that new content that you tirelessly wrote And think of the millions of ways to promote! Think email and social, your website, and more For clicks and opens and leads galore
  • 8. Oh, the content you will create Don’t worry friend, you too can be first rate And at the end of your journey you soon will find Content is more than a tactic, it is really a state of mind
  • 9. And now let’s sit down and do a recap. What are the top 5 tips, we’ll help you create a map. 1) o out and explore to find your perfect content team – G look for people who are creative and people who dream! 2) ake sure your content is educational and fun, M if you are too promotional your readers will run. 3) ake your big content pieces and start slicing and dicing, T put a new spin on them to make them enticing! 4) ometimes if you find you don’t know what to write, S dig deep, ask your team, do some research take flight. 5) ow do you promote all the content you wrote? H Think email and social, your website and more, for clicks and opens and leads galore!
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