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In a world where one-to-one personalization and individual relationships are a necessity to ensure marketing campaigns drive action, Marketo's new Dialog Edition enables marketers to respond to a wide variety of individual behaviors in real-time with personalized content, dramatically increased click-through rates, engagement, revenue, and ROI.

Watch this demo to discover how Dialog can help you:

- Evolve from manual to automated campaigns
- Automatically trigger personalized emails based on behavior
- Move from static lists to a "smart" database of demographic and behavioral information that exists inside the Dialog Edition
- Create campaigns across channels
- Measure real engagement and impact using advanced analytics

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  • On any given day, the average customer will be exposed to 2,904 media messages, will pay attention to 52 and will positively remember 4 –SuperProfile 201060% have a negative opinion of marketing61% feel amount is out of control65% feel constantly bombarded59% feel marketing has very little relevance
  • This is largely because most marketing is interruptive and not engaging. This leads to low open and click rates for emails, and doesn’t enable an immersive, engaging marketing experience.
  • Listen at scale to how people are engaging with your marketing today – whether that’s your emails, website, or other online and offline channels.
  • Every marketer knows this. But being relevant goes beyond just the message itself and includes sending messages at the right time.
  • We know batch and blast does not work – it is simply less engaging. One way is to be more targeted – smaller sends = more engaging. Engagement Score enables marketers to quickly judge how effectively each piece of content is engaging prospects and customers over time… combines open, click, unsubscribe, conversion, and so on into a single metrics.
  • Today’s consumers move seamlessly across digital and offline channels. According to a recent Experian QAS® survey, 36 percent of U.S. organizations interact with customers and prospects in five or more channels.In retail banking, 61% of consumers use three or more channels each month (e.g. branch, phone, online, and mobile – in addition to email). However, Companies Not Prepared to Deliver Integrated ExperiencesQUOTE: “Fewer than 10 percent of brands are executing true cross-channel communications informed by one view of the customer.” - The 2013 Digital Marketer, Experian = Big opportunity to increase relevancy.Organization silos:Traditionally, marketing organizations are made up of either product or channel teams. Within this structure, each team works hard to optimize their siloed marketing efforts — and, in most places, have gotten really good at delivering their individual marketing programs and defending their individual marketing budgetsTechnology silos: Many of the tools are focused on a channel — email, mobile, catalog or Web. The big challenge for marketers is that message delivery within channels almost always happens via disparate platforms. Especially a problem with ESP. Email “grew up” with companies using stand-alone email service providers (ESPs) and outside agencies. This legacy hangs over email today. Traditional email service providers (ESP) = not multi-channel, not channel agnosticThe modern, digitally-empowered consumer doesn’t think in terms of channels and doesn’t care about your silos.Uses whatever device they have in the moment… web, mobile, tabletSo, companies shouldn’t expect the consumer to adapt; companies should adapt. This means moving from channel- or promotion-centric marketing plans to customer-centric marketing plans, and enabling those plans with marketing technology that is ready to deliver.
  • This means understanding where your customers are in their lifecycle and marketing to them with the right message based on that.
  • Some data from Marketo’s own email campaigns. As we migrated away from email marketing that was largely based on demographic segmentations only to behavioral, triggered engagement that followed the practices laid out here, these are the results.Result: Big lift!
  • Enter The Dialog Edition – An email marketing platform that goes beyond email and makes it easy to automate your campaigns and trigger emails in real time. It’s powered by a smart marketing database that can store demograhpic, bheavioral and transactaional information. It collects behavioral information about each individual person across digital channels automatically, and can act as a standalnoe database or take in data from other systems. And, with robust anatlyics that go beyond email, you can see the ROI of your marketing campaigns and understand which channels are working best
  • The Dialog Edition starts at $2,995 for a database with 100,000 people in it. Marketo prices based on the number of people you store in your database. If we have contact information like an email address or physical address, then it counts towards your contact database size. We don’t charge for individual emails, so included in that $2,995 is the ability to send all the emails you’ll need, whether it’s 1 email per month to 1 person and 45 emails per month to another.
  • Product overviewAddonsIf you’re familiar with Marketo’s existing products, you may notice some things missing. Not the least of which is native CRM integration. If you’re interested in driving sales/marketing alignment as part of your Marketing Automation solution, you should check out our existing editions, such as Spark, Standard or Select, or Marketo Lead Management for Enterprise customers.
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